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2002: That Year Over There

Oh boy! This is the year Self Help Radio started! Looking over these playlists is kinda like seeing snapshots of the show as a malnourished child with fetal alcohol syndrome struggling to stay alive despite overwhelming odds! You can see the sadness of the health care professionals! You can hear the criminal justive system sigh & prepare a bed! Figuratively, I mean. It's not a child. It's a radio show. Weirdo.
December 25, 2002: Christmas Show 2002
"Feliz Navi-Nada" El Vez from It's A Cool, Cool Christmas
"Must Be Santa" Brave Combo from The Rounder Christmas Album
"Donna & Blitzen" Badly Drawn Boy from About A Boy OST
"Welcome Christmas" the cast from How The Grinch Stole Christmas
"Jesus Christ" Big Star from Third/Sister Lovers
"Away In A Manger" Andy Griffith & Elinor Donahue from The Andy Griffith Show Album
"Little Donkey" Bearsuit from A Christmas Gift From Fortuna
"Christmas Is Coming" Vince Guaraldi Trio from A Charlie Brown Christmas
"Christmas On Earth" Momus from Timelord
"White Christmas" Corporal Blossom from A Mutated Christmas
"Santa Monica (Kissing The Man With The Beard)" Solex from Zo Dit Is Kerstmas
"Christmas" EU from Aurora
"Lonely Christmas Call" George Jones from Bummed Out Christmas
"Christmas In Vermont" Ed's Redeeming Qualities from It's All Good News
"One Catalog Christmas" Captain Sensible from New Wave Christmas
"Christmas Mourning" Julian Cope from Floored Genius
"Linus & Lucy" Cyrus Chestnut from A Charlie Brown Christmas
"Little Girl Blue" Nina Simone from After Hours
"Blue Christmas" Low from Christmas
"Silver Bells" Elvis Presley from Wonderful World Of Christmas
"Step Into Christmas" Wedding Present from Hit Parade II
"Christmas Time" Ciao Bella from Christmas Two
"I Will Cry At Christmas" Denim from Novelty Rock
"Kiss For Christmas" Starside Eight from Kiss For Christmas

December 18, 2002: Sleep
"Asleep" Smiths from Louder Than Bombs
"If Only Tonight We Could Sleep" Cure from Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
"Asleep & Dreaming" Magnetic Fields from 69 Love Songs
"Sleeping In" Postal Service from Give Up
"Sleep Of The Just" Elvis Costello from King Of America
"No One Fell Asleep Alone" Handsome Family from Twilight
"Rock Me To Sleep" Sally Timms from Cowboy Sally's Twilight Laments For Lost Buckaroos
"Last Night Sleep" Can from Anthology
"I'm Only Sleeping" Beatles from Revolver
"Sleep" Majestic from Live It Up!
"Asleep" Cannanes from The Cannanes
"Sleep The Clock Around" Belle & Sebastian from The Boy With The Arab Strap
"Sleeping Pills" Her Space Holiday from Home Is Where You Hang Yourself
"Sleep Forever" +/- from +/-
"The Sleepwalk" Telescopes from Flying

December 14, 2002: Ear Candy Sub Show (12 - 2pm)
"Dignified & Old" Modern Lovers from Modern Lovers
"Bourgeois Blues 99" Milky Wimpshake from Lovers Not Fighters
"Sunshine Thuggery" Siddeleys from Slum Clearance
"Your New Boyfriend" Rocketship from Why Popstars Can't Dance
"Live To Tell All" Dressy Bessy from Split 7" with Saloon
"I Take Bribes" Close Lobsters from Foxheads Stalk This Land
"Myopic Friends" Lucksmiths from Where Were We?
"Love Gets Dangerous" Billy Bragg from Peel Sessions
"Love Like This Can't Last" Lloyd Cole from Etc.
"Pink Lemonade" Tullycraft from The Singles
"Rockstar" Librarians from The Pathetic Aesthetic
"Unadulterated" Bitesize from Sophomore Slump
"Dayplanner" Free Loan Investments from Ever Been To Mexico?
"When I'm Dead" Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan from Large Marge Sent Us
"Black & White World" Elvis Costello from Get Happy!!
"I Don't Mind" Buzzcocks from Operators Manual
"Don't Back The Front" Desperate Bicycles from Another Commercial Venture
"Glanders Biennial" Kleenex Girl Wonder from Ponyoak
"Chatterton" Mick Harvey from Intoxicated Man
"While I'm Still Young" Death By Chocolate from Zap The World
"Just A Silly Phase I'm Going Through" Groove Farm from The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol. 2
"How Spook Got Her Man" Felt from The Pictorial Jackson Review
"Like Flies On Sherbert" Alex Chilton from 19 Years
"What In The World" David Bowie from Low
"Sapphire" Part Time Losers from Sweet Sweet Casio
"Copycat" Going Stagg from Ocean Paradox
"Punk Boy" Helen Love from Radio Hits
"Chainsaw" Fat Tulips from Starfish
"Home Again" Shop Assistants from Will Anything Happen
"Happy All The Time" Flatmates from Love & Death
"Meaningless" Magnetic Fields from 69 Love Songs
"Poppins" Julian Cope from Skellington 2
"Violent Love" A House from On Our Big Far Merry-Go-Round
"Kissed With" Boys Star Library from Sugar & Water
"After Hours" Velvet Underground from Velvet Underground
"Parties In Chelsea" Television Personalities from And Don't The Kids Just Love It
"Boy Or Girl" Astrid from Strange Weather Lately
"Mathematically Safe" Half Man Half Biscuit from Trouble Over Bridgewater
"Curtain Climber" Winterbrief from Captain Circus
"Catch Me" Shermans from Happiness Is Toy Shaped
"My Chinchilla" Cub from Betti-Cola
"Cruel & Unusual" Pipas from A Cat Escaped
"Something For The Girl With Everything" Sparks from Profile
"Felicity" Orange Juice from The Esteemed Orange Juice
"Passionfruit" Cannanes from Arty Barbecue
"Lovesick" Arrogants from Your Simple Beauty
"Brooklyn Phone Call" All Girl Summer Fun Band from All Girl Summer Fun Band

December 11, 2002: Fever
"Fever" Three Suns from Cocktail Mix, Vol. 1
"Funky Fever" Alan Morehouse & His Bond Street Brigade from The Sound Gallery
"Fever 99" Mo' Horizons from All Systems Are Go-Go (Ursula 1000)
"Swamp Fever" John Cameron from Nightmares On Wax - DJ Kicks
"Jungle Fever" Chakachas from Soul Hits Of The 70's - Didn't It Blow Your Mind Vol. 7
"Fever Of Love" Sweet from Best Of Sweet
"Blonde Fever" Diodes from Tired Of Waking Up Tired
"Circular Fever" Tourists from Should've Been Greatest Hits
"Fever Mountain" Revolving Paint Dream from Mother Watch Me Burn
"Hay Fever" 14 Iced Bears from In The Beginning
"Feverish" Girlboy Girl from Little Darla Has A Treat For You, Vol. 13
"Hey! Fever" Arab Strap from The Girls Of Summer
"High Fever Blues" Bukka White from Parchman Farm Blues
"White Line Fever" Merle Haggard from Down Every Road
may I also recommend:

"Fever" Horace Andy from Skylarking
"Yellow Fever" Fela Anikulapo Kuti from Yellow Fever
"Great Shakin' Fever" Handsome Ned from The Name Is Ned
"Burning Fever" Red Lorry Yellow Lorry from Singles

December 4, 2002: Magda's Birthday Show (she chose all the music)
"She Blinded Me With Science (extended mix)" Thomas Dolby from 12 X 12 Original Remixes
"Homosapien" Pete Shelley from Homosapien
"Oh! You Pretty Things" David Bowie from Hunky Dory
"Home Erectus" Kinky Friedman from Old Testaments & New Revelations
"The Body Machine" Schoolhouse Rock from Science Rock
"Pre-Med" Bitesize from Sophomore Slump
"C-64" Barcelona from Simon Basic
"Handheld" Momus from Folktronic
"Magic Carpet Ride (Ulti-Edit)" Mighty Dub Katz from Magic Carpet Ride
"World Love" Magnetic Fields from 69 Love Songs
"Essential Wear For Future Trips To Space" Ballboy from Club Anthems
"Monkey Man" Specials from The Specials
"Meat Is Murder" Smiths from Meat Is Murder

December 4, 2002: Marc Bolan Tribute Show
"Desdemona" John's Children from Nuggets II
"A Midsummer Night's Scene" John's Children from Nuggets II
"Debora" Tyrannosaurus Rex from The Definitive Tyrannosaurus Rex
"Child Star" Tyrannosaurus Rex from Our People Were Fair & Wore Stars In Their Hair
"Salamanda Palaganda" Tyrannosaurus Rex from Prophets, Seers & Sages
"Chariots Of Silk" Tyrannosaurus Rex from Unicorn
"By The Light Of A Magical Moon" Tyrannosaurus Rex from A Beard Of Stars
"King Of The Rumbling Spires" Tyrannosaurus Rex from The Definitive Tyrannosaurus Rex
"One Inch Rock" T. Rex T. Rex
"Planet Queen" T. Rex from Electric Warrior
"Mystic Lady" T. Rex from The Slider
"Tenement Lady" T. Rex from Tanx
"The Leopards Featuring Gardenia & The Mighty Slug" T. Rex from Zinc Alloy And The Hidden Riders Of Tomorrow
"I Really Love You Babe" T. Rex from Bolan's Zip Gun
"Casual Agent" T. Rex from Futuristic Dragon
"Dandy In The Underworld" T. Rex from Dandy In The Underworld

November 27, 2002: Don't. Just Don't
"Don't" Michael Shelley from Half Empty
"Don't Act Sad" Aden from Aden
"Don't Ask Why" My Bloody Valentine from Glider
"Don't Be A Fool, Billy" Super Furry Animals from Out Spaced
"Don't Be A Girl" Psychedelic Furs from World Outside
"Don't Be Afraid" Smoking Popes from Get Fired
"Don't Believe Everything You Hear" Ocean Blue from Beneath The Rhythm And Sound
"Don't Be Afraid, You Have Just Got Your Eyes Closed" Múm from Finally We Are No One
"Don't Be Fooled" Heavenly from Heavenly Vs. Satan
"Don't Be Gone" Club 8 from Nouvelle
"Don't Be So Hard" Wedding Present from George Best
"Don't Be Shy" Cat Stevens from Footsteps In The Dark
"Don't Be Square (Be There)" Adam & The Ants from Kings Of The Wild Frontier
"Don't Believe A Word I Say" Sportique from Don't Believe A Word I Say
"Don't Beat Your Wife Every Night" Raymond Scott from Manhattan Research, Inc.
"Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark" Sonics from Here Are The Ultimate Sonics

November 20, 2002: The Autumn Show (1-2pm sub slot)
"One Autumn" Nick Cave from And The Ass Saw The Angel
"Autumn Sonata" Kleenex Girl Wonder from Smith
"Autumn Almanac" Kinks from Something Else
"Drug Autumn" Windmills from Sunlight
"Autumn" Cat's Miaow from A Kiss & A Cuddle
"Autumn II" Castaway Stones from Make Love To You
"Autumn Leaves" Jesus Couldn't Drum from The Best Of Jesus Couldn't Drum
"Autumn Is Your Last Chance" Robyn Hitchcock from I Often Dream Of Trains
"Autumn Song" Catchers from Mute
"Autumn Serenade" John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman from John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman
"Lullaby Of The Leaves" Ray Martin & His Orchestra from A History Of Space Age Pop, Vol 3: Stereo Action Dimension
"Autumn Leaves" Vince Guaraldi Trio from A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing
look! other songs:

"Autumn's Song" Steamkings from Boom!
"Autumn" Dan Kibler from Capsule
"Autumn Song" Van Morrison from Hard Nose The Highway
"Dunwich Beach, Autumn 1960" Brian Eno from Ambient 4: On Land

November 20, 2002: Around The World
"An American Friend" Baxendale from The Revenge Has Just Begun
"Canadian Boyfriend" All Girl Summer Fun Band from All Girl Summer Fun Band
"Mexican Women" Throwing Muses from House Tornado
"Indian Names" Barcelona from Simon Basic
"British People In Hot Weather" Fall from Extricate
"English Towns" Stranglers from No More Heroes
"The Irish Ballad" Tom Lehrer from Honky Soul Race Music Hard Bop & Anachronistic Jazz
"Australian Table Wines" Monty Python from The Final Rip-Off
"French Lessons" Metrovan from Retrofitting
"Chinese Whispers" Melys from Chinese Whispers
"Filipino Box Spring Hog" Tom Waits from Mule Variations
"Turkish Song Of The Damned" Pogues from If I Should Fall From Grace With God
"German Girl" Lotus Eaters from No Sense Of Sin
"Italian Lesson No. 3" Space Ghost from Space Ghost's Surf N Turf
"In The Dutch Mountains" Nits from Nest
"Spanish Pipedream" John Prine from John Prine
"Colombian Necktie" Big Black from Songs About Fucking
the world is bigger than an hour:

"Swedish Hearts" Acid House Kings from Mondays Are Like Tuesdays & Tuesdays Are Like Wednesdays
"Russian Orthodox" Delgados from Peloton
"English Rain" Wake from Make It Loud
"Mexican Radio" Wall Of Voodoo from Call Of The West
"Egyptian Mummies" Bram Tchaikovsky from Funland

November 6, 2002: Grant's show (my pal Grant picked all the music)
"Golden Apples" Country Teasers from Destroy All Human Life
"You're Missing" Bruce Springsteen from The Rising
"Radio Cure" Wilco from Yankee Foxtrot
"By Your Side" Sade from Lover's Rock
"Slip Away" David Bowie from Heathen
"Me I Never Knew" Walker Brothers from The Singles
"End Of The Day" Beck from Sea Change
"By My Car" My Morning Jacket from The Tennessee Fire
"Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, Pt. 1" Flaming Lips from Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
"Supergirl" Stereo Total from Stereo Total
"Slipping Away" Neil Young from Broken Arrow
"Sincerely Yours, Confused" Royal Trux from Sincerely Yours, Confused
"Frozen" Souled American from Frozen
"I Could Give The World Away" Summer Hymns from A Celebratory Arm Gesture
"Oh To Be Wicked Once Again" Neil Hagerty from Neil Patrick Hagerty
"Like A Diamond" Tom Petty from The Last DJ
"The Crying Of Lot G" Yo La Tengo from And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out
"Untitled" Spiritualized
"Empowered Man's Blues" ForCarnation from The ForCarnation
"Fallen" Ron Sexsmith from Blue Boy

October 30, 2002: The Halloween Show
"Introduction" Boris Karloff from An Evening With Boris Karloff
"It's Halloween" Shaggs from The Shaggs
"The Halloween Puppet Show" Flossie & The Unicorns from L.M.N.O.P.
"Halloween" Siouxsie & The Banshees from Juju
"Dracula Gary" Centimeters from The Centimeters Present The Facts Of Destiny
"Vampire Girl" Jonathan Richman from You Must Ask The Heart
"I'm A Vampire" Future Bible Heroes from Eternal Youth
"Bride Of Frankenstein" Toy Love from Toy Love
"You Can't Get Him Frankenstein" Fleshtones from Flaming Burnout
"Frankenstein" Nosotrash from Little Darla Has A Treat For You Vol. 15
"Mon Mari, C'est Frankenstein" Nicole Paquin from Ultra Chicks Vol. 1
"She's Got A New Spell" Billy Bragg from Workers Playtime
"Goblin Girl" Frank Zappa from You Are What You Is
"Never Kick A Black Cat" Boris Karloff from Tales Of The Frightened, Vol. 2
"I'm A Mummy" Fall from Levitate
not scared enough? here's more:

"Halloween Candy" Spinanes from Imp Years
"Night Of The Vampire" Moontrekkers from Intergalactic Intros
"The Mummy" Litter from Distortions
"Square Dance For Eight Egyptian Mummies" Beau Hunks Sextette from Celebration On The Planet Mars
"The Mummy Piece" William S Burroughs from Best of William S. Burroughs: From Giorno Poetry Systems

October 23, 2002: The Broken Show
"Everything Is Broken" Bob Dylan from Oh Mercy
"Morning Is Broken" Lloyd Cole from Bad Vibes
"This Machine Is Broken" Wee DJs from Penalty Records 1998 - 2000
"Until The Dream Gets Broken" Trembling Blue Stars from Alive To Every Smile
"Broken Heart" Alexander "Skip" Spence from Oar
"Broken Hearted Blues" T Rex from Tanx
"I Am Just A Broken Heart" Jacobites from Robespierre's Velvet Basement
"You Can't Break A Broken Heart" Sixths from Wasps' Nests
"Broken Bones" Lucksmiths from Why That Doesn't Surprise Me
"Broken Body" Kissing The Pink from Naked
"Broken Face" Pixies from Surfer Rosa
"Broken Wing" Nits from Nest
"Broken Promise" New Order from Brotherhood
"What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted?" Dave Stewart & Colin Blunstone from Stiff Box
"No Fear, No Hate, No Pain (No Broken Hearts)" Eurythmics from Touch
everything keeps breaking - more stuff:

"Dirty Snow For The Broken Ground" Gentle Waves from The Green Fields Of Foreverland
"Winter Broken Time" Moonbabies from June & Novas
"The Sea Of Broken Dreams" Vitesse from A Certain Hostility
"The Ballad Of The Broken Birdie Records" Múm from Yesterday Was Dramatic - Today Is OK
"Broken Hearts" Echoboy from Volume One

October 16, 2002: All About The Wedding Present & Cinerama
"Felicity" Wedding Present from The Peel Sessions
"Living & Learning" Wedding Present from Tommy
"My Favourite Dress" Wedding Present from George Best
"Kennedy" Wedding Present from Bizarro
"Brassneck" Wedding Present from Brassneck ep
"Corduroy" Wedding Present from Seamonsters
"Go-Go Dancer" Wedding Present from Hit Parade I
"The Queen Of Outer Space" Wedding Present from Hit Parade II
"Gazebo" Wedding Present from Watusi
"Love Machine" Wedding Present from Mini Plus
"Kansas" Wedding Present from Saturnalia
"Me Next" Cinerama from Va Va Voom
"Superman" Cinerma from Disco Volente
"Get Up & Go" Cinerama from Torino
"Love" Cinerama from This Is Cinerama

October 16, 2002: The New Show (1-2pm sub slot)
"Chove Chuva" Sergio Mendes from Sounds From The Verve Hi Fi
"Skippy's First Samba Lesson" Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination from silicon.summer.2002
"That Kindu That You Do" Ursula 1000 from Kinda Kinky
"Losing Your Affection" Future Bible Heroes from Eternal Youth
"Unsleeping" Ms. John Soda from No P Or D
"I'll Be" Sing Sing from The Joy Of Sing Sing
"Coming In From The Cold" Delgados from Hate
"Thee Olde Trip To Jerusalem" Mekons from Oooh!
"Don't Turn Around" Hurricane Lamps from Tilting At Windmills
"Non-Descript" Kaito from Montigola Underground
"Distilled Mug Art" Fall from 2G+2
"N.I." Notwist from Documenta 2
"Casino Vs. Japan remix" Marumari from The Remixes
new stuff spillage:

"I Can Hardly Spell My Name" Lambchop from Pet Sounds Sucks
"Black Box Room" Blood Group from Volunteers
"Shoganai" King Crimson from Happy With What You Have To Be
"Verbal" Amon Tobin from Out From Out Where

October 9, 2002: The War Show
"Gimme Shelter" Sisters Of Mercy from Some Girls Wander By Mistake
"World Destruction" Time Zone from World Destruction
"I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier Mama I Don't Wanna Die" John Lennon from Imagine
"War" Edwin Starr from Hitsville USA
"Life During Wartime" Talking Heads from Stop Making Sense
"What's So Funny 'Bout Peace Love & Understanding?" Elvis Costello from Armed Forces
"Hero Of The War" Scott Walker from Scott 4
"The War Is Over" Phil Ochs from Farewells & Fantasies
"I Fought In A War" Belle & Sebastian from Fold Your Hands, Child, You Walk Like A Peasant
"For The Wars" Clinic from Walking With Thee
more war not broadcast:

"War" Fall from Middle Class Revolt
"War" Bruce Haack from Hush Little Robot
"Make Love, Not War" Peacemakers from Drive In Presents Easy Tune Volume One
"Stop The War" Prince Far-I from Spear Of The Nation

October 9, 2002: The Hello Show (1-2pm sub spot)
"Hello Hello" Sopwith Camel from Pleasure From The Buddha Group
"Hello There" John Cale from Vintage Violence
"Hello Hello Hi" From Bubblegum To Sky from Moshi-Moshi
"Hi Dear" Jonathan Richman from Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
"Hello, This One Is For You" Herrman & Kleine from Putting The Morr Back In Morrissey
"Hello Pan Am" Tim Koch from Please Don't Tell Me That's Your Volvo
"Hello My Future" Machine Drum from Now You Know
"Hello, How Are You" Easybeats from Gonna Have A Good Time
"Hello Operator" White Stripes from De Stijl
"Say Hello To The Angels" Interpol from Turn On The Bright Lights
"Hello Moon" Hangovers from Slow Dirty Tears
"Welcome" Ambitious Beggars from Beg!
"Welcome" John Coltrane from Transition