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2003: The Year My Hair Grew

Here are the playlists for my shows in the year 2003. It starts with the most recent shows first, then slowly travels back over the year, allowing you to savor each moment before complete & utter regret overtakes you & makes you want to eat soap. I hope they make you smile &/or make you wonder how such an amazing radio show continues to languish in obscurity. I feel your pain. I am your pain. What a pain!
December 31, 2003: Rachel Says Goodbye To Austin & Picks All The Music
"Music For Girls" Baxendale from You Will Have Your Revenge
"The Creature Crawling" Frank Black from The Cult Of Ray
"Fashion" Lovemakers from Lovemakers
"Ladybird (Green Grass)" Fall from The Infotainment Scan
"Touche-Moi" Stereo Total from Juke Box Alarm
"Do You Remember The First Time?" Pulp from His & Hers
"Auto Techno" This Microwave World from Total Information Awareness
"I Love John, She Loves Paul" Beulah from Handsome Western States
"Strict Machine" Goldfrapp from Black Cherry
"Wrapped Up In Books" Belle & Sebastian from Dear Catastrophe Waitress
"Virginia Reel Around The Fountain" Halo Benders from The Rebel's Not In
"Sleep Well" Lucksmiths from Naturaliste

December 27, 2003: Big Band & Classic Jazz Sub Show
"Brother Can You Spare A Dime" Bing Crosby from Echoes Of The 30s
"Viper Mad" Sidney Bechet from Ken Burns Jazz
"Alexander's Ragtime Band" Three Peppers from 1937 - 1940
"Take The A Train" Delta Rhythm Boys from The Jive Is Jumpin'
"Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" Andrews Sisters from Music Of The War Years, Vol. 1
"Thanks For The Boogie Ride" Gene Krupa & His Orchestra from 1941 - 1942
"Hamp's Boogie Woogie # 1" Lionel Hampton from Flyin' Home: 1942 - 1945
"Beat Me Daddy Boogie" Woody Herman from Big Band Boogie
"Boogie Woogie" Jimmy Rushing from The Essential Jimmy Rushing
"This Can't Be Love" Artie Shaw from 22 Essential Big Band Hits
"Margie" Jimmie Lunceford from 1927 - 1939
"Music Maestro Please" Tommy Dorsey from The Seventeen Number Ones
"Hong Kong Blues" Hoagy Carmichael from Honky Soul Race Music Hard Bop & Anachronistic Jazz
"Blue Serge" Serge Chaloff from The Complete Serge Chaloff Sessions
"Cherokee" Sonny Stitt from Sax O'Bebop
"Oo Bop Sh'Bam" Billy Eckstine from Mister B & The Band

December 24, 2003: Christmas 2003
"Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" No L from A Mutated Christmas
"Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" Hybrid Kids from Claws
"12 Days Of XXXMas" Beatbox Saboteurs from A Merry XXXMas
"Oh Come All Ye Faithful" Frank Sidebottom from Bollocks To Christmas!
"Winter Wonderland" Chet Baker from Christmas Songs
"Jingle Bells" Count Basie from Songs For A Big Band Christmas
"God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" Dixieland Christmas from Dixieland Christmas
"Sleigh Ride" Mel Torme from Christmas Songs
"We Wish You A Protein Christmas" Fall from We Wish You A Protein Christmas
"It's Clichéd To Be Cynical At Christmas" Half Man Half Biscuit from Trouble Over Bridgewater
"Rub A Dum Dum" Yobs from The Christmas Album
"Christmas Time Again" Bad Manners from Best Of Bad Manners
"In The Mood (Christmas)" Henhouse Five Plus One from Bah! Humbug!
"Christmas Piggie" Hunt Sisters from Christmas Cracker
"Yulesville" Edd Kookie Byrnes from Christmas Rocks!

December 17, 2003: Parks
"Parks" Fourtet from Pause
"Mathematical Park" Land Of The Loops from Bundle Of Joy
"Making Lake Park In The Sun" Casino Vs Japan from Whole Numbers Play The Basics
"Bailey Park" Tullycraft from The Singles
"Theme Park" Bitesize from Greatest Hits
"Theme Park" Lung Leg from Maid To Minx
"Dark Park Creeping" Mo-dettes from The Story So Far
"Public Park" Ballyboy from Club Anthems
"In The Park" Free Loan Investments from Ever Been To Mexico?
"In Gunnersby Park" Hit Parade from There & Back Again Lane
"Naikoon Park" Vancouver Nights from Vancouver Nights
"Brown Park" Son, Ambulance from Oh Holy Fools

December 10, 2003: Budapest One visits, plays, & picks all the music
"Walk Right Back" Everly Brothers from Heartaches & Harmonies
"Lonely Teardrops" Jackie Wilson from Best of Jackie Wilson, Vol. 1 (1957-1965)
"Streets Of Baltimore" Gram Parsons from GP
"Better Things For You" Memphis Sanctified Singers from How Can I Keep Myself From Singing
"Mathilde" Jacques Brel from Exitos De Siempre
"Tell Me Pretty Baby" Lloyd Price from Lloyd Price
"Memories Are Made Of This" Johnny Cash from Unchained
"Nobody Loves You When You're Down & Out" John Lennon from Anthology
"Preacher's Words" Budapest One from This Town Just Gave You A Dreamer
"Most Everyone Will Find" Centro-Matic from Line Connection Aim
"Ten Four Over & Out" Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner from Sweet Harmony
"After The Fall" Elvis Costello from Mighty Like A Rose

December 6, 2003: ATX Live Sub Show, which has no Austin content nor was the music at all live
"Don't Get Me Started" Spearmint from My Missing Days
"The Happiest Days Of My Life" My Favorite from The Happiest Days Of My Life
"Successlessness" Lucksmiths from A Little Distraction ep
"Emmanuelle Beart" Melodie Group from Matinee 50
"The Crooner Rides Again" Budapest One from This Town Just Gave You A Dreamer
"Los Angeles I'm Yours" Decemberists from Her Majesty The Decemberists
"Alcohol" Saturday Looks Good To Me from All Her Summer Songs
"Elevator Love Letter" Stars from Heart
"Theme From Sparta FC" Fall from The Real New Fall LP
"Driving Manual Auto" Kaito from Band Red
"Remember Me" British Sea Power from The Decline Of British Sea Power
"Tiny Barnes" Bearsuit from Jesus Will Spear You Through The Heart
"Make Her Day" Go-Betweens from Bright Yellow Bright Orange
"Rehab" James Kirk from You Can Make It If You Boogie

December 3, 2003: Heaven
"There's A Beautiful City Called Heaven" Virginia Dandies from The Half Ain't Never Been Told
"Heaven Holds All My Treasures" Hank Williams from The Complete Hank Williams
"Shout All Over God's Heaven" Fisk Jubilee Singers from Folk Song America
"Don't Go To Heaven Alone" Believers from Hallelujah Hoedown
"Heaven" Talking Heads from Fear Of Music
"Heaven" Pere Ubu from Datapanik In The Year Zero
"Heaven" Girls At Our Best! from Pleasure
"Heaven" Robyn Hitchcock from Gotta Let This Hen Out!
"Heaven" Psychedelic Furs from Mirror Moves
"Heaven" Eurythymics from Shame
"Heaven" Woodentops from Wooden Foot Cops On The Highway
"Heaven" Monaco from I've Got A Feeling

November 26, 2003: Safety
"Safer" Ups & Downs from Rash
"Safe In The Rain" Clean from Anthology
"Dangerous Safety" Guild League from Private Transport
"Your Secret's Safe With Me" Sneaky Feelings from Positively George Street
"Safe As Milk" Captain Beefheart from Safe As Milk
"From Safety To Where?" Joy Division from Substance
"Proteinprotection" Fall from The Real New Fall LP
"Safe European Home" Clash from Clash On Broadway
"Safety Net" Shop Assistants from Safety Net 12"
"Mathematically Safe" Half Man Half Biscuit from Trouble Over Bridgewater
"Safe" Le Coupe from Le Coupe
"Couldn't Feel Safer" Field Mice from Where'd You Learn To Kiss That Way?
"A Person Isn't Safe Anywhere These Days" Chameleons from Script Of The Bridge
"Safety In Numbers" Adverts from The Wonders Don't Care

November 19, 2003: Sound
"Follow The Sound" Mascott from Follow The Sound
"Wired For Sound" Julee Cruise from Wired For Sound
"Such A Sound" Birdie from Triple Echo
"Sound It Off" Mates Of State from Team Boo
"Sound & Vision" David Bowie from Low
"Sound Pit" T Rex from Zinc Alloy
"Taking In The Sounds" Budapest One from This Town Just Gave You A Dreamer
"I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass" Nick Lowe from Jesus Of Cool
"This Is Our Sound" Ladytron from 604
"Make The City The Sound" Echoboy from Volume 2
"You're Without Sound" Clock DVA from Hicks From The Sticks
"My Baby Portable Player Sound" Pizzicato Five from Happy End Of The World

November 12, 2003: Soldiers
"Soldier" Neil Young from Decade
"To A Soldier Boy" Tassels from Hey! Look What I Found! Vol. 9
"Soldiers Things" Tom Waits from Swordfishtrombones
"Veteran's Day Poppy" Captain Beefheart from Trout Mask Replica
"Universal Soldier" Donovan from British Invasion
"Song Of A Soldier" Phil Ochs from Farewells & Fantasies
"Like Soldiers Do" Billy Bragg from Back To Basics
"You're A Soldier" Hüsker Dü from Warehouse: Songs & Stories
"Bunker Soldiers" Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark from Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
"Video Soldier" Moebius from New Wave Complex 6
"Soldier Blue" Julian Cope from Peggy Suicide
"Soldier Soldier" Spizz Energi from Wanna Buy A Bridge?
"The Gentleman Soldier" Pogues from Rum, Sodomy & The Lash

November 5, 2003: Poison
"Poison 1080" Noise Addict from Meet The Real You
"Three Poisons" Jet Black Factory from House Blessing
"Poison" Wonder Stuff from Eight Legged Groove Machine
"Poison Pen" Bauhaus from Swing The Heartache
"Toxic Girl" Kings Of Convenience from Quiet Is The New Loud
"The Poisoned Well" Quasi from Featuring "Birds"
"The Poisoners" Momus from 20 Vodka Jellies
"Poison In The Walls" Go-Betweens from Bright Yellow Bright Orange
"Mercury Poisoning" Graham Parker from Passion Is No Ordinary Word
"Poison Heart" Ramones from Hey Ho Let's Go - The Anthology
"Poison Ivy" Romantics from Rhythm Romance
"Poison" Bell Biv DeVoe from Poison

October 29, 2003: Ghosts
"Do The Ghost" X-Men from Creation Soup Vol. 1
"Ghost Rider" Suicide from Suicide
"Old Ghostrider" Triffids from Treeless Plain
"Attack Of The Ghost Riders" Raveonettes from Whip On It
"If You Have Ghosts" Roky Erickson from The Evil One
"The Ghost In You" Psychedelic Furs from Mirror Moves
"Ghosts" Japan from Tin Drum
"There's A Ghost In My House" Fall from 458489 A Sides
"Ghost Tarts Of Stockholm" Minus Five from Kaleidoscope
"How Ghosts Affect Relationships" His Name Is Alive from Always Stay Sweet
"Ghosts" Young People from Young People
"Ghosts" Ooberman from Running Girl
"Ghost Story" John Cale from Vintage Violence
"The Ghost Of An Unkissed Kiss" Trembling Blue Stars from Alive To Every Smile

October 22, 2003: Clocks
"Grandfather's Clock" Radio Revellers from Hello Children Everywhere
"Clocks" Bruce Haack from Listen Compute Rock Home
"Buck Tempo" Ed's Redeeming Qualities from More Bad Times
"Clock" Ken Nordine from Wink
"Clocks & Spoons" John Prine from Diamonds In The Rough
"Blank Clocks" Human League from The Golden Hour Of The Future
"Like Clockwork" Boomtown Rats from A Tonic For The Troops
"The Red Clock" Birthday Party from Hee Haw
"Clockface" Siouxsie & The Banshees from Kaleidoscope
"The Clock" Go-Betweens from Friends Of Rachel Worth
"Hourglass" Squeeze from Babylon & On
"Clockwork Train" Brotherhood Of Lizards from The Wayward Genius Of Martin Newell
"At The Chime Of A City Clock" Nick Drake from Bryter Layter
"CNNO NO" This Microwave World from Total Information Awareness

October 15, 2003: Lost
"Lost & Found" Sparks from Profile
"Lost For Words" Split Enz from Time & Tide
"Love It I Lost It" Brilliant Corners from Creamy Stuff (Singles 84 - 90)
"Since I Lost My Mind, It's Awl-Right" Julian Cope from Interpeter
"Lost Property" Divine Comedy from Regeneration
"Lost" Morrissey from Roy's Keen
"Lost & Found" Castaway Stones from Make Love To You
"I'm Lost Without You Here" Rocketship from A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness
"I Lost You But I Found Country Music" Ballboy from A Guide To The Daylight Hours
"Lost In You (I Can See The Planets)" Orange Peels from So Far
"At The Lost & Found" Marine Research from Sounds From The Gulf Stream
"Lost In A Dream" Papas Fritas from Buildings & Grounds
"Lost & Found" Radio Dept. from Lesser Matters

October 8, 2003: Indiepop A To Z # 3
"Joskus Kauan Sitten (demo)" Aknestik from Aknestik Website
"Dozen" Alisons Halo from Dozen
"Pop Up Man" Ambassador 277 from London Pavilion Volume Two
"Sway With Me" Animals That Swim from Workshy
"The Centre Of My Little World" Another Sunny Day from I'm In Love With A Girl Who Doesn't Know I Exist
"Girl Who Fell To Earth" Antenna from Sway
"Silver" Anyways from The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol 1
"Could I Hide Here (A Little While)" Apartments from Drift
"Kymuri" Apple Moths from Grimsby Fishmarket 4, Norrkoeping 0
"Tidal Wave" Apples In Stereo from Fun Trick Noisemaker
"Senseless" Aquadays from Just For A Day
"Roma" Arabesque from Expreso
"Will You Notice Me When I'm Gone" Arrogants from Your Simple Beauty
"Tolerance" Artisans from Why Popstars Can't Dance
"I'd Hate To See You Go" Arvidson from Arvidson

October 4, 2003: Big Band & Classic Jazz Sub Show
"Yes Sir, That's My Baby" Blossom Seeley from Echoes Of The 20's
"Hum & Strum" Doc Cook & His 14 Doctors Of Syncopation from That's What I Call Sweet Music
"Am I Blue" Ethel Waters from Cabin In The Sky
"After You've Gone" Louis Armstrong from Hot Fives & Sevens
"East St. Louis Toodle-Oo" Duke Ellington from Ken Burns Jazz
"57 Varieties" Earl Hines from The Earl Hines Collection 1928-1940
"You Can't Do What I Did" James P Johnson from 1921 - 1928
"Tiger Rag" Art Tatum from Piano Starts Here
"Brown Skin (Who You For)" Clarence Williams from 1921 - 1924
"Ain't Misbehavin'" Fats Waller from The Definitive Fats Waller, Vol. 1
"Jazz Me Blues" Wolverine Orchestra from Bix Beiderbecke & The Chicago Cornets
"Steamboat Stomp" Jelly Roll Morton's Hot Peppers from Ory's Creole Trombone
"Angry" Ray Miller & His Orchestra from The Roarin' 20s
"Hot Lips" Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra from Jazz A La King (1920-1936)
"Stock Yards Strut" Freddie Keppard's Jazz Cardinals from The Legend
"The Scat Song" Cab Calloway from Keep That Hi-De-Hi In Your Soul: 1933-1937
"King Porter Stomp" Benny Goodman & His Orchestra featuring Bunny Berrigan from The Pied Piper

October 1, 2003: Ssssssnakes
"Black Snake Blues" Peter Cleighton from Roots & Blues: The Retrospective
"Crawlin' Kingsnake" John Lee Hooker from Best Of
"Snakedrive" RL Burnside from Ass Pocket Of Whiskey
"Snake Song" Townes Van Zandt from Anthology
"The Snake" Liverpool Five from Out Of Sight
"Like A Snake" She from Wants A Piece Of You
"Cottonmouth" Throwing Muses from The Curse
"Snake (demo)" PJ Harvey from 4-Track Demos
"Feels Like Snakes Twisting Through The Fog" Liliput from Complete Recordings
"Anaconda" Sisters Of Mercy from Some Girls Wander By Mistake
"Baby Snakes" Frank Zappa from Sheik Yerbouti
"Rattlesnakes" Lloyd Cole & The Commotions from Rattlesnakes
"Snakes In The Grass" Steinbecks from At Home & Abroad With...
"Snake Eyes" Wedding Present from Saturnalia
"Black Snake Diamond Rock" Soft Boys from Underwater Moonlight
"Boa Constrictor" Magnetic Fields from 69 Love Songs

September 24, 2003: Johnny Cash RIP
"Folsom Prison Blues (live)" Johnny Cash from Live At Folsom Prison
"Cry Cry Cry" Johnny Cash from The Sun Years
"Without Love" Johnny Cash from Rockabilly Blues
"Daddy Sang Bass" Johnny Cash from The Essential Johnny Cash
"When It's Springtime In Alaska (It's Forty Below)" Johnny Cash from Orange Blossom Special
"A Boy Named Sue (live)" Johnny Cash from Live At San Quentin
"Spiritual" Johnny Cash from Unchained
"The Long Black Veil" Johnny Cash from Orange Blossom Special
"Cocaine Blues (live)" Johnny Cash from Live At Folsom Prison
"Cause I Love You" Johnny Cash from Hello, I'm Johnny Cash
"San Quentin # 1 (live)" Johnny Cash from Live At San Quentin
"The Kneeling Drunkard's Plea" Johnny Cash from Love, God, Murder
"Wanted Man" Johnny Cash from Man In Black
"We'll Meet Again" Johnny Cash from The Man Comes Around
"Ghost Riders In The Sky" Johnny Cash from The Essential Johnny Cash
"Closing Medley" Johnny Cash from Live At San Quentin

September 17, 2003: Monkey Show
"Ape Shall Never Kill Ape (Cornelius Remix)" UNKLE from CM
"Gibbon" Aphex Twin from Analogue Bubblebath 4
"One Monkey Don't Stop No Show" Big Maybelle from The Okeh Rythym & Blues Story
"One Monkey Don't Stop No Show Part 1" Honey Cone from Can You Dig It? Vol. 7
"Can Your Monkey Do The Dog?" Rufus Thomas from Walking The Dog
"Too Much Monkey Business" Satins from Pebbles 12
"Monkey Dance" Spiders from GS I Love You
"Monkey Man" Rolling Stones from Let It Bleed
"Monkey Man" Baby Huey & The Baby Sitters from Teenage Shutdown Vol. 1
"Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me & My Monkey" Kristin Hersh from Instant Karma
"Shock The Monkey" Peter Gabriel from Security
"Go Monkey Go" Devo from Powerpuff Girls: Heroes & Villains
"Monkey Song" Animaniacs from Variety Pack
"Little Red Monkey" Joy Nicholas, Jimmy Edwards & Dick Bentley from Hello Children Everywhere
"I Wanna Be Like You (The Monkey Song)" Louis Prima from The Jungle Book
"Brass Monkey" Beastie Boys from Licensed To Ill
"Like A Monkey In A Zoo" Kathy McCarty from Dead Dog's Eyeball
"Stay Monkey" Julie Ruin from Julie Ruin
"Monkey Suit" Plasmatics from Beyond The Valley Of 1984
"You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)" Dickies from We're Desperate
"These Little Monkeys" Jonathan Fire*Eater from Wolf Songs For Lambs
"Apeman" Kinks from Lola Vs. Powerman & The Money-Go-Round

September 10, 2003: Dog Show
"How Much Is That Doggie In The Window" Lita Rose from Hello Children Everywhere
"Dog Walk" Muppets from More Muppet Hits
"Black Dog Blues" Blind Blake from Ragtime Guitar's Foremost Guitar Picker
"Old Dog Blue" Jim Jackson from American Anthology Of Folk Music
"Bulldog Blues" Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee from Hometown Blues
"The Dog" Rufus Thomas from Best Of
"Hound Dog" Delmonas from The Delmonas
"Ain't I'm A Dog" Ronnie Self from Columbia Rockabilly Vol. 2
"Dirty Old Egg-Sucking Dog" Johnny Cash from The Essential
"Hound Dog Man" Fabian from Turn Me Loose
"Seeing Eye Dog" Merle Haggard from Down Every Road
"Hey Bulldog" Beatles from Yellow Submarine
"Walkin' The Dog" Sonics from Here Are The Ultimate Sonics
"Two-Headed Dog" Roky Erickson & The Aliens from The Evil One
"I Wanna Be Your Dog" Stooges from The Stooges
"Future Legend/Diamond Dogs" David Bowie from Diamond Dogs
"Dog Is Life/Jerusalem" Fall from I Am Kurious Oranj
"Dog Eat Dog" Adam & The Ants from Kings Of The Wild Frontier
"Hounds Of Love" Kate Bush from Hounds Of Love
"Dog On Wheels" Belle & Sebastian from Dog On Wheels
"Beat The Dog" Jesus Couldn't Drum from The Best Of

September 3, 2003: Waiting
"Waiting For The Flood" Love & Rockets from Earth Sun Moon
"Stretch Out & Wait" Smiths from Louder Than Bombs
"Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards" Billy Bragg from Workers Playtime
"This Boy Can Wait" Wedding Present from Tommy
"I Wait Around" Clean from Anthology
"Wait" Blue Orchids from A View From The City
"Just Waiting" Fall from Code: Selfish
"Awaiting On You All" George Harrison from All Things Must Pass
"I Will Wait" Ed's Redeeming Qualities from Big Grapefruit Cleanup Job
"Waiting For The Bus" Violent Femmes from Add It Up
"Wait Forever" Swirlies from Blonder Tongue Audio Baton
"Waiting For The End Of The World" Elvis Costello from Live At The El Mocambo
"We Who Wait" Adverts from The Wonders Don't Care
"Wait For Me Please" Kleenex Girl Wonder from Ponyoak
"Waiting For You" Shermans from In Technicolor

August 27, 2003: End Of The Summer Holiday Taunt
"Holiday" Doktor Cosmos from Cocktail
"Beack Park Holiday" SPOC from Sweet Sweet Casio
"Holiday Inn" Stereo Total from Juke Box Alarm
"Mr. Hrundi's Holiday" Ursula 1000 from The Now Sounds Of Ursula 1000
"Holiday" Kinks from Muswell Hillbillies
"Holiday Road" Bunnygrunt from Double Agent 1980
"Holiday Gone Well" Aislers Set from Terrible Things Happen
"Hollywood Holiday" Bartlebees from Urban Folk Legends
"Chatfield Holiday" Maybellines from The Maybellines
"Holidays In The Sun" Sex Pistols from Never Mind The Bollocks
"Every Day's A Holiday & Every Night's A Party" Saints from Prehistoric Sounds
"Misty Took A Holiday" Rock*A*Teens from Golden Time
"The Holiday Song" Pixies from Come On Pilgrim
"Bank Holiday" Blur from Parklife
"Holiday" Papas Fritas from Papas Fritas
"I Wanna Take You Out In Your Holiday Sweater" Pas/Cal from The Handbag Memoirs
"The Holiday Makers" Lenola & Mazarin from A Rocket Girl Compilation
"Toxic Holiday" Stars from Nightsongs

August 20, 2003: Gary & Magda's 2nd Anniversary
"Happy Anniversary" Charles Aznavour from Greatest Golden Hits
"Anniversary" Graham Parker from Passion Is No Ordinary Word
"Golden Anniversary" Holiday from Love Ballads
"Anniversary Stomp" Today from Do You Think I'll Be Different When You're Through?
"Bus Stop" Hollies from Bus Stop
"Bus Stop" She from Wants A Piece Of You
"Bustop" Lida Husik from The Return Of Red Emma
"Bus Stop" Tin Machine from Tin Machine
"Breeze Way" Swan Dive from Moshi Moshi
"Our Way To Fall" Yo La Tengo from And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out
"Smokers In Love" Lucksmiths from Staring At The Sky
"I'm Your Man" Leonard Cohen from I'm Your Man
"You You You You You" Sixths from Hyacinths & Thistles

August 13, 2003: Mystery Show
"Mysterioso" Artie Shaw from Jazz Greats: Artie Shaw
"Black Mystery Has Been Revealed" Roland Kirk from The Avant Garde
"Mystery Train" Elvis Presley from Sunrise
"Mystery Dance" Elvis Costello from My Aim Is True
"Magical Mystery Tour" Beatles from Magical Mystery Tour
"Mystery Roach" Frank Zappa from 200 Motels
"The Staircase (Mystery)" Siouxsie & The Banshees from Once Upon The Time: The Singles
"Mystery Action" Rezillos from Can't Stand The Rezillos
"I Feel Mysterious Today" Wire from Chairs Missing
"Mystery Plane" Cramps from Songs The Lord Taught Us
"Mysterious Ways" Television Personalities from Part-Time Punks
"Mystery Achievement" Pretenders from Pretenders
"Mystery Hours" New Pornographers from Mass Romantic
"Mystery Girl" Yeah Yeah Yeahs from Master ep
"Mystery" Apples In Stereo from Velocity Of Sound
"Pedagogy (The Mystery Of You)" Cannanes from Cannanes
"Mystery School Assembly" Lilys from Precollection
"The Mystery Trend" Julian Cope from Jehovahkill
"Mystery Lawn" Orange Peels from So Far
"English Murder Mystery" Lucksmiths from First Tape
"Mysteries Of Love" Julee Cruse from Floating Into The Night
"Mysteries Unknown" Elk City from Status
"Mysteries Of The Unexplained" Tanya Donelly from Lovesongs For Underdogs
"Forget It, It's A Mystery" Lisa Germano from Excerpts From A Love Circus
"Space Mystery" Raymond Scott from Manhattan Research Inc.
"Mystery Brethren Vironment (Child's View Remix)" Mice Parade from Collaborations
"Mysterious Pony" Emperor Penguin from Mysterious Pony
"Mystery Ship" Mystic Tide from Sixties Archive Vol. 5

August 6, 2003: Oceans
"Ocean" Aarktika from Pure Tone Audiometry
"Ocean" Nina Nastasia from The Blackened Air
"Deep Dark Ocean" Harper Lee from Go Back To Bed
"Black Black Ocean" Crooked Fingers from Crooked Fingers
"The Ocean Doesn't Want Me" Tom Waits from Bone Machine
"Ocean" Velvet Underground from Peel Slowly & See
"Ocean Rain" Echo & The Bunnymen from Crystal Days
"Lemon Ocean" His Name Is Alive from Mouth By Mouth
"Ocean 1, 2, 3" Microphones from Don't Wake Me Up
"Here Comes The Ocean" Sweetest Ache from If I Could Shine 7"
"Oceans & Blue Skies" Swallow from Blowback
"Julie Ocean" Undertones from Positive Touch
"Ocean Ocean" Chills from Soft Bomb
"Indian Ocean" Field Mice from Where'd You Learn To Kiss That Way
"Indian Ocean" Frank & Walters from The Frank & Walters (Best Of)
"Ocean Boulevard" Mr. Wright from Hello Is Anyone Out There?
"On The Other Ocean" David Behrman from Ohm
"Oceans" Gary Numan from The Pleasure Principle
"Ocean Beat" Tosca from Suzuki
"Pacific Ocean Park" Orange Cake Mix from Microcosmic Wonderland
"Ocean Man" Ween from The Mollusk
"Edge Of The Ocean" Ivy from Long Distance
"Ocean Blue" Primitives from Lovely

July 30, 2003: Freak Show
"Time To Freak Out" Cato Salsa Experience from A Good Tip For A Good Time
"Ieeek I'm A Freak" Adjeef The Poet from Pebbles, Vol. 3: The Acid Gallery
"Hungry Freaks, Daddy" Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention from Freak Out!
"Freaky (January)" Hal Blaine from Psychedelic Percussion
"Freak Of The Week" Funkadelic from Uncle Jam Wants You
"Super Freak" Rick James from The Ultimate Collection
"The Freak" Eek-A-Mouse from Eek-O-Nomics
"Freaks Come Out At Night" Whodini from Greatest Hits
"Freaky" Cub from Box Of Hair
"Country Freaks" Catchers from Mute
"Control Le Freak" Brilliantine from Vainglory
"One With The Freaks" Notwist from Neon Golden
"Stay For The Freak" Emperor Penguin from Shatter The Illusion Of Intergrity, Yeah!
"Freaknik" David Holmes from Let's Get Killed

July 26, 2003: Pot Luck Sub Show
"Kalander" Badar Ali Khan from Badar Ali Khan: Mixes
"Pyaar" Kulisch & Vana from Indian Masala Mix Vol. 1
"Go Shoppin'" Bran Van 3000 featuring Eek-A-Mouse from Discosis
"Pressure" Dr. Israel from Inna City Pressure
"Was It Something That I Said" Sylvester from Strange Games & Funky Things Vol. 3
"Groovy Situation" Gene Chandler from Nothing Can Stop Me
"Backstabbers" O'Jays from Backstabbers
"Wake Up Everybody" Harold Melvin & The Bluetones from Blaxploitation: The Sequel
"Kung Fu" Dirtbombs from Ultraglide In Black
"The Lonely" British Sea Power from The Decline Of British Sea Power
"Swamp Thing" Chameleons from Strange Times
"Driving Manual Auto" Kaito from Band Red
"Dialing Tone" Milky Wimpshake from Lovers Not Fighters
"So Many Days" California Oranges from Oranges & Pineapples
"Let Yourself Go" Laptop from Don't Try This At Home
"Emmanuelle Beart" Melodie Group from Matinee 50
"The Crooner Rides Again" Budapest One from This Town Just Gave You A Dreamer
"The Beatles" Edwyn Collins from Doctor Syntax
"Girl On A Swing" Cleaners From Venus from The Wayward Genius Of Martin Newell
"Fashion Crisis Hits New York" Frank & Walters from Best Of
"If You Love Me At All" Julian Cope from Peggy Suicide
"Scottish Lips" Momus from Oskar Tennis Champion
"It Wouldn't Change A Thing" Styrofoam from I'm What's There To Show That Something's Missing
"Misco" Ms. John Soda from No P Or D
"Turn Your Back" Adult. from Anxiety Always
"True Love" Scavengers from AK79
"Teenage Letter" Count Bishops from The Chiswick Story

July 23, 2003: The Counting Numbers
"One Word" John Cale/Brian Eno from Wrong Way Up
"Two Girls" Cinerama from Torino
"Three Days" Brittle Stars from You Make Me Smile
"Four Flights Up" Lloyd Cole from Rattlesnakes
"Five Day Morning" Clientele from Suburban Light
"Six Months In A Leaky Boat" Split Enz from Time & Tide
"7-Rooms Of Gloom" Four Tops from Reach Out
"8 Great Ways" Tullycraft from City of Subarus
"Nine Million Rainy Days" Jesus & Mary Chain from Darklands
"Ten Little Girls" Curve from Pubic Fruit
"Eleven Executioners" Momus from Monsters Of Love
"Twelve Intruments" Kleenex Girl Wonder from Smith
"13 Gliding Principles" Delgados from Cinecentre
"14 Days" Life Without Buildings from Any Other City
"15 Seconds" Ivy from Realistic

July 16, 2003: The Fall. In Austin.
"Totally Wired" The Fall from Grotesque (After The Gramme)
"Bingo Master's Breakout" The Fall from Early Years
"Rebellious Jukebox" The Fall from Live At The Witch Trials
"I Wake Up In The City" The Fall from "Rude All The Time" 7"
"Living Too Late" The Fall from Bend Sinister
"Glam Racket" The Fall from The Infotainment Scan
"Kurious Oranj" The Fall from Seminal Live
"Touch Sensitive" The Fall from The Marshall Suite
"Kicker Conspiracy" The Fall from Austurbaejarbo: Live In Reykyavik 1983
"Two Librans" The Fall from The Unutterable
"LA" The Fall from 458489 A Sides
"Hot Aftershave Bop" The Fall from 458489 B Sides
"No Christmas For John Quays" The Fall from Live At The Witch Trials

July 4, 2003: Fourth Of July Doctor's Office Sub Show
"Theme From Shaft" Isaac Hayes from Shaft
"Superfly" Curtis Mayfield from Superfly
"Down & Out In New York City" James Brown from Black Caesar
"T Plays It Cool" Marvin Gaye from Trouble Man
"Driving In The Sun" Isaac Hayes from Truck Turner
"Pusherman" Curtis Mayfield from Superfly
"How Long Can I Keep It Up" Lyn Collins & The JBs from Slaughter's Big Rip-Off
"Are You Man Enough" Four Tops from Shaft In Africa
"Savage - Title Theme" Don Julian from Savage
"Class Is In Session" Da Boogie Man from Buffalo Gals - Back To Skool
"Rappers Delight" Sugar Hill Gang from The Best Of Sugar Hill Records
"Hey DJ (12" Version)" World Famous Supreme Team from Buffalo Gals - Back To Skool
"The Message" Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five from The Best Hiphop Anthems Ever
"The Breaks, Pt. 1" Kurtis Blow from Kurtis Blow
"Wild Wild West" Kool Moe Dee from How Ya Like Me Now
"It's Tricky" Run-DMC from Raising Hell
"You Gots To Chill" EPMD from Strictly Business
"I Know You Got Soul" Eric B & Rakim from Paid In Full
"My Philosophy" Boogie Down Productions from By All Means Necessary
"Bring The Noise" Public Enemy from It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back
"The Magic Number" De La Soul from 3 Feet High & Rising
"Check The Rhyme" A Tribe Called Quest from Low End Theory
"Just To Get A Rep" Gang Starr from Step In The Area

July 2, 2003: The Devil You Say
"Devil Devil Go Away" Little Marcy from Jesus Made Me Do It
"Devil In The Woodpile" Noah Lewis from When The Sun Goes Down, Vol. 1: Walk Right In
"Me & The Devil" Robert Johnson from The Complete Recordings
"Devil Got My Woman" Skip James from Ghost World OST
"Devil's Dream" Reverend Gary Davis from Pure Religion & Bad Company
"The Devil's Train" Hank Williams from The Complete Hank Williams
"Old Lady & The Devil" Bill & Belle Reed from Anthology Of American Folk Music
"The Devil Ain't Lazy" Bob Wills from San Antonio Rose
"Devil Woman" Marty Robbins from Classic Country - The Golden 60's
"Pagin' The Devil" Kansas City Six from Kansas City, Jazz City
"Devil Dance Blues" Sippie Wallace & King Oliver from The Complete King Oliver Vol. 2: 1923/26
"Devil Drums" Beau Hunks Sextette from Manhattan Minuet
"Devil Woman" Charles Mingus from Oh Yeah
"Jazz Devil" Barry Adamson from The Murky World Of Barry Adamson
"Devil's Den" James Brown from Star Time
"The Devil Is Dope" Dramatics from Feed Your Head
"Everybody's Got A Little Devil In Their Soul" Tommie Young from Soulin' Vol. 1
"Devil Doll" Roy Orbison from The Sun Records Collection
"Race With The Devil" Gene Vincent from Hot Rods & Custom Classics
"You're The Devil In Disguise" Elvis Presley from Turn Me Loose: The Songs Of Pomus & Shuman
"Devil Girl" Alex Chilton from A Man Called Destruction
"Angels & Devils" Echo & The Bunnymen from Crystal Days
"Devil Doll (Dreamship Demo)" X from Beyond & Back
"Devil In My Car" B-52s from Wild Planet
"Devil's Roof" Throwing Muses from Hunkpapa
"Lucky Devil" Mekons from Retreat From Memphis

June 27, 2003: Doctor's Office Sub Show
"Shoppin' For Clothes" Coasters from 50 Coastin' Classics
"Whole Lot Of Trouble" Arthur Alexander from The Ultimate Arthur Alexander
"Think Nothing About It" Gene Chandler from Just Be True
"Twisting The Night Away" Sam Cooke from The Man & His Music
"I'll Do Anything (He Wants Me To)" Doris Troy from Just One Look: The Best Of Doris Troy
"Home Is Where The Hatred Is" Esther Phillips from From A Whisper To A Scream
"Somebody's Watching You" Little Sister from You're The One
"The Wind" Little Eva from Greatest Hits & Rare Items
"Try A Little Tenderness" Otis Redding from Live At The Monterey International Pop Festival
"The Prophet" Mike James Kirkland from Hang On In There
"Express Yourself" Charles Wright & the 103rd Street Rhythm Band from Express Yourself
"Respect Yourself" Staple Singers from Be Altitude: Respect Yourself
"Use Me" Bill Withers from Still Bill
"Inspiration Information" Shugge Otis from Inspiration Information
"Music is My Sanctuary" Gary Bartz from Music is My Sanctuary
"Brother You Know You're Doing Wrong" Idris Muhammad from Black Rhythm Revolution/Legend
"Ghet-To Funk" Duralcha from Rare Funk Liberation
"I Got So Much Trouble In My Mind" Joe Quarterman & Free Soul from Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul
"I Who Have Nothing" Ray Frazier & The Shades Of Madness from Keb Darge's Legendary Deep Funk
"Southside Funk" Soul Seven from The Funky 16 Corners
"Superstar" Temptations from Emperors Of Soul
"Foxy Girls In Oakland" Rodger Collins from Soulin' Vol. 4
"The Jam" Graham Central Station from Ain't No Bout-A-Doubt It
"The Breakdown Pt. 1" Rufus Thomas from Crown Prince Of Dance
"L.O.V.E. Love" Al Green from Al Green Is Love
"Sittin' On A Time Bomb (Waiting For The Hurt To Come)" Lee Charles from Soul Survivors
"Rhythm Changes" Counts from What's Up Front That Counts
"Psychedelic Sally" Eddie Jefferson from Body & Soul
"Funky Worm" Ohio Players from Funky Breaks & Sampled Soul

June 25, 2003: Summer 2003
"Good Old Summertime" Captain Kangaroo from Captain Kangaroo Sings
"Summertime" Zombies from The Collection
"Here Comes The Summer (Peel Version)" Undertones from The Peel Sessions
"Celebrate Summer" T Rex from The Essential T Rex
"Summer Of Hate (Sunshine Sux Mix)" Baxendale from Summer Of Hate
"Real Summer" Future Bible Heroes from Memories Of Love
"Children Of Summer" Color Filter from Sleep In A Synchrotron
"English Summer" Eurythmics from In The Garden
"The King Of Summer" Hefner from Dead Media
"Friendless Summer" Lucksmiths from Where Were We?
"Stay Cool, I'll See You This Summer" Tullcraft from The Singles
"Summer Of Love" Januaries from The Januaries
"Summer Pop Radio" Helen Love from Radio Hits
"Summer In Your Heart" Razorcuts from R Is For Razorcuts
"Wild Summer Wow!" Bunnygrunt from Jen-Fi
"Summerbaby" Chicpeas from Summerbaby

June 21, 2003: Stronger Than Dirt sub show
with Sean, Chris & Lisa!
"We Are The Dead" David Bowie from Diamond Dogs
"These Days" Joy Division from Substance
"Dark Entries" Bauhaus from In The Flat Field
"Anaconda" Sisters Of Mercy from Some Girls Wander By Mistake
"Weatherbox" Mission Of Burma from Mission Of Burma
"Jeffrey I Hear You" Girls from Reunion
"What She Don't Know" Taxi Boys from Taxi Boys
"Agitated" Electric Eels from Having A Philosophical Investigation With...
"Villiers Terrace (Peel Session Version)" Echo & The Bunnymen from Crystal Days
"Sleeping Gas" The Teardrop Explodes from Kilimanjaro
"Endless Soul" Josef K from Endless Soul
"Shot By Both Sides" Magazine from Real Life
"Container Drivers" Fall from Grotesque (After The Gramme)
"Flood" Blue Orchids from Darker Bloom
"I Found That Essence Rare" Gang Of Four from Entertainment
"Stay Cool" Mekons from Teeth 7"
"Zoo Music Girl" Birthday Party from It's Still Living
"I Don't Wanna Go Out" X from X-Asperations
"Gone Dead" Moodists from Can't Stop It
"Planet On The Prowl" Negatives from Lethal Weapons
"Carrion" British Sea Power from The Decline Of British Sea Power
"Try Me Out" Kaito from Band Red
"Alien Sedition Action" This Microwave World from Unreleased Single
"Chemical" A-Frames from The A-Frames

June 18, 2003: Indiepop A To Z Part II
"Mission Bells" Aislers Set from How I Learned To Write Backwards
"Japanese Couple In Reverse" All About Chad from Pop American Style
"Flowers In Our Hair" All About Eve from Return To Eden, Vol. 1: The Early Recordings
"Circle Line" Rodney Allen from Happysad
"Tahiti" Frank Allison & Odd Sox from Pig Out!
"Scattered" All Over The Place from La De Da - So Far
"Contempt" Marc Almond from Stories Of Johnny
"See Those Eyes" Altered Images from The Best Of Altered Images
"Impress Me" Aluminum Group from Pedals
"Park Row" Always from The Ruling Class
"Suzanne" Amber Smith from There Is No Way
"Tambourine" Ambitious Beggars from Beg!
"Singapore" Laila Amezian from Espreso
"Glittering Creatures" Angelou from Sweet Dreams Tonight

June 4, 2003: Ha Ha
"Brak Can't Stop Laughing" Brak from Space Ghost's Surf & Turf
"I Love To Laugh" Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, etc. from Mary Poppins
"The Laughing Policeman" Charles Penrose from Hello Children Everywhere
"The Laughing Gnome" David Bowie from London Boy
"Die Laughing" In Camera from 13 (Lucky For Some)
"Laughing" Pere Ubu from The Modern Dance
"Sorry For Laughing" Josef K from Sorry For Laughing
"Falling & Laughing" Orange Juice from The Very Best Of Orange Juice
"Laugh" Birdie from Some Dusty
"One Half Laughing" Aislers Set from The Last Match
"Maybe Laughter" Dressy Bessy from Sound Go Round
"Having A Laugh" Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan! from Large Marge Sent Us
"Laughing Stock" Love from Love Story
"Lonely Boy Of Laughter" She from Wants A Piece Of You
"Laugh, Laugh" Beau Brummels from Nuggets
"Last Laugh" Cholos from Teenage Shutdown Vol. 12

May 31, 2003: Ear Candy sub show
"Dial-A-Curse" National Lampoon from The National Lampoon Box Set
"Left-Handed" Lali Puna from Left Handed 12"
"Blue" Color Filter from I Often Think In Music
"There's Never Enough Time" Postal Service from Such Great Heights single
"Serenade" Arab Strap from Monday At The Hug & Pint
"Alan Is A Cowboy Killer" McLusky from McClusky Do Dallas
"Belgravia" Ikara Colt from Chat & Business
"Boys In The Band" Libertines from Up The Bracket
"Give Me Daughters" Jonathan Fire*Eater from Tremble Under Boom Lights
"A Fairy Tale Affair" Thomas & Richard Frost from Visualize
"All I Want" Nits from Alankomaat
"Sealed With A Kiss" Deerhoof from Apple O'
"I Wish I Could Cry" Saturday Looks Good To Me from Saturday Looks Good To Me
"Lipstick" Buzzcocks from Operators Manual
"HS Art" Swell Maps from A Trip To Marineville
"Boys Don't Cry (demo)" Cure from Curiosity
"Enola Gay (Peel Session)" OMD from The Peel Sessions 1979 - 1983
"In Hospital" This Microwave World from The Same Things Kill Your Kids
"Bad Life" Public Image Limited from This Is What You Want, This Is What You Get
"Smile" Fall from Perverted By Language
"Because I Do" X from Under The Big Black Sun
"The Great Leveller" Wolfgang Press from Big Sex EP
"Cavern" Liquid Liquid from Liquid Liquid
"Baby Burn" Melys from Casting Pearls
"With Arms Outstretched" Rilo Kiley from The Execution Of All Things
"Liquid Pig" Lisa Germano from Lullaby For Liquid Pig
"Baby In Two" Pernice Brothers from Yours Mine & Ours
"Bad Dream Lover" Jazz Butcher Conspiracy from Big Planet Scary Planet

May 28, 2003: UFO Show
"Flying Saucer Boogie" Eddie Clitero & The Round Up Boys from Western Dance Vol. 2
"Flying Saucer Rock & Roll" Billy Riley & His Little Green Men from The Sun Records Collection
"Flying Saucer Attack" Rezillos from Can't Stand The Rezillos
"The UFO Man" Jonathan Richman from Rockin' & Romance
"Flying Saucer" Wedding Present from Hit Parade II
"UFO" Causey Way from Causey Vs. Everything
"Books About UFOs" Hüsker Dü from New Day Rising
"Waiting For The UFOs" Graham Parker & the Rumour from Spitting Out Sparks
"Alien Eyes" Sissy Bar from Songs For Peeps
"UFO" Boycrazy from Foreign Words
"Alien Girl" Crabs from Jackpot
"Spaceship Terrific" Mondo Crescendo from Get Faded
"Alien Being" Magnetic Fields from House Of Tomorrow
"My Flying Saucer" Billy Bragg from Mermaid Avenue Vol. 2
"Alien" Soft Boys from Underwater Moonlight... & How It Got There
"My First UFO (ckid remix)" Figurine from Reconfigurine
"Loving The Alien" David Bowie from Tonight
"Young Alien Types" Bis from Social Dancing

May 21, 2003: Doctor, Doctor
"Doctor Jazzes Raz-Ma-Tazz" James P. Johnson from Parlor Piano Solos From Rare Piano Rolls
"Doctor Jazz" Jelly Roll Morton from His Complete Victor Recordings
"Dr. Kinsey" Jamaican Calypsonians from Boogu Yagga Gal
"African Doctor" Toots & The Maytals from Monkey Man/From The Roots
"Hey Doc!" Bluetones from Best Of Red Top Records
"Doctor Robert" Beatles from Revolver
"Doctor Doctor" Who from A Quick One
"I'm Your Witchdoctor" Chants R & B from Nuggets II
"Dr. Stone" Beaten Path from Psychedelic Microdots
"Dr. Goldfoot & His Bikini Machine" Delmonas from Delmonas
"Doctor" Outsiders from CQ
"I'm The Doctor" Headcoats from Headcoats Down!
"Dr. Funkenstein" Parliament from Clones Of Dr. Funkenstein
"Trust Me, I'm A Doctor" Momus from Don't Stop The Night
"Take Your Medication" DJ Me DJ You from Simple Machine Rock
"Dr. No's Fantasy (Mark Sinclair Remix)" Elliot Fisher from Electro Lounge Vol. 2
"Dr. Luther's Assistant" Elvis Costello from Get Happy!!
"Letter/Doctor" Pacific Ocean from Birds Don't Think They're Flying
"The Good Doctor" Tompaulin from The Town & The City
"The Doctor & The Deejay" Her Space Holiday from Home Is Where You Hang Yourself
"Doctor's Orders" Sonic Youth from Experimental Jet Set Trash & No Star
"Dr. Buck's Letter" Fall from The Unutterable
"Dr. Freedom" Three Johns from Atom Drum Bop/World By Storm
"Medicine Show" Big Audio Dynamite from This Is Big Audio Dynamite
"Dr. Rock" Ween from The Pod
"Dr. Hansen Goes Pop" Arle Hansen & The Guitarspellers from Wooosh!
"Fast Food Medicine" Tsunami from The Heart's Tremelo

May 14, 2003: I Am A Child
"I Am A Child" Neil Young from Decade
"Speak Like A Child" Tim Hardin from Reason To Believe
"Saturday's Child" Brendan Perry from Eye Of The Beholder
"Saturday's Child" Walker Brothers from The Singles
"Love Child" Supremes from Hitsville USA
"Runaway Child, Running Wild" Temptations from Emperors Of Soul
"Ghetto Child" Spinners from One Of A Kind Love Affair
"Ooo Child" 5 Stairsteps from Pleasure From The Buddah Group
"Spoilt Victorian Child" Fall from This Nation's Saving Grace
"Thursday's Child" Chameleons from Script Of The Bridge
"Unsolved Child Murder" Auteurs from After Murder Park
"Almost Beautiful Child I & II" Julian Cope from The Followers Of Saint Julian
"Child Then" Slapp Happy from Ça Va
"Hey! Little Child" Tommy Keene from Places That Are Gone

May 7, 2003: Destroy All Humans
"School For Robots" Bruce Haack from Hush Little Robot
"The Robots" Kraftwerk from The Man Machine
"Dirty Robot" Arling & Cameron from We Are Arling & Cameron
"Robot New York" Add N To (X) from Avant Hard
"Robot Trouble (Autumn Teen Sound Bug Free Mix)" Barcelona from Robot Trouble EP
"Quark & Charm The Robot Twins" Momus from The Philosophy Of Momus
"The Lonely Robot" Future Bible Heroes from The Lonely Robot EP
"My Robot" Looper from The Geometrid
"Do The Robot" Saints from Wild About You
"Robot Love" Valves from Short Sharp Shock
"Robot Man" Nobody's Got Noodles from The Patio Collection Vol. 2
"A Disappointing Love Affair With A Desensitized Robot" Astro Sounds From Beyond The Year 2000 from Everything You Always Wanted To Know About 60's Mind Expansive Punkadelic Garage Rock Instrumentals But Were Afraid To Ask
"The Robotic Girl Next Door" Spark from The Robotic Girl Next Door
"Big Robot/Deep Pond" Lali Puna Vs. Lowfish from Snow Robots Vol. 1

April 30, 2003: Electro April - new electronica 2003
"A Letter From Home" Ulrich Schnauss from A Strangely Isolated Place
"Change Down" Bonobo from Dial M For Monkey
"Unsavoury Products (The Black Dog's Original Flava Mix)" Black Dog from Genetically Modified
"Johnny Maastricht" Mu-Ziq from Bilious Paths
"Blank Eyed Nose Bleed" Adult. from Anxiety Always
"Blue Jeans (Interpol Remix)" Ladytron from Blue Jeans 7"
"Miles Away" Dinky from Black Cabaret
"The Light 3000" Schneider TM Vs. KPT.Michi.Gan from The Orb's Back To Mine
"If My Heart Ever Ran Away It Would Be Looking For The Day When Right Beside You It Could Forever Stay" Kid606 from Wanna Buy A Craprak?
"Star Black" Freescha from What's Come Inside Of You
"Merci" Barbara Morgenstern from Nichts Muss
"I Think We Can Kinetic" Club To Kalo from Come Here When You Sleepwalk
"Humbaba" Kit Clayton from When Cedars Fall
"Trust The Words Of Stevie" Jan Jelinek Avec The Exposures from La Nouvelle Pauvrete
"Ninety-Seven Cars & Free Love" Lexaunculpt from The Blurring Of Trees
"Theme Of A Sudden Roundabout" Autechre from Draft 7.30
"Meatball Luv" Mesu Kasumai from My Fiero
"Smoke On The Water" Senor Coconut from Smoke On The Water
"Beautfiul Otherness" Bent from The Everlasting Blink
"A Heart Without A Mind" Styrofoam from A Heart Without A Mind ep
"Oscar" Tosca from Dehli 9
"Vakohai" Tim Koch with J Lush from Islandtones
"Paralysed" Kid Loco from Kid Loco's Another Late Night

April 23, 2003: The Un Show
"Unadulterated" Bitesize from Sophomore Slump
"Unbearable" Wonder Stuff from If The Beatles Had Read Hunter
"Unfaithful" Wedding Present from Singles 1989 - 1991
"Unloveable" Smiths from Louder Than Bombs
"Uncomplicated" Elvis Costello from Blood & Chocolate
"Unreleased" Kleenex Girl Wonder from Why I Write Such Good Songs
"Unreal" Barcelona from Simon Basic
"Unbecoming" Sweet William from World Of Books
"Unchained" Johnny Cash from Unchained
"Unlonely" John Prine from The Missing Years
"Untogether" Belly from Star
"Undressed" Lloyd Cole from Lloyd Cole
"Undecided" Autohaze from Just A Taste
"Unfamiliar" Ride from 0X4: The Best Of Ride
"Unkiss" Windmills from Sunlight

April 16, 2003: The Camera Loves Me
"The Camera Loves Me" Would-Be-Goods from The Camera Loves Me
"Don't Look At Photographs" Doktor Kosmos from Cocktail
"Picture Book" Kinks from The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society
"Camera-Shy" Lucksmiths from Naturaliste
"Photograph" Aluminum Group from Plano
"Photo Jenny" Belle & Sebastian from Lazy Line Painter Jane
"My Photographs" Green Pajamas from Indian Winter
"Another Photograph" John Cunningham from La-De-Da... So Far
"Underwater Camera" Brilliantine from My Life & The Brilliant Game
"I've Got Pictures Of You In Your Underwear" Ballboy from Club Anthems
"Some Incriminating Photographs" Faint from Media
"Having My Picture Taken" Boomtown Rats from The Fine Art Of Surfacing
"This Is Not A Photograph" Mission Of Burma from Mission Of Burma
"I've Got A Miniature Secret Camera" Peter Murphy from Love Hysteria
"Pictures Of You" Cure from Disintegration
"Distant Camera" Neal Young from Re-Ac-Tor

April 12, 2003: Ear Candy sub show
"Cheerleader" Burning Love Jumpsuit from Please Pull Apart
"Bathtime In Clerkenwell" The Real Tuesday Weld from I, Lucifer
"She Verbed Me With Sentences" Mesu Kasumai from My Fiero
"(This Is The Dream Of) Evan & Chan" Dntell from Life Is Full Of Possibilities
"Caroline & I" Go-Betweens from Bright Yellow, Bright Orange
"Siamese Couplets" Guild League from Private Transport
"Arachnidphile" Ruck Rover from Good People's Highway
"Girlfriend In Disguise" Mabels from The Closest People
"Drunk Kid Catholic" Bright Eyes from Drunk Kid Catholic EP
"London Is Swinging By The Neck" Rob Montgomery & Kirk Lane from A Rocket Girl Compilation
"New Adventures" Meanwhile, Back In Communist Russia from My Elixir; My Poison
"Here She Comes" B. Fleischmann & Ms. John Soda from Blue Skied & Clear
"VP's Daring Escape" This Microwave World from The Same Things Kill Your Kids
"No Culture Icons" Thermals from More Parts Per Million
"High Heeled Leather Boots" Cato Salsa Experience from A Good Tip For A Good Time
"Let's Go" Jessica Fletchers from Whatever Happened To...?
"Here Comes The Summer" Undertones from The Undertones
"Blank Generation" Richard Hell & The Voidoids from Blank Generation
"Going Underground" Jam from Direction Reaction Creation
"This Damn Nation" Godfathers from Hit By Hit
"Blind" Talking Heads from Naked
"Lottery Winners On Acid" Crimea from Lottery Winners On Acid
"So Right" Allen Clapp from Available Light
"The City Gets Lonely" Prom from Under The Same Stars
"Sorry To Embarrass You" Razorcuts from R Is For Razorcuts
"Judas In Me Singing" Honest Johns from The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol. 2
"Safety Pin In My Heart" Bartlebees from Urban Folk Legends
"The New You" Laptop from The Old Me Vs. The New You

April 9, 2003: Telephone Thing
"Telephone" Andrei Codrescu from No Tacos For Saddam
"I Wait For You (By The Telephone)" Figurine from Transportation + Communication = Love
"Hand To Phone" Adult. from Resuscitation
"Pick Up The Phone" Notwist from Neon Golden
"Your Phone's Off The Hook, But You're Not" X from Los Angeles
"Hanging On The Telephone" Blondie from The Plantinum Collection
"Telephone" Delta 5 from See The Whirl
"Telephone Thing" Fall from Extricate
"Speakerphone" Virgin-Whore Complex from Succumb
"The Phone Call" Memphis from A Good Day Sailing
"Cell Phone" All Girl Summer Fun Band from All Girl Summer Fun Band
"Telephone" #Poundsign# from Wavelength
"Transatlantic Telephone Conversation" Mad Scene from Woosh!
"Phone" House Of Love from A Spy In The House Of Love
"My Telephone" Coldcut from What's That Noise?

April 2, 2003: I Pity The Fool
"Fool's Blues" JT "Funny Paper" Smith from The Complete Recordings
"Man Ain't Nothin' But A Fool" Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee from Hometown Blues
"Mr. Fool" Dave Bartholomew from Gettin' Funky
"A Fool For You" Ray Charles from Birth Of Soul
"Fool, Fool, Fool" Elvis Presley from Sunrise
"Three Times A Fool" Otis Rush from The Cobra Recordings
"Who Will The Next Fool Be" Charlie Rich from The Sun Records Collection
"Fool For You" Impressions from The Very Best Of The Impressions
"Ship Of Fools" John Cale from Fear
"You Little Fool" Elvis Costello from Imperial Bedroom
"Sentimental Fool" Lloyd Cole from Love Story
"My Foolish Friend" Talk Talk from Asides Besides
"Foolish Girl" Mo-Dettes from The Story So Far
"The Fool" Call & Response from Call & Response
"What The Fool Said" Emily from Creation Soup Vol. 1
"Crazy Lovesick Fool" Brak from Space Ghost's Musical BBQ
"New Fool" Crabs from What Were Flames Now Smolder

March 26, 2003: The Spring Show
"Mendelssohn's Spring Song" Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra from Bunny Berrigan - The Pied Piper
"Some Other Spring" Billie Holiday from The Legacy Box
"Spring Is Here" Charlie Byrd from The Savoy Story
"They Say It's Spring" Blossom Dearie from Blossom Dearie
"Spring Song" Kiyoshi Izumi from Childisc 1
"Springlight Rite" Irwin Schmidt & Bruno Spoerri from Toy Planet
"Please Sing My Spring Reverb" Múm from Please Smile My Noise Bleed
"Springlike" Fidget from Fuzzy Boombox
"Spring Rain" Go-Betweens from Liberty Belle & The Black Diamond Express
"Spring Came, Rain Fell" Club 8 from Spring Came, Rain Fell
"Springtime Girl" Yellow Balloon from Yellow Balloon
"I Live In The Springtime" Lemon Drops from Nuggets
"Love Goes Home To Paris In The Spring" Magnetic Fields from House Of Tomorrow EP
"Spring Came" Suburbs from Credit In Heaven
"Springtime Of My Life" Cinnamon from The Many Moods Of Cinnamon
"Spring" Eric's Trip from Eric's Trip

March 19, 2003: Don't. Still.
"Don't Cha Know It" Joi from We Are Three
"Don't Bounce It" ISAN from Darla 100
"Don't Deceive Me" Ted Taylor & Group from Confidential Doo-Wop
"Don't Ever Change" Bryan Ferry from These Foolish Things
"Don't Burn Baby" Sly & The Family Stone from Dance To The Music
"Don't Ever Be Lonely (Poor Little Fool Like Me)" Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose from Didn't It Blow Your Mind? Soul Hits Of The 70's Vol. 8
"Don't Bring Me Down" Pretty Things from The EP Collection
"Don't Crowd Me" Keith Kessler from Teenage Shutdown Vol. 14
"Don't Ever Change" Kinks from Kinda Kinks
"Don't Call My Name" Prisoners from A Taste Of Pink
"Don't Come Any Closer" Wimple Winch from The Story Of Just Four Men
"Don'tcha Stop" Cars from The Cars
"Don't Care" Klark Kent from Teenage Kicks
"Don't Ever Change" Jesus & Mary Chain from Barbed Wire Kisses
"Don't Bring Reminders" Colin Newman from A - Z
"Don't Blame Me" Eric Dolphy from Live In Europe Vol. 2
"Don't Even Go There" Herbie Hancock from The Complete Blue Note
"Don't Dictate" Penetration from Moving Targets
"Don't Eat That It's Poison" Fastbacks from The Question Is No
"Don't Call Me Darling" Fall from Cerebral Caustic
"Don't Catch Fire" Toy Love from Toy Love
"Don't Decontruct" Rilo Kiley from Take-Offs & Landings
"Don't Do Crowds" Camera Obscura from Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi
"Don't Believe A Word" Ivy from Realistic
"Don't Blame It On The Summer" Louis Phillipe from A Kiss In The Funhouse
"Don't Die On My Doorstep" Felt from The Pictorial Jackson Review
"Don't Bring Your Work To Bed" Lucksmiths from Why That Doesn't Surprise Me
"Don't Even Know Her Name" Chills from Kaleidoscope World

March 12, 2003: SXSW2003
"My Radio" Stars from Nightsongs
"Mesopotamia (1990 Remix)" B-52s from Nude On The Moon
"Al Debalu" Mus from Naval
"00:31 To Destruction" This Microwave World from The Same Things Kill Your Kids
"You Can't Push Me Away" Sinking Ships from Out Of Key Harmony
"Big To Do" Dressy Bessy from Sound Go Round
"John Hughes" California Oranges from The California Oranges
"Yellow Pills" 20/20 from 20/20
"I Blame You" Michael Shelley from I Blame You
"You Don't Mean It" Minus 5 from Let The War Against Music Begin
"If You Can Want" Dirtbombs from Ultraglide In Black
"Alienation" Rapture from Mirror
"Chelsea Girl" Ride from 0X4: The Best Of Ride
"Sometimes I Still Feel The Bruise" Trembling Blue Stars from Broken By Whispers
"Sink Or Float" Aberdeen from Homesick & Happy To Be Here
"Was Either Easier" Aislers Set from How I Learned To Write Backwards
"Shoot Shoot" Kait0 from You've Seen Us... You Must've Seen Us
"Dexterity Is # 2" Erase Errata from Erase Errata
"Memo From The Desk Of The Quails" Quails from Atmosphere
"Me& Amy & The Two French Boys" From Bubblegum To Sky from Little Darla Has A Treat For You Vol. 13
"Set The Controls" DJ Me DJ You from Rainbows & Robots
"Shoot You Down" I Am The World Trade Center from The Tight Connection
"Lydia" Her Space Holiday from Manic Expressive
"Our Way To Fall" Yo La Tengo from And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out
"Baby, I Know What You're Thinking" Mendoza Line from We're All In This Alone
"Come On! Come On!" Dirt Bike Annie from Hit The Rock
"Oh Godammit" Hot Hot Heat from Make Up The Breakdown
"In Love" Datsuns from The Datsuns

March 5, 2003: The TV Show
"Spunk" Green Buck from Queer As Folk
"Keep Hope Alive" Crystal Method from Vegas
"The Ballad Of Jed Clampett" Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs from Classic Country - The Golden 60's
"Green Acres" Eddie Albert & Eva Gabor from Television's Greatest Hits
"The Dukes Of Hazzard" Waylon Jennings from Television's Greatest Hits
"The Unknown Stuntman" Lee Majors from Television's Greatest Hits
"The Lone Ranger (William Tell Overture)" unknown from Television's Greatest Hits
"Love Is All Around" Johnny Curtis from Television's Greatest Hits
"Alice" Linda Lavin from Television's Greatest Hits
"And Then There's Maude" Dave Grusin from Television's Greatest Hits
"One Day At A Time" Jeff Barry from Television's Greatest Hits
"Golden Girls" Andrew Gold from Television's Greatest Hits
"Speed Racer" unknown from Television's Greatest Hits
"Batman" Neil Hefti from Batman - Exclusive Television Soundtrack Album
"Woody Woodpecker Show" June Foray from Toon Tunes
"Hit Single (Space Ghost Theme)" Sonny Sharrock from Yeah, Whatever
"Ballad Of Gilligan's Isle" Wellingtons from Television's Greatest Hits
"What's Opera, Doc?" Mel Blanc, et al from That's All Folks!
"The Streetbeater (Sanford & Son Theme)" Quincy Jones from You've Got It Bad Girl
"Fat Albert" Bill Cosby, et al from Television's Greatest Hits
"Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow" Sammy Davis Jr. from Best Of Sammy Davis Jr.
"Good Times" Dave Grusin from Television's Greatest Hits
"Barney Miller" Jack Ellison & Allyn Ferguson from Television's Greatest Hits
"Star Trek" Alexander Courage from Television's Greatest Hits
"Star Trek: The Next Generation" Jerry Goldsmith from Television's Greatest Hits
"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" Dennis McCarthy from The Ultimate Star Trek
"Doctor Who" Ron Grainer from Television's Greatest Hits
"The X-FIles" Mark Snow from "Songs In The Key Of X"
"The Partridge Family" Partridge Family from Television's Greatest Hits
"Tra-La-La (The Banana Splits Song)" Banana Splits from We're The Banana Splits
"Mr. Rogers Neighborhood" Fred Rogers from Television's Greatest Hits
"Twin Peaks" Angelo Badalamenti from Twin Peaks
"Cosmos" Vangelis from Television's Greatest Hits
"Angela (Theme Song From Taxi)" Bob James from Television's Greatest Hits
"Six Feet Under (Rae & Christian Mix)" Thomas Newman from Six Feet Under

February 26, 2003: The Sexy Show
"Sexe" Lina Renaud from Ultra Lounge: Bachelor Pad Royale
"Sexy Girls" Gert Wilden from Schoolgirl Report
"Sexy Mother Fakir" Anandji/Kalyanji from Bombay The Hard Way 2: Electric Vindaloo
"Sexy Boy" Air from Moon Safari
"Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four)" Eurythmics from 1984: For The Love Of Big Brother
"A Complete History Of Sexual Jealousy (Parts 17-24)" Momus from Tender Pervert
"Sex Dwarf" Soft Cell from Say Hello To Soft Cell
"D'Ya Think I'm Sexy?" Hybrid Kids from Ambition: The Cherry Red Story
"I Want To Be Sexy" Winterbrief from Complaints From The Beauty Class
"Generation Sex" Divine Comedy from A Secret History
"Sexuality" Billy Bragg from Don't Try This At Home
"Sex Engine" Jazz Butcher from Spooky
"Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine" James Brown from Star Time
"Sexy Ways" Funkadelic from Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On
"Sex & Violence" Boogie Down Productions from Sex & Violence
"Everything Makes Me Think About Sex" Barcelona from Transhuman Revolution
"Sex Is Boring" Ballboy from A Guide To The Daylight Hours
"Sex Sux (Amen)" Vaselines from The Way Of The Vaselines
"The Joy Of Sex" Chris Knox from Yes!!
"Sex Drive" Embarrassment from Heyday
"Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream" King Crimson from Thrak
"Sex Object" Kraftwerk from Electric Cafe

February 19, 2003: The Clean Show
"See That My Grave Is Kept Clean" Blind Lemon Jefferson from American Anthology Of Folk Music
"Pick Poor Robin Clean" Luke Jordan from Before The Blues, Vol. 3
"Clean Up Woman" Betty Wright from Soul Hits Of The 70's: Didn't It Blow You Mind Vol. 7
"Clean Cut Kid" Bob Dylan from Empire Burlesque
"A Clean Break" Talking Heads from The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads
"Clean Money" Elvis Costello from Armed Forces
"Clean, Clean" Buggles from Age Of Plastic
"Coming Clean" This Microwave World from The Same Things Kill Your Kids
"Clean" Crystal Garden from Pillarbox Red Flexi
"Do It Clean" Echo & The Bunnymen from Songs To Learn & Sing
"Clean Forgot" Cannanes & Steward from Communicating At An Unknown Rate
"Clean Out" Mates Of State from Our Constant Concern
"I'll Clean Up The Mess That You Are" Spent from Oh, Merge
"Vacuum Cleaner" Tintern Abbey from Nuggets II
"Last Of The Window Cleaners" Momus from The Ultraconformist

February 12, 2003: Valentine's Show
"My Funny Valentine" Gordon McRae from Capitol Sings Rodgers & Hart: Isn't It Romantic?
"Cupid" Sam Cooke from The Man & His Music
"Hello From Cupid" Jonathan Richman from I'm So Confused
"Valentine" Bryan Ferry from Boys & Girls
"Valentine" Sisters Of Mercy from Some Girls Wander By Mistake
"St. Valentine's Day" Mekons from I Love Mekons
"Cupid Come" My Bloody Valentine from Isn't Anything
"My Bloody Valentine" Ratcat from Tingles
"Valentine" Psychedelic Furs from World Outside
"Valentine" Darling Buds from Shame On You 7"
"Blue Valentine" Tom Waits from Blue Valentine
"Valentine's Day Is Over" Billy Bragg from Workers Playtime

February 5, 2003: Indiepop A To Z Part I
"In My Sleep" Aberdeen from Homesick & Happy To Be Here
"I Was So In Love (& Now I Don't Know Why)" aBLe from A Chance To Shine
"Say Yes If You Love Me" Acid House Kings from Mondays Are Like Tuesdays & Tuesdays Are Like Wednesdays
"These Things Happen" Action Painting! from Air Balloon Road
"Stand & Deliver" Adam & The Ants from Prince Charming
"Haunt Me" Aden from Black Cow
"Waking Up In The Sun" Adult Net from The Honey Tangle
"Down In The Traffic" Adventures In Stereo from Alternative Stereo Sounds
"Maria Celeste" Anthony Adverse from The Ruling Class
"I Should Have Been Asleep Instead" Aerospace from One
"Fall Behind" Afterglow from Just A Taste
"Bible Of The Beats" Age Of Chance from Bible Of The Beats 7"
"Call Me Blue" Ahouse from On Our Big Fat Merry-Go-Round
"I Never Liked The Look Of You" Airport Girl from Seven Summers

January 29, 2003: If I Only Had A Brain
"Brain Theory Part 1" Valium from The Art Of Misdirection
"Brainsync" Subtonal from Elektro Codes.Two
"Shake Ya Brain" David Holmes from This Films Crap Lets Slash The Seats
"Brainclouds" Bis from FUKD ID
"Brain Cloudy Blues" Bob Wills from San Antonio Rose
"Rock Candy Brains" Kristin Hersh from Strange Angels
"Brain Damage" Squirrels from The Not-So-Bright Side Of The Moon
"The Brain That Wouldn't Die" Tall Dwarfs from Hello Cruel World
"Bad Brain" Ramones from Road To Ruin
"Trains, Brains & Rain" Flaming Lips from Hear It Is
"We Want Our Brains Back" Saucer from Saucer
"Sandra's Having Her Brain Out" Soft Boys from A Can Of Bees
"Carbrain" Wake from Air Balloon Road
"I Think The Weather's Affected Your Brain" Cannanes from A Love Affair With Nature
"Scatterbrain" Birthday Party from Drunk On The Pope's Blood

January 22, 2003: 1968 (albums released the year of my birth)
"Sisters Of Mercy" Leonard Cohen from Songs Of Leonard Cohen
"Julia" Beatles from The Beatles
"Weilder Of Words" Tyrannosaurus Rex from Our People Were Fair & Wore Stars In Their Hair
"Animal Farm" Kinks from The Village Green Preservation Society
"Folsom Prison Blues" Johnny Cash from At Folsom Prison
"Dear Doctor" Rolling Stones from Beggars Banquet
"What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?" Frank Zappa from We're Only In It For The Money
"Abba Zaba" Captain Beefheart from Safe As Milk
"The Way Young Lovers Do" Van Morrison from Astral Weeks
"Maybe After He's Gone" Zombies from Odessey & Oracle
"Uphill" Can from Delay
"The Sorceror" Herbie Hancock from Speak Like A Child
"Machine Gun (take two)" Peter Brötzmann Octet from Machine Gun

January 15, 2003: The Girlie Show No. 1
"Abigail, Belle Of Kilronen" Magnetic Fields from 69 Love Songs
"Adena" Smoking Popes from Born To Quit
"Adrian" Eurhythmics from Be Yourself Tonight
"Aïcha" Arling & Cameron from Stereo Showcase
"Alice" Sisters Of Mercy from Some Girls Wander By Mistake
"Alice's House" Psychedelic Furs from Mirror Moves
"Alice" Tom Waits from Alice
"Watching Alice" Nick Cave from Tender Prey
"Alicia's Song" Aislers Set from Terrible Things Happen
"Alison" Slowdive from Souvlaki
"Alison" Blueboy from Clearer 7"
"Amber" Pedro from You Don't Need Darkness To Do What You Think Is Right
"Amelia" Cocteau Twins from Treasure
"Ana" Pixies from Bossanova

January 8, 2003: Joe Strummer, R.I.P.
"Letsgetabitarockin'" 101ers from Elgin Avenue Breakdown
"Janie Jones" Clash from The Clash
"White Riot" Clash from The Clash
"I'm So Bored With The USA" Clash from The Clash
"White Man In Hammersmith Palais" Clash from Clash On Broadway
"Bankrobber" Clash from The Story Of The Clash
"Rudie Can't Fail" Clash from London Calling
"Clampdown" Clash from London Calling
"Washington Bullets" Clash from Sandanista!
"This Is Radio Clash" Clash from Clash On Broadway
"Rock The Casbah" Clash from Combat Rock
"Love Kills" Joe Strummer from Sid & Nancy
"England's Irie" Black Grape with Joe Strummer from England's Irie
"Bhindi Bagee" Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros from Global A Go Go

January 8, 2003: The Kissing Show (1 - 2pm sub slot)
"Your Candy Kisses" Faith Taylor & The Sweet Teens from Confidential Doo-Wop
"Give Him A Great Big Kiss" Shangri-Las from The Best Of
"Then He Kissed Me" Crystals from Back To Mono
"A Kiss From Your Lips" Flamingos from Complete Chess masters
"Kiss Me Honey" Delmonas from The Delmonas 5!
"No Kissin' & A Huggin'" Richard Berry & The Pharoahs from Best Of Flip Records
"Please Kiss Me" Divers from Rare & Raw Beat From The 60s, Vol. 2
"The Kiss" Dalek I Love You from Compass Kumpas
"Punish Me With Kisses" Glove from Blue Sunshine
"Whammy Kiss" B-52s from Nude On The Moon
"Feed Me With Your Kiss" My Bloody Valentine from Feed Me With Your Kiss
"Kiss My Lips" Gloss from New York Boy
"Goodnight Kiss" Black Box Recorder from The Facts Of Life
"Let's Kiss" Beat Happening from Beat Happening
"French Kiss Conspiracy" Churchbuilder from Patti Darling
"Just Kissed My Baby" Meters from Rejuvenation
"Baby, Let Me Kiss You" King Floyd from Can You Dig It? Vol. 2

January 4, 2003: Ear Candy sub show
"I Wonder If You're Drunk Enough To Sleep With Me Tonight" Ballboy from A Guide To The Daylight Hours
"So Good" Melys from So Good
"I Went To The Dance" Lilac Time from Compendium
"I Love A Snot" Lisa Germano from Excerpts From A Love Circus
"Discotheque" Bad Dream Fancy Dress from The Ruling Class
"Shack Up" A Certain Ratio from Early
"Brighter" Railway Children from Reunion Wilderness
"American Buddha" Russell Miles from "Russ"
"Susan Vs. Youth Club" Fall from The Fall Vs. 2003
"Too Good To Ignore" Boyracer from In Full Color
"Feel Good Hit Of The Summer" Queens Of The Stone Age from Feel Good Hit Of The Summer
"The One On The Floor" Permafrost from In Harm's Way
"Help" Apartments from Can't Stop It
"It's Yer Money I'm After Baby" Wonder Stuff from Eight-Legged Groove Machine
"Chutes & Ladders" Crayon from Brick Factory
"Never Stop (Discotheque)" Echo & The Bunnymen from Crystal Days
"Black Crow Hits Shoe Shine City" Rain Tree Crow from Rain Tree Crow
"The Jeweller" This Mortal Coil from Filigree & Shadow
"The High Monkey Monk" Cocteau Twins from Singles Box
"The Long & Winding Road" Langley Schools Music Project from Innocence & Despair
"Typical Girls" Slits from Cut
"2 Pints Of Lager & A Packet Of Crisps Please" Splodgenessabounds from Teenage Kicks
"Crazy Girl" Fischer Z from The Best
"Dum Dum Girl" Talk Talk from Asides Bsides
"Brand New Colony" Postal Service from Give Up
"Count To Six" Überkids from You Make Me This Happy
"Becoming More Like Alfie" Divine Comedy from Casanova

January 1, 2003: A French New Year (music chosen by Rachel)
"Give Paris One More Chance" Jonathan Richman from Jonathan Sings!
"Sous Les Toits De Paris" Dominique Cravic Et Les Primitifs Du Future from Trops De Routes, Trop De Trains
"Le Poinconneur Des Lilas" Serge Gainsbourg from De Gainsbourg A Gainsbourg
"Vesoul" Jacques Brel from Quand On N'a Que L'Amour
"En Particulier" Blonde Redhead from Melodie Citronique
"Le Tourbillion" Magentic Fields from Pop Romantique
"Nationale 7" Stereo Total from Musique Automatique
"Des Etoiles Electroniques" Stereolab from Mars Audiac Quintet
"Oh Oh Cheri" Francoise Hardy from Francoise Hardy
"C'est Si Bon" Eartha Kitt from That Bad Eartha
"J'ai Perdula Tête" Charles Aznavour from Je M'Voyais Déjà
"Ce Mortel Ennui" Serge Gainsbourg from Du Jazz Le Ravin
"Le Disque Usé" Edith Piaf from Edith Piaf
"La Mer" Charles Trenet from Le Fou Chantant
"Le Mâle Des Truies" Jean-Claude Dreyfus from L'Amuse De Joi
"Les Choses" Têtes Raides from Gratte Poil
"Contact" Godzuki from Pop Romantique
"Filles A La Moto" Dani from Ultra Chicks Vol. 1: Filles In The Garage
"Un Poison Violent, C'est Ca" Serge Gainsbourg from Serge Gainsbourg
"95C" Valerie Lemercier from Chanté
"Le Voyageur" Louis Phillipe from Expresso
"Tour De France" Senor Coconut from El Baile Alemaine
"Je Serai Espionne" Baxendale from You Will Have Your Revenge
"Le Gratte Poil" Têtes Raides from Le Gratte Poil
"Si Tu N'Etais Pa Lá" Fréhel from Amélie OST