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2013: The Year Of Back Problems

Ouch. Ouch. 2013. Ouch. Ouch. Radio shows? Why the hell not?

December 27, 2013: Indiepop A To Z # 42
Listen to part one of this show (73 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 61 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
"Too Young To Be In Love" Hunx & His Punx from Too Young To Be In Love
"Fluoro" Huon from Library Records 1998 - 2003
"The Sun Shines Here" Hurrah! from The Sun Shines Here 7"
"Step Into My World" Hurricane # 1 from Hurricane # 1
"Not That Easy" The Hurries from EardrumsPop 100
"Saturday" Hushpad from From Here To There
"Flower Of The Hour" Lida Husik from Joyride
"When Time Was On Their Side" Husky Rescue from Ship Of Light
"Sometimes You're Incredible" Hyacinth Girls from The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol. 6
"See Me Through" The Hybirds from The Hybirds
"Questions I Can't Answer" Hydroplane from Darla 100
"Car & Kettle" Hyper Kinako from Hyper Kinako
"No Te Sientas Mal" Hypnomango from Ashell IV
"Me To Be" I Am The World Trade Center from Out Of The Loop
"Charlemagne" The I Live The Life Of A Movie Star Hideout from Moshi Moshi (Pop International Style)
"Preposterous Tales" I, Ludicrous from It's Like Everything Else
"Norman Bleik" I Was A King from I Was A King
"Lemonade & Somersaults" The Icicles from Pure Sugar EP
"Poor Dumb Bird" Ida from Ten Small Paces
"The Knack & How To Get It" The Idea from Sideways Smile
"High Over Hollywood" Idha from Melody Inn
"Loaded" Idle Hands from The Heart We Broke On The Way To The Show
"Five Hours" Igloo from Pop American Style
"Johnny Be Tristan" Iji from Unltd. Cool Drinks
"We're From Barcelona" I'm From Barcelona from Sing!! With I'm From Barcelona
"Brighton Beach Postcard" The Imaginary Friend from Letters Home
"Pop Girl" The Immediates from A Chance To Shine - Dorian Records Compilation
"The Things You Love" Impossible Tymes from Try A Little Sunshine: A Greek Indiepop Compilation
"Baby, Baby" The Impossible Years from Baby, Baby

December 26, 2013: Boxing Day WRFL Sub Show
"Rock El Casbah" Rachid Taha from The Definitive Collection
"Khattaba" Omar Souleyman from Wenu Wenu
"Dam Ustune Cul Serer (There's Nothing Like The Evils Of Poverty)" Selda Bagcan from Selda
"Little Blue" The Kronos Quartet from Aheym
"Battle" Knotted Cord from Heavy Minerals
"Heart Of Mine" Bob Dylan from Biograph
"All Alone House" Little Wings from I Need You Bad
"Motorcade" My Life Story from Mornington Crescent
"Slit" Upstairs Downstairs from Upstairs Downstairs
"Picture Me With You (Carnie Threesome)" Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas from Demons
"I Wanna Live With You" Cheeky Monkey from Four Arms To Hold You
"Promise Me" Syd Arthur from On An On
"No One Was Like Vermeer" Jonathan Richman from Because Her Beauty Is Raw & Wild
"Came Out Of A Lady" Rubblebucket from Music From Drinking Buddies
"My Happy Song" Inf from Music For Crime Scenes
"Disc A Go Go" Syd Dale from Music For TV Dinners: The 60s
"HWY Trust Part One" FWY! from HWY Trust
"Obalisq" Muslimgauze from Lazhareem Ul Leper
"Hammers" Nils Frahm from Spaces
"Pre Pill" Males from Run Run Run/MalesMalesMales
"Lipstick Vogue" Elvis Costello from This Year's Model
"To Find Out" The Gories from The Shaw Tapes: Live In Detroit 5/27/88
"Pen & Ink" Boy Kill Boy from Stars & The Sea
"You Won't See Me" Fuzz from Live In San Francisco
"Face The Crowd" Beady Eye from BE
"Let's Get Sick" Mu from Afro Finger & Gel
"Je Ne T'Aime Plus" Pink Martini from Get Happy
"Supermarket Casanova" Hyperbubble from Filthy Little Angels Singles Club EP6
"Batches & Cookies" Lizzo from Lizzobangers
"Cooked Inside Out" Seasick Mama from Tip Top Shape
"Big Boss Man" Jimmy Reed from Found Love
"Knocking Ghost" Higgins Waterproof Black Magic Band from Higgins Waterproof Black Magic Band
"Why Is The Wine Sweeter (On The Other Side)" Eddie Floyd from The Very Best Of Eddie Floyd
"Who Do You Love" 15-60-75 (The Numbers Band) from Jimmy Bell's Still In Town
"Slippershell" Throwing Muses from Purgatory/Paradise
"She Smiled Sweetly" Billy Bragg from Billy Bragg Volume II Box Set
"Temperature's Dropping" Bantam Foxes from Triumph
"We Love Girls" Buster from Buster
"Shapes Of Stars" Dead Native from Keep It Strange
"44 Magnum" Jazz Combustion Uprising from Self-Immolation
"You Got To Go" Inner City Blues Band from City Limits
"Painted Trail" Steve Tressler Group from Center Song
"Serenading The Clean-Up Crew" The Claudettes from Infernal Piano Plot... Hatched!
"Dumb Luck" We Are Scientists from Business Casual
"Footsteps" Channel Light Vessel from Excellent Spirits
"We Are Strangers Now" Megan Bonnell from Hunt & Chase
"My Baby Does Her Hairdo Long" Kimberley Rew from The Bible Of Bop
"Wish Hotel" Ducktails from Wish Hotel
"Fantasy & Fugue" Garrick Ohlsson from Franz Liszt, Volume 2
"One" Yamantaka//Sonic Titan from Uzu
"Lost" David Helping & Jon Jenkins from Found
"Don't Let Me Dance" Fortress Social Club from Make Love, Not Babies
"Drivin'" Pearl Harbor & The Explosions from Pearl Harbor & The Explosions
"In The Sound" Freelove Fenner from Do Not Affect A Breezy Manner
"Suzie" Johnny Says Yeah! from Friends Gone By 1986-1989
"Don't Take Me Seriously" Flashlights from Don't Take Me Seriously EP
"The Runaround" Wild Child from The Runaround
"Crash (Live At Glasgow College 1988)" Primitives from Out Of Reach EP

December 25, 2013: Christmas Morning WRFL Sub Show
"Jingle Cats Medley (Jingle Bells, Hark The Herald, We Wish You A Merry Christmas)" Jingle Cats from Meowy Christmas
"Explode" Hong Kong Banana from Now But Not NOW Now
"On The Train With Tootsie" Tot Taylor from Jumble Soul
"Home Again" The Static Jacks from In Blue
"Dream Date" Tough Age from Tough Age
"The Road We're On" Flying Color from Flying Color
"Untitled VIII" Million Brazilians from Wet Dry Jungala
"Portobello Man" The Bevis Frond from Valedictory Songs
"We Are Cold Inside" You Are Plural from Rabbit Rabbit
"Indian Summer" Anoushka Shankar from Traces Of You
"Raag Deen Todi" Pandit Kamalesh Maitra & Trilok Gurtu from Tabla Tarang - Melody On Drums
"Five Concert Rags: In Stride" John Musto from John Musto Piano Concertos
"Liar" The Star Darts from Shooting Star Darts
"You'll Always Walk Alone" The Hepburns from Champagne Reception
"Perfect Day" Fathom Lane from Fathom Lane
"Wedlock Is A Padlock" Laura Lee from Women's Love Rights
"The Man Walking His Dog" John McCutcheon from 22 Days
"Mind Over Might" Orchestra Of Spheres from Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music
"Deer Park" The Fall from A Part Of America Therein, 1981
"The News" Borrowed Beams of Light from On The Wings Of A Bug
"(Take My Hand) Let's Walk Together" Willie Hightower from Willie Hightower
"Never Good At Sayin' Good-Bye" Sandrose from Sandrose
"It Stays With Me" FM359 from Truth, Love, & Liberty
"Shark Serenade" Vermillion Lies from Separated By Birth
"I Don't Know What To Do With My Hands" Minor Alps from Get There
"Leaving Here" Eddie Holland from The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 3: 1963
"Psychic Alcoholic" The Peripherals from Declarations
"Jealous Guy (Live At The Bitter End)" Donny Hathaway from Selections From Never My Love: The Anthology
"Light My Fire" Minnie Ripertono from Minnie
"Come Running" House Of Blondes from Clean Cuts
"Another Moment Follows" Cloudberry Jam from Providing The Atmosphere
"Glad You're Gone (Slow)" Coyote Union from EP
"If Someday We Look Back Through December" Bryan & The Haggards from Merles Just Want To Have Fun
"From God's Perspective" Bo Burnham from What
"(I Love) A Melancholy Baby" Paul Burch from Fevers
"Oh My, Do I Long For You!" Elin Ruth from Queen Of Queens & The Last Man Standing
"Love Song For The Assumed" The Harmed Brothers from Better Days
"Jealous Guy (Live At The Bitter End)" Donny Hathaway from Selections From Never My Love: The Anthology
"Walk Us Uptown (Antibalas Rework - Chico Mann Edit)" Elvis Costello & The Roots from Wise Up: Thought - Remixes & Reworks
"Pepper Box" The Peppers from Pepper Box
"Lone Bell" Mount Eerie from Pre-Human Ideas
"Smashed Blocked" John's Children from The Legendary Orgasm Album

December 24, 2013: A Black & Blues Christmas
"At The Christmas Ball" Bessie Smith from Queen Of The Blues: Volume 1
"Santa Claus Blues" Clarence Williams' Trio with Eva Taylor from Louis Armstrong & The Blues Singers
"Christmas Eve Blues" Blind Lemon Jefferson from The Complete Classic Sides Remastered: Chicago 1928
"Christmas Man Blues" Bertha "Chippie" Hill from Bertha "Chippie" Hill 1925-1929
"Lonesome Christmas Blues" Blind Blake from All The Published Sides
"Christ Was Born On Christmas Morn" Cotton Top Mountain Sanctified Singers from Frankie 'Half-Pint' Jaxon Vol. 2 1926-1937
"Christmas In Jail" Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell from Volume 1: How Long Has That Evening Train Been Gone
"Christmas Morning Blues" Kansas City Kitty & Georgia Tom from Kansas City Kitty & Georgia Tom (1930-1934)
"Christmas & New Year's Blues" Tampa Red from Tampa Red Vol. 6 1934-1935
"Christmas, Christmas Blues" Charley Jordan from The Essential Charley Jordan
"Happy New Year Blues" Mary Harris from Where Will You Be Christmas Day?
"Christmas & No Santa Claus" Bumble Bee Slim from Bumble Bee Slim Vol. 6
"Santa Claus" Bo Carter from Bo Carter, Vol. 5 (1938-1940)
"Papa Ain't No Santa Claus (& Mama Ain't No Christmas Tree)" Butterbeans & Susie from Blues, Blues Christmas 1925-1955
"Christmas Morning Blues" Sonny Boy Williamson from Sonny Boy Williamson (1937-1947)
"Gettin' Ready For Christmas Day" Rev JM Gates from Goodbye, Babylon
"Santa's Secret" Johnny Guarnieri from Papa Ain't No Santa Claus, Mama Ain't No Christmas Tree
"Christmas Is A-Coming" Lead Belly from Sings For Children
"Merry Christmas Baby" Johnny Moore's Three Blazers from Charles Brown 1946-47
"Christmas Spirit" Julie Lee & Her Boyfriends from Kansas City's First Lady Of The Blues
"Christmas Date Boogie" Big Joe Turner from Shout, Rattle & Roll
"Love For Christmas" Felix Gross from Mark Lamarr's Rhythm & Blues Christmas
"Christmas Blues" Ralph Willis from Ralph Willis Vol. 1 1944-1951
"Christmas Morning Blues" Titus Turner from Blues Christmas Songs Remastered, Vol. 1
"Hello Santa Claus" Cecil Gant from Complete, Vol. 7: 1950-1951
"Bring That Cadillac Back" Harry Crafton & Doc Bagby Orchestra from J. B. Summers & The Blues Shouters
"Boogie Woogie Santa Claus" Lionel Hampton Orchestra Featuring Sonny Parker from 1950-1951
"Lonesome Christmas" Lowell Fulson from I'm A Night Owl, Vol. 2
"Christmas Boogie" Sugar Chile Robinson from Blues, Boogie & Rhythm Christmas
"Happy New Year Darling" Lonnie Johnson from The Originator Of Modern Guitar Blues
"Blues For Christmas" John Lee Hooker from The Complete 50's Chess Recordings
"Santa Claus Blues" Black Ace from I'm The Boss Card In Your Hand, 1937-1960
"Santa" Lightnin' Hopkins from The Fire/Fury Records Story
"I Hear Jingle Bells" Freddie King from The Very Best Of Freddy King, Vol. 1

December 20, 2013: A Very Self Help Radio Christmas 2013
Listen to part one of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
"Rod Serling Explains The First Christmas" National Lampoon from Buy This Box Or We'll Shoot This Dog: The Best Of The National Lampoon Radio Hour
"The Twelve Days Of Christmas" The Master Chorale Of Tampa Bay & The Florida Orchestra from A Musicological Journey Through The Twelve Days Of Christmas
"¿Dònde Està Santa Claus? (Where Is Santa Claus?)" Augie Rios from Christmas Songs
"Let Me Be Your Christmas Toy" Chocolate Snow from Eccentric Soul: Smart's Palace
"L'il Elfy" Ray Bolger from L'il Elfy
"I Can't Wait" Richard X Heyman from I Can't Wait
"The Ho Ho Chorus" The Queen Bees from The Queen Bees Buzz Christmas
"A Very Very Merry Christmas" The Singing Grandmothers from A Very Very Merry Christmas
"Christmas Caroling" Louis C.K. from Live In Houston
"Christmas Shopping" Buck Owens & His Buckeroos from Christmas Shopping
"Christmas" Clinic from Come Into Our Room
"Little Stars" Holly Golightly from Little Stars
"The Mistletoe & Me" Isaac Hayes from The Complete Stax-Volt Soul Singles, Vol. 2: 1968-1971
"God Rest Ye Funky Bhangra" James Whetzel from Holiday: Sarod & Beats
"Green Chri$tma$" Stan Freberg from The Tip Of The Freberg: The Stan Freberg Collection 1951-1998
"Twinkle" JD McPherson from Twinkle
"The Little Drummer Boy" Kool & The Gang from Kool For The Holidays
"You Are My" Big Tree from Decembet EP
"The Smallest Christmas Tree" Ashtray Boy from Candypants Beach
"The Snow Doesn't Fall" The Aislers Set from A Christmas Gift From Fortuna Pop, Volume One
"Everything Is One Big Christmas Tree" The Magnetic Fields from Realism
"When Santa Claus Gets Your Letter" Anne Lloyd & The Sandpipers from When Santa Claus Gets Your Letter
"Santa Couldn't Fit You Under My Tree" Summer Hymns from Kindercore Fifty
"Christmas At The Airport" Nick Lowe from Quality Street: A Seasonal Selection For All The Family
"The Night Before Christmas (In Texas, That Is)" Gene Autry from Merry Texas Christmas, You All!
"Back To The Beat (Jingle Bells Version)" Astonomar from A Very Decent Christmas
"The Snowdog" MomusMcClymont from MomusMcClymont
"Kiss You In The Snow" The School from Yo, También (Me, Too) OST
"Am I Too Old For Christmas?" The Ashes from Mint 400 Records: A Very Merry Christmas Compilation

December 13, 2013: Gary's Favorite Music Of 2013
"Bad Skin" Hunx & His Punx from Street Punk
"Keep Exhaling" Wire from Change Becomes Us
"True Vulture" Nobunny from Secret Songs: Reflections From The Ear Mirror
"They're Feeding" Terry Malts from Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere
"Boys To Men" Bent Shapes from Feels Weird
"Amorator!" The Fall from The Remainderer
"Awake" Iceage from You're Nothing
"Girls Like Us" Julie Ruin from Run Fast
"No Tic, All Tac" Tullycraft from Lost In Light Rotation
"Into Blue" Frankie Rose from Herein Wild
"Hot Sour Salty Sweet" The Dirtbombs from Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey!
"Karaoke" Spectrals from Sob Story
"Date It" Golden Grrrls from Golden Grrrls
"Meditations" Holograms from Forever
"Pretend To Be Brave" Boat from Pretend To Be Brave
"Tripwire" Elvis Costello & The Roots from Wise Up Ghost & Other Songs
"Parallel" MomusMcClymont from MomusMcClynont
"Check My Heart" The Pastels from Slow Summits
"Is That Enough" Yo La Tengo from Fade
"Age Of Victoria" The Secret History from Americans Singing In The Dark
"Living, Loving, Partygoing" Future Bible Heroes from Partygoing
"Just To Be Like You" Ski Lodge from Big Heart
"A Sex Maybe" Mike Birbiglia from My Girlfriend's Boyfriend
"Q&A: Advice For The Audience" Eugene Mirman from An Evening Of Comedy In A Fake, Underground Laboratory
"Signal 30" Public Service Broadcasting from Inform - Educate - Entertain
"Boo Hoo" Dot Wiggin Band from Ready! Get! Go!
"Delicate Cycle" The Uncluded from Hokey Fright
"Canned Tomatoes (Whole)" Courtney Barnett from The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas
"When He Tells Me" Colleen Green from Sock It To Me
"Wind-Up" Pity Sex from Feast of Love
"Mermaids" Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds from Push The Sky Away
"Hypnotic Regression" Girls Names from The New Life
"Sound Of A Void" Wax Idols from Discipline & Desire
"Cri Du Coeur" Camera Obscura from Desire Lines
"Marbled Birds" The Mantles from Long Enough To Leave
"Better Luck Next Time" King Khan & The Shrines from Idle No More
"Love Isn't A Right" Momus from Bambi
"No One Knows Nothing Anymore" Billy Bragg from Tooth & Nail
"Graveyard" Joanna Gruesome from Weird Sister
"Suicide Pact" Tochigi from Tochigi
"Ark Of Life" Minks from Tides End
"Perfect World" The Proctors from Everlasting Light
"Canteen" Superhumanoids from Exhibitionists
"Musicians Are Scum" Pere Ubu from Lady from Shanghai
"Paul's Not Home" Gibby Haynes from Paul's Not Home
"Job" Iggy & The Stooges from Ready To Die
"You Are A Lion, I Am A Lamb" Ex Cops from True Hallucinations
"Borrowed Time" Parquet Courts from Light Up Gold
"Sir William Wray" The Fall from Re-Mit

December 6, 2013: A Touch Of Velvet
"Velvet" PBNJ Buchanan from Velvet Blue
"Soft Velvety 'Fer" MC Honky from I Am The Messiah
"Velvet Pants" Propellorheads from Decksanddrumsandrockandroll
"The Velvet Glove" Jerry Colonna from The Velvet Glove
"A Touch Of Velvet, A Sting Of Brass" Mood Mosaic from The Swingin' Sixties
"Velvet Illusions" Velvet Illusions from Pebbles, Vol. 9: Southern California 2
"Velvet Sunsets" The Music Emporium from The Music Emporium
"Velvet Cave" Silver Apples from Silver Apples
"Velvet Goldmine" David Bowie from The Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars
"Some Velvet Morning" Lydia Lunch & Roland S. Howard from Some Velvet Morning
"Velvet Launderette" Poison Girls from Statement: The Complete Recordings
"Black Velvet" Swell Maps from Train Out Of It
"Black Velvet" The Lilac Time from The Lilac Time
"Velvet Days" Kristin Hersh from Hips & Makers
"Orpheus In Red Velvet" Marc Almond from Enchanted
"Deep Velvet" Chris & Cosey from Trust
"Torn Green Velvet Eyes" The Magnetic Fields from Holiday
"Deep In Velvet" Phillip Boa & Voodooclub from Boa Best Singles
"Velvt Atmosphere" Peppermint from Keep Your Chin Up There, Sailor
"Paint Me On Velvet" Austin Lounge Lizards from Paint Me On Velvet
"Deadweight On Velveteen" Jose Gonzalez from Veneer
"Another Velvet Nightmare" Frank Black from Honeycomb
"Velvet Morning" Weird Dreams from Choreography
"Velveteen" The Rose Of Avalanche from Indie Top 20 Vol. 1
"Velvet Itch" Bass Drum Of Death from GB City

November 29, 2013: Magda's Birthday Show 2013
"Happy Birthday" The Luddites from Detroit Musician Alliance: Motor CD
"(Gimme That) Lipstick" Gruppo Sportivo from 10 Mistakes / Buddy Odor Is A Gas
"Birthday Song" André Herman Düne from Taglich Brot
"Born Never Asked" Laurie Anderson from Big Science
"Birthday Girl" Frontier Ruckus from Eternity Of Dimming
"The Birthday Girl" Nobunny from Secret Songs: Reflections From The Ear Mirror
"Happy Birthday" Cloud Control from Dream Cave
"Birthday" Blur from Leisure
"The Birthday Party" Don Gillmor, Michelle Campagne, Davy Gallant, & Marie-Louise Gay from The Fabulous Song
"Spring Break (Birthday Song)" Ex Cops from True Hallucinations
"Birthday Song" Blaine L Reininger from Night Air
"Today It Is My Birthday" Synthetic Socks from Today It Is My Birthday
"The Unbirthday Song" Dennis Day from Happy Birthday To You
"Fiddler's Birthday Party" Benny Martin from Big Daddy Of The Fiddle & Bow
"Happy Birthday Darlin'" Conway Twitty from Cross Winds
"Birthday Kiss" Spectrals from Fair Ohs / Spectrals 7"
"Birthday" Royal Canoe from Today We're Believers
"Why Can't My Dolly Have A Birthday Party?" The Bran Flakes from Hey Won't Somebody Come & Play?
"At The Birthday Party" Bablicon from In A Different City
"Bad Birthday" Skip That Birthday Party from Girls Rock Camp Alliance: 2010 International Camper Band Compilation
"Happy Birthday Ralph" Atom & His Package from Hair: Debatable
"Fat, Dumb, & Happy Birthday" Bob Marley from Upta Camp
"Happy Birthday" Beep Beep from Enchanted Islands
"Birthday Fella" Marva Josie from Girls On 45: A Collection Of Girl Groups, Girlie Pop & Soulful Ladies
"(Happy Birthday) Mr. Twenty One" The Orlons from The Wah-Watusi + South Street
"21" The Lucksmiths from Boondoggle
"Romans" Minks from Tides End
"Happy Country Birthday Darling" Rodney Lay & The Wild West from Happy Country Birthday Darling
"Happy Birthday" Ben Morris & The Great American Boxcar Chorus from There Is No Fun In Funeral
"Birthday" Sheepdogs from Learn & Burn

November 28, 2013: The Belfry Sub Show
"Auto Salvage" Autosalvage from Autosalvage
"Cold Spider" C.A. Quintet from Trip Thru Hell
"Friendly Man" July from July
"Amphetamine Gazelle" Mad River from Mad River
"Land Of Diana" The Freeborne from Peak Impressions
"Song From The Sea" The Churchill's from The Churchill's
"The Only Thing That's Wrong" Twentieth Century Zoo from Thunder On A Clear Day
"Sunshine" Gun from Gun
"Time Track" Skip Bifferty from Skip Bifferty
"101 Harrison Street" Ford Theatre from Trilogy For The Masses
"Black Sheep" SRC from SRC
"Hung Up Chick" The Ill Wind from Flashes
"A Visit With Ashiya" Merrell Fankhauser & H.M.S. Bounty from Things
"Phantasmagoria" Haymarket Square from Magic Lantern
"28" Steppenwolf from Steppenwolf The Second
"Day Tripper/We Can Work It Out" Fever Tree from Fever Tree
"Portrait Of Youth" Dragonfly from Dragonfly
"Long Years In Space" Neighb'rhood Childr'n from Neighb'rhood Childr'n
"All Kinds Of Highs" Bohemian Vendetta from Bohemian Vendetta
"Girl On Fire" Graffiti from Graffiti
"Lower Lemons" Linn County from Proud Flesh Soothseer
"Whispering Shadows" The Maze from Armageddon
"My Crystal Spider" Sweetwater from Sweetwater
"Bahia" Laghonia from Glue
"Joe Cool" The British North-American Act from In the Beginning...

November 28, 2013: WRFL Sub Show
"Run Spot Run" The Lucksmiths from First Tape
"Slow Train" Kevin Morby from Harlem River
"Cache Coeur Naif" Mouse On Mars from Cache Coeur Naif
"Austin Pop Song" Animal Parts from Six Arms To Hold You
"Is This Here What Jesus Would Do?" Jon Lindsay from We Are Not For Sale: Songs Of Protest From The North Carolina Music Love Army
"U.S. Knitting" Momus from Folktronic
"The Chameleon" Grace & Tony from November
"Le Moribond" Jacques Brel from Ne Me Quitte Pas
"Colette (Subie Subie)" The Low Frequency In Stereo from Pop Obskura
"Roots" The Melodic from Effra Parade
"An Older Lover" The Fall from A Part Of America Therein, 1981
"Shine Your Light" Gap Dream from Shine Your Light
"Nothing Ordinary" Lucius from Wildewoman
"No One" Ms. John Soda from While Talking
"Avant Gardener" Courtney Barnett from The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas
"The Process" Mr. Velcro Fastener from Lucky Bastards Living Up North
"Brand New Key" Thao & The Get Down Stay Down" from The Feeling Kind
"Suffering & Smiling" Multisofa from Multisofa
"See You" The History Of Apple Pie from Out Of View
"H.E.L.P. Is On The Way" Doleful Lions from Song Cyclops, Vol. 2
"Devil We Know" Lily & Madeleine from Lily & Madeleine
"This Is Where the Dreams Head, Maude" Josephine Foster from I'm A Dreamer
"Moon Base Alpha (Matmos Remix)" Slag Boom Van Loon from Music For Moon Viewing

November 27, 2013: WRFL Sub Show
"Adolescent Song Of Mindless Devotion" The Lucksmiths from First Tape
"Stuff You Break" Field Study from Feverland
"I Need Two Heads" The Go-Betweens from Send Me A Lullaby
"I'm Not Your Woman" Megan Bonnell from Hunt & Chase
"Once Branches" Har-Di-Har from Hard Parent/Thick Child
"Secrete" Multiplex from Pinghaus Frequencies
"Infernal Piano Plot... Hatched!" The Claudettes from Infernal Piano Plot... Hatched!
"The Story Of An Artist" Daniel Johnston from Don't Be Scared
"Love Of My Life" Anna Calvi from One Breath
"I've Been Riding With The Ghost" Songs: Ohia from The Magnolia Electric Co. (10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
"Cash & Carry" The Fall from A Part Of America Therein 1981
"Lazy Eye" Throwing Muses from Purgatory/Paradise
"Back Together" Fortress Social Club from Make Love, Not Babies
"The Edgeware Kick-Back" Sportique from Communique No. 9
"Foolish Kids" Matt Pryor from Wrist Slitter
"(You Can't Be) Happy All The Time" The Jaywalkers from Mini LP
"Lovesick" Peace from In Love
"Natural One" Shearwater from Fellow Travelers
"The Lunatics (Have Taken Over The Asylum)" Fun Boy Three from The Fun Boy Three
"Del Monton" Destroyer from Five Spanish Songs
"Call Me Up" Gang Of Four from Songs Of The Free
"Harness" White Fence from Live In San Francisco
"Boy Crazy" Lydia Loveless from Boy Crazy
"La Chance" Cecile Hercule from Le Pop, Vol. 6
"In The Black" Psapp from What Makes Us Glow
"Meinheld" Mu-Ziq from Bilious Paths
"The Trinity Knot" Lord Dog Bird from The Trinity Knot

November 22, 2013: The Blame Game
"Blame It On The Blues" Ma Rainey from Fattenin' Frogs For Snakes: The Essential Recordings Of The Blues Ladies
"Sin Is To Blame" Rev DC Rice from Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order (1928-1930)
"Sin Is To Blame" Sister Rosetta Tharpe from The Original Soul Sister: Rock Me (1941-43)
"It's The Girl Who Gets The Blame" The Davis Sisters from The Davis Sisters 1952-53, Vol. 1
"Blame The Condition" King Pleasure from Moody's Mood For Love
"Don't Blame Me" Monuments from Just For Kicks Vol. 1
"You Can't Blame That On Me" The Fugitives from Scream Loud!!! The Fenton Story Rock
"Got The Blame" The Worrying Kynde from Freakbeat Freakout
"You Can't Blame Me" Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum, & Durr from Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label
"I Don't Blame You At All" Smokey Robinson & The Miracles from The Complete Motown Singles, Vol 11: 1971
"Don't Blame On I" The Congos from Lee Scratch Perry: Arkology
"Put The Blame On Me" Eurthymics from Savages
"Blame The Weather" XTC from Rag 'N' Bone Buffet
"Blame" The Chesterf!elds from Crocodile Tears
"I Don't Blame You" The Groove Farm from Plug (The Story Of Pop So Far)
"Interesting Drug" Morrissey from Bona Drag
"Blame Love" Boy Genius from Staggering
"Blame Mary Jane" Lloyd Cole from Cleaning Out The Ashtrays (Collected B-Sides & Rarities 1989-2006)
"The Blame" The Glee Club from Mine
"Blame It On Yourself" Ivy from Long Distance
"I Blame You" Michael Shelley from I Blame You

November 15, 2013: The Wonderful Show
"Wonderful" Doris Day from I'm In The Mood For Love
"Wonderful" Colin Blunstone from Journey
"Wonderful" Isaac Hayes from Wonderful
"Wonderful" Ohio Players from Funk On Fire: The Mercury Anthology
"Wunderbar" Tenpole Tudor from Eddie, Old Bob, Dick, & Gary
"Wonderful" Louis Philippe from Delta Kiss
"Wonderful" Adam Ant from Wonderful
"Wonderful" Mr. Wright from The Fancy Man
"Wonderful" Majestic from Live It Up!
"Wonderful" The Galactic Heroes from How About San Francisco?
"Wunderbar" Sparks from Lil' Beethoven
"Wonderful" Black Kali Ma from You Ride The Pony I'll Be The Bunny
"Wonderful" The Beta Band from Heroes To Zeros
"Wonderful" Ella Guru from The First Album
"Wonderful" The Everyday Things from Lighten Up, Francis
"Wonderful" Golden Bear from Golden Bear
"Wonderful" Claw Boys Claw from Pajama Days
"Wonderful" Josh Rouse from Subtitulo
"Wonderful" The Dentists from If All The Flies Were One Fly: : A Collection Of Rare & Unreleased Dentistry 1984-1995
"Wonderful" Elks Skiffle Group from The Space Age Sounds Of Elks Skiffle Group
"Wonderful Wonderful" R. Stevie Moore from Next / Apologies To Mr. Gottlieb (Classic Nashville Recordings From His Phonography Days)
"Wonderful Wonderful" People Like Us from Welcome Abroad
"What A Wonderful World" Louis Armstrong, Flaming Lips, BMX Bandits, Nick Cave, & Shane McGowan from What A Wondeful World
"She's Wonderful" Harry Shalson from They Called It Crooning
"On A Wonderful Day Like Today" Matt Monro from This Is The Life
"It's So Wonderful" The Raindrops from The Raindrops

November 8, 2013: The Automatic Show
"Merc-O-Matic Boogie" Joe Dyson Orchestra from Ham Hocks & Cornbread
"Automatic Woman" Texas Jim Robertson from M-G-M Hillbilly, Vol. 1
"Automation" Allan Sherman from My Son The Box
"Dodge Veg-O-Matic" Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers from Roadrunner, Roadrunner: The Beserkley Collection
"Automatic Gun" Japan from Obscure Alternatives
"Automatic Lover" Vibrators from Teenage Kicks
"Automatic Doors" The Bongos from Drums Along The Hudson
"Automatic Man" The Telefones from Rock-Ola!
"Automatic" The Go-Go's from Beauty & The Beat
"Auto-Tech Pilot" The Fall from Bend Sinister
"Kissamatic Lovebubble" Strawberry Story from Clamming For It
"Automatic Girl" Mockingbirds from Mockingbirds
"Automatic Freestyle" Bis from Intendo
"Automatic" The I Live The Life Of A Movie Star Secret Hideout from Gale Wind Transistor
"Automatic Lover" Teddybears STHLM from Automatic Lover
"She's Robotik (Automatik)" The Kosmik Kommando from Laptop Dancing
"Musique Automatique" Stereo Total from Musique Automatique
"Automatic Love" Gore Gore Girls from Up All Night
"Sister Automatic" The Pulses from The Pulses
"Song Automatic 1-2-3!" The Arm from The Arm
"Automatic" Ikara Colt from Modern Apprentice
"Automatic Husband" The Fiery Furnaces from Widow City
"Automatic" Dressy Bessy from Holler & Stomp
"Automatic" Gramercy Arms from Gramercy Arms
"Ticktack! Goes My Automatic Heart" Get Well Soon from Rest Now, Weary Head! You Will Get Well Soon
"Automatic" FM Knives from Useless & Modern
"Autopilot" Golden Boy With Miss Kittin from Or
"Automatic-Jerry" Aikagi from Ten; Ten
"I'm On Automatic" Sharpe & Numan from Automatic

November 7, 2013: WRFL Sub Show
"Cat In Sunshine" The Lucksmiths from First Tape
"Speed Limit" Dot Wiggin Band from Ready! Get! Go!
"Woman's Eyes" Weekend from La Variete
"End Of The World" Cumulus from I Never Meant It To Be Like This
"Seeburg VL 200" Wesley Stace from Esopus 20: Personal Effects
"Must I Paint You A Picture" Billy Bragg from Workers Playtime
"Ones I Love" Gross Ghost from Public Housing
"No-One" Johnny Moped from Basically, The Best Of Johnny Moped
"100 Lovers" Tennis from Small Sound EP
"Ghouls" Wooden Shjips from Back To Land
"Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul" The Fall from A Part Of America Therein, 1981
"Devils All Around" Cobalt Cranes from Head In The Clouds
"Delta Sleep" Trees from Sleep Convention
"Rag & Bone Man" The Chainsaw Gentlemen from Rag & Bone Man
"Doin' Time" Claire Lynch from Dear Sister
"Temptation" Spuyten Duyvil from Temptation
"Crazy Love (mono mix)" Van Morrison from Moondance Deluxe
"Only A Shadow" Cleaners From Venus from Midnight Cleaners
"You Either Get It Or You Don't" Mark Stepakoff from The Story Behind The Story
"Unless It's My Imagination" The Black Hollies from Somewhere Between Here & Nowhere
"No Dope No Drugs" Mr. T from Mr. T's Commandments
"Dr. Manhattan" The Shondes from The Garden

November 1, 2013: A Tribute To Lou Reed
Listen to part one of this show (73 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
"The Velvet Underground" CJ Buchanan from Lives Of The Saints
"Sunday Morning" Glenn Mercer from Wheels In Motion
"Perfect Day" Kirsty MacColl & Evan Dando from Galore
"Velvet Underground" Jonathan Richman from I, Jonathan
"White Light/White Heat" The Professionals from I Didn't See It Coming
"I Can't Stand It" Hot Rats from Turn Ons
"Sweet Jane (Live)" Gang Of Four from Entertainment!
"Waiting For The Man" Eater from The Complete Eater
"I Sat On The Edge Of My Bed & I Sang You Velvet Underground Songs" Catnaps from Why Don't You Whisper?
"Femme Fatale" Tracey Thorn from A Distant Shore
"Here She Comes Now" 800 Cherries from Romantico
"Pale Blue Eyes" Paul Quinn & Edwyn Collins from Pale Blue Eyes
"Oh! Sweet Nuthin'" Bry Webb from Friends In Bellwoods
"Velvet Underground" Television Personalities from My Dark Places
"She's My Best Friend" The Wedding Present from Singles 1989-1991
"I Found A Reason" The Ladybug Transistor from Rabid Chords 002: Tribute To The Velvet Underground
"After Hours" The June Brides from Every Conversation: The Story Of Phil Wilson & The June Brides
"Walk On The Wild Side" Kendra Morris from Mockingbird
"Satellite Of Love" Color Filter from Sleep In A Synchrotron
"All Tomorrows Parties" Pulnoc from City Of Hysteria
"I'm Sticking With You" The Decemberists from Always The Bridesmaid: A Singles Series
"I'll Be Your Mirror" Rainy Day from Rainy Day
"Lou Reed" The Little Willies from The Little Willies
"Temptation Inside Your Heart" Morning Benders from The Bedroom Covers
"What Goes On" Slumber Party from Covers Up
"Foggy Notion" Jane Wiedlin from American Velvet: A Tribute To The Velvet Underground
"Lady Godiva's Operation" Ergo Phizmiz & His Orchestra from White Light/White Heat
"Candy Says" Angelfish from Angelfish
"Make Up (feat. Boy George)" British Electric Foundation from Music Of Quality & Distinction, Vol. 3
"I'm Set Free" Yo La Tengo from Genius + Love = Yo La Tengo

October 31, 2013: WRFL Sub Show
"Clichéd Title For Kris" The Lucksmiths from First Tape
"Your Best Friend" Dot Wiggin Band from Ready! Get! Go!
"Astro Zombies" Doleful Lions from Song Cyclops, Vol. 2
"Tell A Lie" Dresses from Sun Shy
"50 Yards of Soul" Poets Of Rhythm from The Anthology 1992-2003
"Monster Mash" The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band from Tadpoles
"Heart Of A Lion" The Griswolds from Heart Of A Lion
"Chopsticks Guitar" Billy Mure from Supersonic Guitars In Hi-Fi
"Morning High" La Luz from It's Alive
"Plan Machine" Bailterspace from Trinine
"Totally Wired" The Fall from A Part Of America Therein, 1981
"The Promise" INVSN from INVSN
"Spellbound" Siouxsie & The Banshees from Juju
"Mutuelle Apprehension" Tara King th. from Hirondelle Et Beretta
"Exclamation Point (feat. Forrest Day)" Latyrx feat Forrest Day from The Second Album
"Super Bad" Idris Muhammad from Black Rhythm Revolution
"Cha Ching" Tuka from Feedback Loop
"It's A Trick" Pablo Moses from Pave The Way
"Mirage" AM Static from Sounds All Around: Live Sessions From CJSW 90.9
"Rotten Sweet Tooth" Nobunny from Secret Songs: Reflections From The Ear Mirror
"Firebomb" Chrome from 3rd From The Sun
"First Car" Scissor & The Cuts from 3 July
"Re: Your Brains" Jonathan Coulton from Thing A Week Two
"That Stupid Girl Who Runs A Lot" Diane Coffee from My Friend Fish
"Slumberland Blues" Pugsley Munion from Just Like You
"If You Take Away The Make-Up (Then The Vampires They Will Die)" Tullycraft from Every Scene Needs A Center
"We're Getting Fired" Cantoo from Cantoo
"George Romero" Sprites from Modern Gameplay
"I'm A Vampire" Future Bible Heroes from Eternal Youth
"Do They Know It's Halloween? (Radio Edit)" North American Halloween Prevention Initiative from Do They Know It's Hallowe'en?

October 25, 2013: Halloween 2013: Hell!
Listen to part one of this show (77 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 57 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (68 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 63 minutes)
"This Is Hell" Elvis Costello from Brutal Youth
"This Could Be Hell" Funhouse from Out Of Control 7"
"Go To Hell" Nina Simone from Nina Simone
"Ain't It Hell Up In Harlem" Edwin Starr from Hell Up In Harlem
"Hell" James Brown from Hell
"(Don't Worry) If There's A Hell Below, We're All Going To Go" Curtis Mayfield from Curtis
"Special Dispensation - Heaven, Hell, Purgatory & Limbo" George Carlin from Class Clown
"There's A Place In Hell For Me & My Friends" Morrissey from Kill Uncle
"Hellbound" The Breeders from Pod
"Highway To Hell" Ed Kuepper from The Wheelie Bin Affair
"Aloha From Hell" The Cramps from A Date With Elvis
"Straight To Hell" Betse Ellis from High Moon Order
"Everything Goes To Hell" Tom Waits from Blood Money
"A Season In Hell" The Would-Be-Goods from Brief Lives
"Heaven & Hell" The Who from Live At The BBC
"Private Hell" The Jam from Setting Sons
"Solid Gold Hell" The Scientists from Absolute
"All Hell Breaks Loose" The Misfits from Walk Among Us
"Hell" Streetlight Manifesto from 99 Songs Of Revolution Volume One
"New Maps Of Hell" Ron House from New Wave As The Next Guy: The Moses Carry Out & Twisted Shouts Years, 1978-1981
"Gidget Goes To Hell" Suburban Lawns from Gidget Goes To Hell
"A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Hell (I Got Saved, Saved, Saved)" Sammy Hall from A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Hell (I Got Saved, Saved, Saved)
"New Face In Hell" The Fall from The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004
"Season In Hell" Dum Dum Girls from End Of Daze

October 24, 2013: WRFL Sub Show
"Darkest Wave" Elf Power from Sunlight On The Moon
"A Day In Heaven" Television Personalities from Mummy Your Not Watching Me
"Simmer Down Sally" Manitoba Rock N Rolla from Holy Toledo! EP
"Fam Jam (feat Sum Immigrins)" Shad from Flying Colours
"Love At First Sight" Gist from Embrace The Herd
"Stroh 80" Casual Sex from Stroh 80
"Antiworld" Nina Hagen from Nunsexmonkrock
"Daphné & Chlöe" Arp from More
"(Would You Like To Be) My First Divorce" Loves It from All We Are
"Hip Priest" The Fall from A Part Of America Therein, 1981
"Up All Night" Maria Taylor from Something About Knowing
"Take Me Back" Fast Romantics from Afterlife Blues
"Bananas Oas" Mount Everest Trio from Waves From Albert Ayler
"Choices" Gas-Lab & Traum Diggs from Jazzhop
"The Bulrushes" The Bongos from Drums Along The Hudson
"Got A Feeling" Los Waves from Got A Feeling
"Slow Down" Múm from Smilewound
"Tied To The 80s" MRI from All That Glitters
"Kim Chee Taco Man" Kelley Stoltz from Double Exposure
"Xoyo" The Passage from Degenerates
"Stop Hurting Each Other" Caged Animals from In The Land Of Giants
"(I Don't Mean To) Wonder" Black Hearted Brother from Stars Are Our Home
"Egg Circle" Mr Projectile from Nubby Buddy
"In The Cold" Picnic from The Weather's Fine

October 18, 2013: Sam's Show
"Everybody's Talking About Sammy" Sam Morgan's Jazz Band from Jazz The World Forgot
"Chizzlin' Sam (feat. Eva Taylor)" Clarence Williams' Jug Band from Clarence Williams & His Orchestra, Vol. 1: 1933-1934
"Sam The Hot Dog Man" Lil Johnson from Raunchy Business: Hot Nuts & Lollypops
"One Eyed Sam" Eldon Baker & His Brown County Revellers from Roots n' Blues - The Retrospective
"Three Ball Sam (The Pawn Shop Man)" Pearl Traylor with Chuck Thomas & His All Stars from The OKeh Rhythm & Blues Story 1949-1957
"Flat Foot Sam Met Jim Dandy" TV Slim from Chess Rhythm & Roll
"Switch Blade Sam" Jeff Daniels from Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly
"Who Shot Sam" Wanda Jackson from Rockin' With Wanda!
"Uncle Sam's Blues" Hot Lips Page from The Savoy Story
"Uncle Sam Says" Josh White from Songs For Political Action: Folk Music, Topical Songs & The American Left 1935-1954, Vol 2 - Theatre & Cabaret Performers 1936-1941
"Uncle Sam Come & Get Him" Wee Bea Booze from The Ladies In Blues
"Greetings (This Is Uncle Sam)" The Valadiers from The Complete Motown Singles 1959-1961
"Please Uncle Sam (Send Back My Man)" The Charmels from Does Anybody Know I'm Here?: Vietnam Through The Eyes Of Black America 1962-1972
"Sam's Song" Sammy Davis Jr. & Dean Martin from The Sammy Davis Jr. Show With Special Guests Stars
"Sam" The Castaways from The Big Hits Of Mid-America: The Soma Records Story 1963 - 1967
"Remember Sam" The Easybeats from Gonna Have A Good Time: The Complete US & UK Singles Collection
"Mohair Sam" Mouse & The Traps from The Fraternity Years
"Sammy" The Montanas from Ripples, Volume 2: Dreamtime (British Sunshine Pop)
"Sammy" Ernie Smith from The Best Of Ernie Smith
"Damn Sam The Miracle Man" Damn Sam The Miracle Man & The Soul Congregation from Damn Sam The Miracle Man & The Soul Congregation
"Sam" Hurricane Smith from Don't Let It Die
"Sam The Samba Man" Rah Band from Sam The Samba Man
"Sam Loves You" Severed Heads from Come Visit The Big Bigot
"Telegram Sam" Bauhaus from Swing The Heartache: The BBC Sessions
"Sam" Meat Puppets from Forbidden Places
"Lucifer Sam" True West from Hollywood Holiday
"Sam" Boss Hog from Boss Hog
"Sam Hall" Richard Thompson from 1000 Years Of Popular Music
"Sam & Molly Are In Love" Little Name from How To Swim & Live
"Goodbye Sam Hello Samantha" Cliff Richard from Jackie The Album
"Samantha Secret Agent" All Girl Summer Fun Band from 2
"Samantha" The Mantles from The Mantles

October 17, 2013: WRFL Sub Show
"Juvenile Success" John Vanderslice from Plays Diamond Dogs
"Trem Two" Mission Of Burma from Vs.
"Winter Isn't Coming" RJD2 from More Is Than Isn't
"Tropes" Crushed Beaks from Tropes
"Tell Me When It's Over" The Dream Syndicate from The Days Of Wine & Roses
"My Zero" Ezra Furman from Day Of The Dogs
"Cynical Girl" Marshall Crenshaw from Marshall Crenshaw
"Dirty Mother For You" Roosevelt Sykes from The Original Honeydripper
"ROYGBIV" Public Service Broadcasting from Inform - Educate - Entertain
"The NWRA" The Fall from A Part Of America Therein, 1981
"Midnight Moon" The Starfolk from The Starfolk
"Perfect World" The Proctors from Everlasting Light
"Almost With You" The Church from The Blurred Crusade
"Sleigh Ride" Fuzz from Fuzz
"Generals" The Damned from Strawberries
"I Don't Know How" Best Coast from Fade Away
"Stop Stop" The Julie Ruin from Run Fast
"Fortune" Felt from Crumbling The Antiseptic Beauty
"Can't You Hear Me Ticking" Happy Jawbone Family Band from Happy Jawbone Family Band
"Yashar" Cabaret Voltaire from 2X45
"Moonlit Sparrows" Guillermo Sexo from Guillermo Sexo
"Glass Bottom Boat" The Fresh & Onlys from Soothsayer EP
"Sherlock Holmes" Sparks from Angst In My Pants
"The Ah Ah Song" Stand Up & Say No from Stand Up & Say No
"Little Ole Wine Drinker Me" Merle Haggard from Mama Tried

October 11, 2013: 1968 Revisited - An 11th Anniversary Show
"Part One (Except)" Frank Zappa from Lumpy Gravy
"Big" Red Krayola from God Bless The Red Krayola & All Who Sail With It
"Waiting For The Electrician Or Someone Like Him (Excerpt)" Firesign Theatre from Waiting For The Electrician Or Someone Like Him
"Lady Godiva's Operation" The Velvet Underground from White Light/White Heat
"No One Is There" Nico from The Marble Index
"Bat Macumba" Os Mutantes from Os Mutantes
"Beatle Bones 'N' Smokin' Stones" Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band from Strictly Personal
"Once Upon A Time In The West" Ennio Morricone from Once Upon A Time In The West
"Song Of Innocence" David Axelord from Songs Of Innocence
"On The Bed" George Harrison from Wonderwall Music
"Mothers & Fathers" Bill Cosby from 200 MPH
"Marijuana" The Fugs from It Crawled Into My Hand, Honest
"I Like Marijuana" David Peel & The Lower East Side from Have A Marijuana
"The Garden Of Earthly Delights" The United States Of America from The United States Of America
"A Soldier's Prayer 1967" Archie Bell & The Drells from Tighten Up
"The War Is Over" Phil Ochs from Tape From California
"Ford Mustang" Serge Gainsbourg from Initials B.B.
"Some Velvet Morning" Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood from Nancy & Lee
"The Girls & The Dogs" Scott Walker from Scott 2
"La Bière" Jacques Brel from J'arrive
"Beautiful Zelda" The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band from The Doughnut In Granny's Greenhouse
"Mr. Tambourine Man" William Shatner from The Transformed Man
"Highly Illogical" Leonard Nimoy from Two Sides Of Leonard Nimoy
"Motorcycle Ride" Bruce Haack from The Way-Out Record For Children
"On The Old Front Porch" Tiny Tim from God Bless Tiny Tim
"Lovefingers" Silver Apples from Silver Apples
"Come Around" Skip Bifferty from Skip Bifferty
"Quartet No. 6 In D Minor" The Free Design from You Could Be Born Again
"Nice To See You" The Left Banke from The Left Banke Too

October 4, 2013: Gangs
"That Old Gang Of Mine" Billy Murray & Ed Smalle from The Denver Nightingale
"Construction Gang" Butterbeans & Susie from The Complete Joseph "King" Oliver Heritage 1923-1931, Volume 2
"Heigh-Ho The Gang's All Here" Joan Crawford & Fred Astaire from The History of Pop-Radio 1933-1936
"I'm Free From The Chain Gang Now" Jimmie Rodgers from The Singing Brakeman
"Chain Gang Blues" Johnny Temple from Broke, Black & Blue, Vol. 4: Jumpin' At The Club Blue Flame
"Chain Gang Boun'" Josh White from Songs For Political Action: Folk Music, Topical Songs & The American Left 1935-1954 CD2 Theatre & Cabaret Performers 1936-1941
"Chain Gang" Bobby Scott from The London American Label - Year By Year - 1956
"Chain Gang" Otis Redding from The Soul Album
"Join The Gang" David Bowie from London Boy
"Gangster Of Love (Pts. 1 & 2)" Jimmy Norman from What It Is! Funky Soul & Rare Grooves (1967-1977)
"Liquid Gang" T.Rex from Zinc Alloy
"I'm The Leader Of The Gang (I Am!)" Gary Glitter from Remember Me This Way
"Gangsters" The Specials from The Specials
"Plastic Gangsters" The 4-Skins from The Good, The Bad, & The 4-Skins
"Gangster Funk" Crime from Gangster Funk
"Gangster Of Love" Talking Heads from Sand In The Vaseline
"Gangsta Gangsta" NWA from Straight Outta Compton
"Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta" Geto Boys from 10th Anniversary: Rap-A-Lot Records Hip Hop
"Gangsta Bitch" Apache from Apache Ain't Shit
"Street Gang" A.R.E. Weapons from A.R.E. Weapons
"First Of The Gang To Die" Morrissey from You Are The Quarry
"Rumble With The Gang Debs" Tullycraft from Disenchanted Hearts Unite
"Cape & Stick Gang" Momus from The Ultraconformist
"Ol' Gang" The Fall from Levitate
"Sheena's In A Goth Gang" The Cramps from Big Beat From Badsville

October 3, 2013: WRFL Sub Show
"My 'Witches Be Crazy' Material" Dave Foley from Relatively Well
"(Do You Ever Get Tired Of) Keeping the Faith?" Jail Weddings from Meltdown: A Declaration of Unpopular Emotion
"Haudura" Groenland Orchester from Trigger Happiness
"Cruel Cruel Mouth" Tochigi from Tochigi
"I Was Not There" Terry Malts from Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere
"Grichisher Tantz (Greek Dance)" Mishka Tsiganoff from Klezmer Pioneers: European & American Recordings, 1905-1952
"Boy, Sweet Boy" Las Kellies from Total Exposure
"Worried Mind" Mississippi Fred McDowell from The First Recordings
"Still Going" Jaime Michaels from Unknown Blessings
"Luminous" Holograms from Forever
"I'm Into C.B." The Fall from Look, Know
"Nature Noir" Crystal Stilts from Nature Noir
"Walking In The Sunshine" Miss Kittin & The Hacker from First Album
"Vanity Plates" Sequin Kit from A Fixture Records Sampler
"Can't Stand Life" The Blind Shake from Key To A False Door
"It Ain't Me, Babe" Nancy Sinatra from Boots
"Tripwire" Elvis Costello & The Roots from Wise Up Ghost & Other Songs
"Baby Universal" Os Mutantes from Morcheeba: Back To Mine
"I Need More" Wolf & Cup from Heavy Weight
"Paradise" Cub Sport from Paradise EP
"He Hit Me (& It Felt Like A Kiss)" The Motels from All Four One
"Heaven" Frankie Rose from Herein Wild
"In Mexico" Movietone from The Sand & The Stars
"Jump & Shout" The Dirtbombs from Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey
"Delivery Boy" The Courtneys from The Courtneys
"Come & Help Me" Moving Pictures from Joie De Vivre
"Where're Here To Basketball" Dowsing from I Don't Even Care Anymore
"Love & Loneliness" The Motors from Tenement Steps
"Soon" Kenny Feinstein from Loveless: Hurts To Love
"I'm So Happy You Failed" Laptop from Opening Credits

September 27, 2013: Lines
"On The Picket Line" Manhattan Chorus from Songs For Political Action: Folkmusic, Topical Songs, & The American Left 1926-1953, Vol. 1 - The Leftist Roots Of The Folk Revival
"Rock Island Line" Lead Belly from Lead Belly & Woody Guthrie: Folkways, The Original Vision
"I Walk The Line" The Everly Brothers from The Price Of Fame
"Walkin' Down The Line" Bob Dylan from The Bootleg Series, Vol. 1
"Lines" Noh Mercy from Noh Mercy
"Walked In Line" Joy Division from Still
"Parallel Lines (Demo)" Subway Sect from Babylon's Burning: The Rough & Ready Rise Of Punk 1973 - 1978
"Head Lines" George Carlin from On The Road
"Life On The Line" Fad Gadget from Under The Flag
"Laugh Lines" Cocteau Twins from Peppermint Pig
"All Lined Up" Shriekback from Care
"88 Lines About 44 Women" The Nails from Mood Swing
"White Lines (Don't Do It)" Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel from The Best Of Sugar Hill Records
"The Bottom Line" Big Audio Dynamite from This Is Big Audio Dynamite
"Disco Hotline" National Lampoon from That's Not Funny, That's Sick
"Telegraph Line" Jaime Aff & Christine Langner from Schoolhouse Rock: Science Rock
"Breaking Lines" The Pastels from C86
"Between The Lines" The Sullivans from The Sullivans
"Circle Line" Rodney Allen from Happysad
"Sign On The Line" The Fizzbombs from Sign On The Line
"Waterline" Lloyd Cole from Lloyd Cole
"High Tension Line" The Fall from Shift-Work
"I'm The End Of The Family Line" Morrissey from Kill Uncle
"Going For A Walk With A Line" Momus from Folktronic
"Punchlines" The Lucksmiths from A Good Kind Of Nervous
"Wichita Lineman" Optiganally Yours from Spotlight On Optiganally Yours
"Grey Lines" Arson Welles from Inside The System Is The Spark
"Crooked Lines" The Go-Betweens from Bright Orange Bright Yellow
"End Of The Line" Nina Simone from Four Women

September 20, 2013: Boom!
"Boom Pacha Boom" Billy Byrd & His Penguins from Great Googa Mooga
"Sh-Boom" The Crew Cuts from The Best Of The Crew Cuts: The Mercury Years
"Chick-A-Boom (That's My Baby)" Flamingos from The Complete Chess Masters
"Boom Boom" John Lee Hooker from Burnin'
"Boom Boom Baby" Huelyn Duvall from Is You Is Or Is You Ain't
"Boob, Deedy Boom" Claudia Baran from Boob, Deedy Boom
"Boom Oo Yatta Ta Ta" Morecambe & Wise from British Comedy Classics
"The Boom Boom Man" Freddy Cannon from Freddy Cannon: His Latest & Greatest
"Sophisticated Boom Boom" The Shangri-Las from The Leader Of The Pack
"Boom Bang-A-Bang" Lulu from Really!! They Sing It In German! Vol. 1
"Boom Shacka Laka" Hopeton Lewis & Chosen Few from Gay Jamaican Independence Time
"Chick-A-Boom (Don't Ya Jes' Love It)" Daddy Dewdrop from Super Hits Of The '70s: Have A Nice Day! Vol. 5
"Heavy Makes You Happy (Sha-Na-Boom Boom)" The Staple Singers from Soul Hits Of The 70s: Didn't It Blow Your Mind!, Vol. 4
"Things That Go Boom In The Night" Bush Tetras from Boom In The Night (1980-83)
"The Rock-A-Boom" The Revillos from Rev Up
"Boom Boom" Trio from Trio & Error
"Boing Boom Tschak" Kraftwerk from Electric Cafe
"Sonic Boom Boy" Westworld from Rockulator
"The Boomin' System" LL Cool J from Mama Said Knock You Out
"Boom" Flight Of The Conchords from Flight Of The Conchords
"Doin' The Boom Boom" Eli 'Paperboy' Reed & The True Loves from Roll With You
"Chick A Boom" Joe Bataan from Ursula 1000: Ursadelica
"Bim Boom Bam" The Rip-Off Artist from In Through The Out Door
"Does Your Heart Go Boom?" Helen Love from Radio Hits 3
"Boom Boom" Robbert Bobbert & The Bubble Machine from Robbert Bobbert & The Bubble Machine
"Sonic Boom" Andy Patridge from Fuzzy Warbles
"Satanic Boom Boom Head" Thee Michelle Gun Elephant from Gear Blues
"What Goes Boom" Pixies from EP1
"Boom Boom" The Stranglers from Giants
"Killed By The Boom" The Veils from Sun Gangs

September 13, 2013: Chant
"The Chant (Take 1)" Jelly Roll Morton from The Jelly Roll Morton Centennial: His Complete Victor Recordings
"Chant In The Night" Sidney Bechet from Ken Burns Jazz: Sidney Bechet
"Hawaiian War Chant (Ta-Hu-Wa-Hu-Wai)" Spike Jones from The Best Of Spike Jones & His City Slickers
"Gloria XI" Edmundite Novices from Gregorian Chants
"Chant Of The Jungle" Sid Bass & His Orchestra from The History Of Space Age Pop, Vol. 2: Mallets In Wonderland
"Cubano Chant" Martin Denny from Ultra-Lounge Tiki Sampler
"Fishing Chant" Del Vikings from An Angel Up In Heaven
"Indian Alphabet Chant (A I Iddy I O O O)" Lucia Pamela from Into Outer Space With Lucia Pamela
"In Praise Of Rama" Deben Bhattacharya from Religious Chants From India
"Maori Indian Battle Chant" Ella Jenkins from You Sing A Song & I'll Sing A Song
"Monk Chant" The Monks from Black Monk Time
"The Chant" Keith Everett from The Chant
"Hari Om & Deva Chant Interlude" Bobby Callender from The Way (First Book Of Experiences)
"Three Mantra Chant" Buddhist Monks Of Maitri Vihar Monastery from Tibetan Mantras & Chants
"Mean Machine Chant" The Last Poets from Change The Beat: The Celluloid Records Story 1979-1987
"Chant To Mother Earth" Blo from Nigeria 70: The Definative Story Of 1970's Funky Lagos
"Chant Down Babylon" Junior Byles & Rupert Reid from 129 Beat Street: Ja-Man Special 1975-1978
"Chant To Jah" Dr. Alimantado from Born For A Purpose
"Death Chant (Honor Song)" Leroy Selam from Folk Music In America, Vol. 15: Religious Music - Solo & Performance
"Let's All Chant" Michael Zager Band from Let's All Chant
"Chant" Public Image Limited from Metal Box
"Chant Number Nine" Axemen from Three Virgins, Three Versions, Three Visions
"Azaan" Fatima from Surahz Muslim Temple Chants
"Chant" Robyn Hitchcock from I Often Dream Of Trains
"Happiness Is Just A Chant Away" Chumbawamba from Shhh
"Chant With Me" Nib The Psychic Fiend from Sonic Damn Nation
"Traditional Chant" Igbayen from Live From Festival Au Desert, Timbuktu
"Chant Of The Paladin" Dead Can Dance from The Serpent's Egg

September 6, 2013: Tennessee
"On The Banks Of The Old Tennessee" Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Baker from Flowers In The Wildwood: Women In Early Country Music
"Wreck Of The Tennessee Gravy Train" Uncle Dave Macon from Hard Times In The Country
"In The Hills Of Tennessee" Jimmie Rodgers from The Singing Brakeman
"Tennessee Dog" Jimmie Strothers from Folk Music In America, Vol. 11: Songs Of Humor & Hilarity
"Easin' Back To Tennessee" Sleepy John Estes from Jailhouse Blues
"Tennessee Border" Tennessee Ernie Ford from 16 Tons Of Boogie: The Best Of Tennessee Ernie Ford
"Tennessee Saturday Night" Ella May Morse from The Very Best Of Ella Mae Morse
"In Sunny Tennessee" Betty Cody & from The Successful Hillbilly Era Of Betty Cody
"Tennessee Wig Walk" Bonnie Lou from Doin' The Tennessee Wig Walk
"The Ballad Of Davy Crockett" Bill Hayes from Hello Children Everywhere
"My Little Home In Tennessee" Mac Wiseman from The London American Story
"Tennessee Toddy" Marty Robbins from Marty Robbins Rocks!
"Tennessee" Carl Perkins from Atomic Platters: Cold War Music From The Golden Age
"Tennessee Zip" Kenny Parchman from The Essential Sun Rockabillies
"Tennessee" Jan & Dean from All The Hits, From Surf City To Drag City
"Tennessee Waltz" Anna King from Back To Soul
"Tennessee" Jimmy Martin from Tennessee
"Rocky Top" The Osborne Brothers from From The Vaults: Decca Country Classics 1934-1973
"Worried Now In A Tennessee Town" Mississippi Joe Callicott from The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions
"Down In Tennessee" Ohio Express from Chewy, Chewy
"Tennessee Bird Walk" Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan from Classic Country: 1969-1975
"My Tennessee Mountain Home" Dolly Parton from My Tennessee Mountain Home
"Tennessee Whiskey" George Jones from The Essential George Jones: The Spirit Of Country
"Tennessee Stud" Johnny Cash from American Recordings
"Tennessee" Arrested Development from 3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days In The Life Of...
"Tennessee" Silver Jews from Bright Flight
"Tennessee" The Galactic Heroes from How About San Francisco?
"Tennessee Blues" The Howling Brothers from Howl
"When It's Iris Time In Tennessee" Rick Pickren from The State Songs, Vol. 3
"Suddenly Tennessee" Lee Hazlewood from For Every Solution There's A Problem
"Tennessee Houn' Dog Yodel" Marvin Rainwater from M-G-M Hillbilly Vol. 1

August 30, 2013: Indiepop A To Z # 41
Listen to part one of this show (69 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 58 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
"I Can't Decide (Harvest Mix)" Horse Shoes from EardrumsPop 100
"At The Blood Drive" Hospital Bombers from At Budokan
"Betty Wang" Hospitality from Hospitality
"Swallow My Pride" Hot Booth from No More Of Your Fairy Stories: An Indiepop Loveletter to The Ramones
"Shipwreck" Hot Club De Paris from Drop It 'Til It Pops
"Eddie Deezen" Hot Fudge Free For All from Laugh Hard - It's A Long Way To The Bank
"JPG In The Sun" Hot Lava from Lavalogy
"Basketball" Hot Pursuit from Teenbeat 2002
"Time Is On Our Side" Hot Rain from The Sound Of Leamington Spa, Vol. 1
"The Lovecats" The Hot Rats from Turn Ons
"Kiola Beach" Hot Spa from Ashell II
"Photosynthesis" The Hot Toddies from Smell The Mitten
"Emails" Hotpants Romance from The International Hotpants Romance
"Why Me?" A House from The Way We Were: The Best Of A House
"5:00" Ron House from I Stayed Up All Night Listening To Records
"Shine On" House Of Love from The Best Of The House Of Love
"Warp Factor 13" Househunters from Warp Factor 13
"Happy Hour" The Housemartins from Live At The BBC
"Blue Sunshine" The Hoverchairs from Just Another... Compilation
"Learning To Keep My Mouth Shut" How Many Beans Make Five from One Last Look
"Wavin' My Arms In The Air" Huck from Winter's Mist
"Emma Peel, Formula One" Hula Hoop from Louisville - Leeds - TKO!
"River Of Honey & Mud" Hulaboy from Knowing We Was Right From Da Start
"Being Boiled" The Human League from Reproduction
"Andy Fell" Human Sexual Response from In A Roman Mood
"Sometimes Set Free" Human Station from Beikoku-Ongaku # 15
"Where The Light Breaks" Human Switchboard from Who's Landing In My Hangar?
"I Forgot" Human Television from All Songs Written By: Human Television
"Word Gets Around" The Hummingbirds from loveBUZZ
"It's Love" Hunky Dory from Over The Rainbow

August 23, 2013: On Edge
"Edge Of Nowhere" The Sunday Group from Scarey Business
"At The River's Edge" Wet Paint from Just For Kicks Vol. 1
"Falling Off The Edge Of The World" The Easybeats from Gonna Have A Good Time: The Complete US & UK Singles Collection
"Razor Edge" Ranee & Raj from Piccadilly Sunshine, Vol. 12
"Darkness On The Edge Of Town" Bruce Springsteen from Darkness On The Edge Of Town
"Over The Edge" The Wipers from Over The Edge
"Cutting Edge" Nails from Hotel For Women
"At The Edge Of The Sea" The Wedding Present from Tommy
"The Cutting Edge" Frank Tovey from Snakes & Ladders
"Picnic On The Edge" Hector In Paris from Silent Radio
"Cliff Edge" The Bats from The Law Of Things
"From The Edge Of The Deep Blue Sea" The Cure from Wish
"Over The Edge! (Excerpt)" The Firesign Theatre from Pink Hotel Burns Down
"The Edges Are No Longer Parallel" Morrissey from Maladjusted
"Edge Of The Ocean" Ivy from Long Distance
"Over The Edge" Fuzzy from Hurray For Everything
"Losing My Edge" LCD Soundsystem from LCD Soundsystem
"Sur Les Bords De La Seine" Marina Celeste from Acidule
"On Edge" Piano Magic from Ovations
"7 Strokes To Heaven's Edge" Guided By Voices from Hardcore UFOs: Delicious Pie & Thank You For Calling
"Water's Edge" Secret Shine from The Beginning & The End
"I Sat On The Edge Of My Bed & I Sang You Velvet Underground Songs" Catnaps from Why Don't You Whisper?
"Edges & Corners" Standard Fare from The Noyelle Beat
"River's Edge" Talk Normal from Sugarland
"Walking On The Edge" Lee 'Scratch' Perry & Dub Syndicate from Adrian Sherwood Presents The Master Recordings, Vol. 2

August 21, 2013: WRFL Sub Show
"Look, Know" The Fall from Look, Know
"Brat Poison" Bent Shapes from Feels Weird
"Echo Wreck" Dif Juz from Extractions
"Constellation Freedom" Capsula from Solar Secrets
"Give Me Back My Man" The B-52's from Wild Planet
"Gagging On The Obvious" Ruby Pins from Ruby Pins
"Dear Joe" The Moon Seven Times from The Moon Seven Times
"One Half" Julianna Barwick from Nepenthe
"I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You" Tom Waits from Closing Time
"Altitude" Garth Adam from Altitude
"Luckiness" Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3 from Propellor Time
"When You Get To The Bottom" Robbie Fulks from Gone Away Backward
"Queen Lullabye" Ty Segall from Sleeper
"The Grade" Money Mark from Mark's Keyboard Repair
"Lonely Hearts" City Riots from Sea Of Bright Lights
"Full On" Jah Wobble & Evan Parker from Passage To Hades
"Stone Cutters Journal" Borrowed Beams Of Light from Songs In The Key Of Bob
"I Always Thought" Ski Lodge from Big Heart
"Don't Tell Your Mother" The Sundays from Can't Be Sure
"Love So Fine" Summer Aviation from Elevator
"Merci" Barbara Morgenstern from Nichts Muss
"Night Valley" Cock & Swan from Secret Angles
"George Clooney" This Frontier Needs Heroes from Hooky
"Black Sheep Boy" Scott Walker from Scott 2
"Annie Turn Out The Lights" Moondoggies from Adios I'm A Ghost
"There's A Name It Hurts To Say" Tompaulin from Into The Black
"Hello Stranger" Julia Holter from Loud City Song
"Honey" Jennie Willoughby from For The Birds
"Shakespeare City" Moondog & The London Saxophonic from Sax Pax For A Sax
"Death Drive" Islands from Ski Mask
"Prince Alone In The Studio" Smog from Wild Love
"Lately" Eros & The Eschaton from Eros & The Eschaton
"Guardian Angels" Wyldlife from The Time Has Come To Rock & Roll
"Los Angeles" Frank Black from Frank Black
"Wear Me Out" Summer Cannibals from No Makeup
"The Man With The Harmonica" Apollo Four Forty from Morricone RMX
"Love Is Not Enough" Owen from L'Ami Du Peuple
"Love Delay" Kirin J Callinan from Embracism

August 16, 2013: Alligators & Crocodiles
"Alligator Story/Alligator Crawl" Louis Armstrong from Hot Fives & Sevens
"Gator Wobble" Memphis Jug Band from He's In The Jailhouse Now
"Alligator Meat" Joe Swift With The Johnny Otis Band from The Swingtime Records Story
"Later Gator" Freddie Mitchell from Later Gator
"See You Later, Alligator" Bobby Charles from See You Later, Alligator
"Juicy Crocodile" Cellos from Rang Tang Ding Dong
"Alligator Wine" Screamin' Jay Hawkins from Real Life
"Meaner Than An Alligator" Ty B & Johnny from Rockin' The Bop Vol. 2
"Alligator Man" The Greenbriar Boys from Best Of The Vanguard Years
"Gator Tails & Monkey Ribs" The Stix & Stonz from Jack The Ripper
"The Alligator" The US Four from Teenage Shutdown: Jump, Jive, & Harmonize
"Warlord Of The Royal Crocodiles" Tyrannosaurus Rex from The Definitive Tyrannosaurus Rex
"Gator Bait" Gaturs from New Orleans Funk - The Original Sound Of Funk 1960-75
"Crocadilla" Spider Jive from Man Chest Hair
"It's A Cold Night For Alligators" Roky Erickson & The Aliens from The Evil One
"Crocodile" Monty Python from Monty Python's Contractual Obligation Album
"Crocodiles" Echo & The Bunnymen from Crocodiles
"Crocodile Tears" Red Guitars from Slow To Fade
"Alligator Song" Bilders from Pyx (1985-1988)
"Crocodile Cryer" Martin Stephenson & The Daintees from Crocodile Cryer
"Crocodile" XTC from Nonsuch
"Alligator Boogaloo" The Knockouts from Attack Of The Terrible Boots
"Alligat'r" Peppermint from Keep Your Chin Up There, Sailor
"Le Crocodile" Would-Be-Goods from The Morning After
"Alligator Skin (Jumbler)" Tilly & The Wall from O
"Alligator" The Babies from Our House On The Hill
"Jon The Croc" Guided By Voices from Class Clown Spots A UFO
"Cry, Crocodile" Tiger High from Catacombs After Party
"Alligator Dance" Human Eye from Into Unknown
"Alligator" Guards Of Metropolis from Alligator

August 9, 2013: The Police
guest-hosted by Jackman!
"Police Dog Blues" Blind Blake from All The Published Sides
"Police Station Blues" Peetie Wheatstraw from Roots & Blues: The Retrospective
"Patrol Blues" Lazy Lester from I Hear You Knocking
"Cops & Robbers" Bo Diddley from Jungle Music
"Here Comes A Cop" David Peel & The Lower East Side from Have A Marijuana
"Bye, Bye, Policeman" Jim Jackson from Good For What Ails Ya
"Highway Patrol" Junior Brown from Guit With It
"The Police Files" Skeets McDonald from Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
"Police, Police" Little Jimmy Dickens from Out Behind The Barn
"Mr. Policeman" George Carlin from When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops?
"Cop Car" The Boys from The Boys
"Trains & Cops" This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb from Front Seat Solidarity
"Advice On Arrest" Desperate Bicycles from Another Commercial Venture
"Police On My Back" The Clash from Clash On Broadway
"Call The Police" Oblivians from Desperation
"Police Car" Larry Wallis from 1-2-3-4: Punk & New Wave 1976-1979
"Police & Thieves" Junior Murvin from Police & Thieves
"Traffic Cop (Dance)" Bloodstone from Unreal
"Cop Show" Emperor Penguin from Extreme Gaming
"Police" Woody Allen from Standup Comic
"Lawrence McGaffigan, Cop" Bob & Ray from Classics, Vol. 2
"I'll Tell A Policeman On You" Jerry Lewis from The Capitol Collection
"Call The Police" Nat King Cole from 1941-1943
"The Dream Police" David Byrne from Rei Momo
"The Guns Of Brixton" Nouvelle Vague from Nouvelle Vague
"Cops Of The World (Live)" Phil Ochs from Farewells & Fantasies
"Suicide Policeman" Yuck from Yuck
"The Son Of A Vagrant Policemam" T.G. Elias from T.G. Elias
"Who Are The Brain Police?" Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention from Freak Out!
"Help, Murder, Police" Thursday's Children from Acid Vision, Vol. 3
"Police Is Here" A New Generation from Picadilly Sunshine, Vol. 12
"Police Trap" Jona Lewie from On The Other Hand
""(I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle Blow" Hank Williams from The Complete Hank Williams

August 8, 2013: The Belfry Sub Show
"Blew Mind" Hard Times from Blew Mind
"Dear Friend" Flying Color from Flying Color
"Ether" Gang Of Four from Entertainment!
"Born To Be Wild" Ambrose Slade from Beginnings
"Goodbye" Eden's Children from Bosstown Sound, 1968: The Music & The Time
"Dada Was Here" Soft Machine from Volume Two
"Then I Kicked Her" The Lurkers from Fulham Fallout
"Space Jungle" Bongos from Beat Hotel
"And This Day" The Fall from Hex Enduction Hour
"Golf Girl" Caravan from In The Land Of Grey & Pink
"Kites" Lemon Kittens from Cake Beast
"Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne" Looking Glass from Subway Serenade
"Here Come The Misunderstood" Prisoners from WiserMiserDemelza
"Watcha Gonna Do About It" Small Faces from The BBC Sessions 1965-68
"All Your Love" Magic Sam from West Side Soul
"I Got Stoned & I Missed It" Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show from The Best Of Shel Silverstein (His Words His Songs His Friends)
"Jubilee Cloud" John Kongos from Kongos Rock
"High On Jesus" Kinky Friedman from Old Testaments & New Revelations
"God's Buzzsaw" Ya Ya Choral from Can't Stop It! II : Australian Post-Punk 1979-1984
"Somedays" The Insect Trust from Hoboken Saturday Night
"Oh My My" Ringo Starr from Ringo
"Please Send Me Someone To Love" Fred Neil from The Many Sides Of Fred Neil
"Waiting For The Man" Eater from The Complete Eater
"Radiation Squirm" The Judy's from The Wonderful World Of Appliances
"Oh No" The Only Ones from Even Serpents Shine
"Brainticket Part One" Brainticket from Brainticket
"Mary Anne" Spacemen 3 from Sound Of Confusion

August 2, 2013: Midnight
"Midnight Hour Blues" Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell from Broke, Black & Blue: Volume Three: Good Whiskey Blues
"Midnight Special" Lead Belly from Midnight Special
"Midnight Blues" T-Bone Walker from The Original Source
"Midnight" Red Foley from Country U.S.A. 1952
"Midnight Track" Owen Gray from The Story Of Jamaican Music: Tougher Than Tough
"In The Midnight Hour" Wilson Pickett from This Is The Modern World
"Midnight To Six Man" The Pretty Things from Nuggets II: Original Artyfacts From The British Empire & Beyond, Vol. 1
"Lady Midnight" Leonard Cohen from Songs From A Room
"After Midnight" Wire from Behind The Curtain
"Down In The Tube Station At Midnight" The Jam from All Mod Cons
"Sister Midnight" Iggy Pop from The Idiot
"Seven Minutes To Midnight" Wah! Heat from Seven Minutes To Midnight
"Midnight Maps" Shriekback from Jam Science
"Midnight Slows" Weekend from Past Meets Present
"Midnight" Altered Images from Happy Birthday (The Best Of Altered Images)
"Walkin' After Midnight" Ultra Vivid Scene from She Screamed EP
"Midnight To Midnight" Psychedelic Furs from Midnight To Midnight
"Midnight Mile" Weather Prophets from Temperance Hotel
"Midnight" A Tribe Called Quest from Midnight Marauders
"Midnight Moon" Smoking Popes from Born To Quit
"Midnight Blues" Detroit Cobras from Mink, Rat, Or Rabbit
"Midnight In The Stratosfear" Unisex from Stratosfear
"The Midnight Song, Part 2" Watoo Watoo from What You've Missed So Far
"Our Midnight" Maybellines from Picnic Basket
"Midnight In Aspen" The Fall from Fall Heads Roll
"Midnight" The Crayon Fields from Animal Bells
"Morning After Midnight" Adam Green from Sixes & Sevens
"After Midnight" Emperor Penguin from Mysterious Pony
"Midnight Drive" Still Corners from Strange Pleasures

August 1, 2013: WRFL Sub Show
"Girl Call" Guru Guru from UFO
"Native Dreams" Rose Windows from The Sun Dogs
"The Audition Tapes" T. Hardy Morris from The Audition Tapes
"The Star-Spangled Banner" Lee Murdock from Here We'll Stand: The War Of 1812, The Struggle That Forged Two Nations
"Brittle Bones" The Family Crest from The Headwinds
"Summer In A Small Town" Cleaners From Venus from Under Wartime Conditions
"See It All" Superhumanoids from Exhibitionists
"Stuck On Repeat" Hudson K from Ouroboros & The Black Dove
"Rapala Shad" Metamatics from From Death To Passwords Where You're A Paper Airplane
"Take Us Away" Wiretree from Get Up
"Alternator" Midwest Product from Specifics
"Have You Seen The Colours?" The Walking Who from Mansions
"Blister In The Sun" Steve Krase from Some Day
"Follow That Blonde" Mirrors from Another Nail In The "Remodeled" Coffin
"Gestur" The Mallard from Finding Meaning In Deference
"Just Practice" Fingathing & Mr Scruff from Mix & Match
"Far Away" Mean Lady from Love Now
"Iceland" The Fall from Hex Enduction Hour
"Galaxies" The Happy Hollows from Amethyst
"Mr. D&D" ML from Everyone Looks Like Somebody Else
"Why Worry" Essie Jain from All Became Golden
"Bacon Rind, Chief Seattle, The Ballad Of Ira Hayes" Tom Russell from Indians Cowboys Horses
"Do You Love The Sun" Scud Mountain Boys from Do You Love The Sun
"Old Mistakes" The Fugitives from Bigger Than Luck
"Anyone Else Isn't You" The Field Mice from Where'd You Learn To Kiss That Way?
"Oceans Are Armlengths" Speedwell from Start To Finish
"Story Of Isaac" Linda Thompson from Give Me A Sad Song
"Fakin' NYC" Scott & Charlene's Wedding from Any Port In A Storm
"Everybody Looks Better (In The Right Light)" Frankie & The Heartstrings from The Days Run Away
"It's Now Or Never" El Vez from Pure Aztec Gold
"My Favorite Stimulant" The Cultivation from The August Sessions
"Things In General" The Prefects from The Prefects Are Amateur Wankers
"She's Never Satisfied" Flaamingos from Flaamingos
"I Will Never See My Home" Grant Hart from The Argument
"Plan B" Dexys Midnight Runners from Searching For The Young Soul Rebels
"The Narrows" Blake Hazard from Eleanor Islands
"Katie Cruel" Karen Dalton from In My Own Time
"Sprayy" Wishyunu from PDX Pop Now! 2013
"Lyall" San Cisco from San Cisco
"Baron Saturday" The Pretty Things from SF Sorrow

July 26, 2013: Explain
"Explaning The Blues" Ma Rainy from Nothing But The Blues
"How Will I Explain About You" Bill Monroe from Blue Moon Of Kentucky
"Can Anyone Explain" Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald from The Historic Collection Vol. 3
"Let Me Explain" Sonny Boy Williamson from The Essential Sonny Boy Williamson
"Let Me Explain" Cadillacs from Fabulous Cadillacs & Crazy Cadillacs
"Explain Yourself" Judge Davis from The Flash Records Story, Vol. 2
"Can't Explain How It Happened" Ivory Joe Hunter from The Complete Stax-Volt Singles 1959-1968
"A Feeling (That I Can't Explain)" Inez Johnston from What More More A Woman Can Do?
"I'll Explain" John E. Sharpe & The Squires from I'm Losing Tonight! Vol.15: 30 Moody Garage-Folkpunk Gems Around The Globe
"I Just Can't Explain It" The Jokers Wild from USA Garage Greats 1965-1967: Behind Locked Doors
"I Can't Explain This Feeling" Tasmanians from Fuzz, Flaykes, & Shakes, Vol. 6
"Explanation" The Gears from Die Today
"I Can't Explain" David Bowie from Pin Ups
"I Can't Explain It" McCoys from Hang On Sloopy: The Best Of The McCoys
"I Can't Explain" Delroy Wilson from Better Must Come One Day
"More Time (To Explain)" Larry Coney from Down & Out: The Sad Soul Of The Black South
"Explain It To Her Mamma" The Temprees from Wattstax Soundtrack
"Explain It" The Tenderonies from Absolute Funk Vol. 4
"Who Can Explain?" Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers from Why Do Fools Fall In Love?
"I Can't Explain" Blancmange from Happy Families
"Can I Explain The Delay?" Colin Newman from Commercial Suicide
"A Proverbial Explanation For Why No Action Is Taken" Algebra Suicide from Feminine Squared
"Don't Explain" Dos from Numero Dos EP
"Can't Explain" Black Tambourine from Black Tambourine
"Explain" Papas Fritas from Papas Fritas
"Explain" Julie Doiron from Loneliest In The Morning
"Mysteries Of The Unexplained" Tanya Donelly from Lovesongs For Underdogs
"Explain" Blur from Leisure
"Don't Ask Me To Explain" Of Montreal from Cherry Peel
"Because You Can't Explain" Moonbabies from June & Novas
"Hard To Explain" The Strokes from Is This It?

July 26, 2013: Sugar Substitute (Episode 158)
Listen to this show (73 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 61 minutes)
"Back To Soft" Coke Weed from Back To Soft
"Jigsaw" Love Spit Love from Love Spit Love
"For Izzy" The Love Language from Ruby Red
"Ride On Down The Highway" The Modern Lovers from Precise Modern Lovers Order: Live In Berkeley & Boston
"No Place To Go" Surf City from We Knew It Was Not Going To Be Like This
"I Can't Stand It" The Velvet Underground from Peel Slowly & See
"Too Much" Majic Ship from Majic Ship
"Who Makes The Nazis?" The Fall from Hex Enduction Hour
"Nothing Boy" The Pedaljets from What's In Between
"Stereo Sanctity" Sonic Youth from Sister
"July" Weekend from Jinx
"It's Important To Be Trendy" Momus from The Philosophy Of Momus
"House Of Leaves" Salvia Plath from The Bardo Story

July 19, 2013: Make Me
"You Make Me" Nick Lowe from Labour Of Lust
"Make Me Yours" Bettye Swann from Looking Good
"You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go" Ben Watt from North Marine Drive + Summer Into Winter EP
"You Make Me Feel" The Woodentops from Bamboo: The Best Of The Woodentops
"Sha La La (Make Me Happy)" Al Green from Greatest Hits
"You Make Me Feel So Good" Book Of Love from Book Of Love
"You Make Me Feel So Free" Van Morrison from Into The Music
"You Make Me Feel Like A Weirdo" Pataphysics from Take A Look Out Your Window
"Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue)" The Temptations from Emperors Of Soul
"You Still Make Me Smile" Dan Kibler from Capsule
"You Make Me Feel So Good" Chips from The Complete Stax-Volt Singles 1959-1968
"Please Don't Make Me Unhappy" The Groove Farm from Plug (The Story Of Pop So Far)
"You Make Me Hear Music (Inside My Head)" The School from Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything
"(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" Anita Kerr Singers from All You Need Is Love
"You Won't Make Me Die" The Darling Buds from Crawdaddy
"Make Me The Woman That You Go Home To" Gladys Knight & The Pips from The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 11: 1971
"Make Me Smile (Come Up & See Me)" Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel from The Best Years Of Our Lives
"You Can Make Me Feel Bad" Frankie Rose & The Outs from Frankie Rose & The Outs
"Take Me Home & Make Me Like It" Alex Chilton from Bach's Bottom
"You Make Me Say It Somehow" The Dentists from Some People Are On The Pitch They Think It's All Over It Is Now
"You Make Me Do Things I Don't To Do" David Ruffin from David - The Unreleased LP
"Make Me Sad" The Embassy from Life In The Trenches
"You Make Me Wonder" Celebrate The Nun from Continuous
"Please Don't Make Me Cry" Winston Groovy from 20 Reggae Classics
"Don't Make Me Wait Too Long" Barry White from The Collection
"Make Me Stay" Green Telescope from Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era 1976-1996
"Make Me Belong To You" Barbara Lewis from Hello Stranger: The Best Of Barbara Lewis
"Make Me Smile" Red Sleeping Beauty from Pop Sounds
"Why Do You Want To Make Me Sad" Perfections from Eccentric Soul: Twinight's Lunar Rotation

July 19, 2013: Sugar Substitute (Episode 157)
"Mud In Your Eyes" Hunx & His Punx from Street Punk
"The KKK Took My Baby Away" Little My from No More Of Your Fairy Stories: An Indiepop Loveletter to The Ramones
"Sunny 66" Milk Carton Superstars from Sesame Streetcar Named Disaster
"Give Give Give Me More More More" The Wonder Stuff from If The Beatles Had Read Hunter... The Singles
"Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (Zeds Dead Remix)" Nina Simone from Verve Remixed: The First Ladies
"Switzerland" Baxendale from You Will Have Your Revenge
"Breathing (Featuring Andy Bell)" British Electric Foundation from Music Of Quality & Distinction Volume 3
"Just Step S'ways" The Fall from Hex Enduction Hour
"Casper" Speedy Ortiz from Major Arcana
"Ruthie's Knocking" Throwing Muses from Limbo
"Eject" Pluto Jonze from Pluto Jonze
"When I Look Into Your Eyes" Soft Metals from Lenses
"Country Girl" Jacobites from Hawks Get Religion

"Deep River" Paul Robeson from The Best Of Paul Roberson
"How Deep Is The Ocean" Big Crosby from The Great Ones
"Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea" Blossom Dearie from Give Him The Ooh-La-La
"Beauty Is Only Skin Deep" Robert Mitchum from That Man, Robert Mitchum, Sings
"Deep" Quetcy Alma from Explosivos (Deep-Soul From The Latin Heart)
"River Deep, Mountain High" Ike & Tina Turner from Phil Spector: Back To Mono
"Soul Deep" The Box Tops from The Best Of The Box Tops: Soul Deep
"Deep Forbidden Lake" Neil Young from Decade
"Bury Me Deep In Love" The Triffids from Calenture
"Deep One Perfect Morning" The Jesus & Mary Chain from Darklands
"Deep In The Heart" U2 from I Still Haven't Found What I Am Looking For
"Deep Fascination" The Feelies from Only Life
"Cut Me Deep" Jasmine Minks from CD86: 48 Tracks From The Birth Of Indie Pop
"We're Not Deep" The Housemartins from London 0, Hull 4
"Devil In The Deep Blue Sea" Mousefolk from Hazy Tambourine Days
"Bury Me Deep" Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes from Nixon
"Deep House Victims' Minibus Appeal" Half Man Half Biscuit from Voyage To The Bottom Of The Road
"How Deep Is Your Love?" Aberdeen from I Started A Joke
"Pretty Deep" Tanya Donelly from Pretty Deep
"Deep Purple" Rose Melberg from Portola
"I'm In Deep" The Postmarks from Memoirs At The End Of The World
"Deep Sleep" Devo from Oh No! It's Devo
"I'm In Deep" Coldcut from What's That Noise?
"She Devils Of The Deep" Future Bible Heroes from Memories Of Love
"Skin Deep" Nick Lowe from Labour Of Lust
"Deep Sleep" The B-52's from Mesopotamia
"Skin Deep" Stranglers from The Hit Men 1977-1991
"My Roots Are Strong & Deep" The Microphones from The Glow Pt. 2

July 11, 2013: Throbosonic Realm Sub Show
"Baby I Can't Stand It" Bobby Womack from Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures (Taken From The Vaults) Volume 3
"Salongo" Ramsey Lewis from Salongo
"Condition Bad A Yard" Ethiopians from Gay Jamaican Independence Timed
"Little Girl" The Graham Bond Organisation from The Mod Scene
"Ghetto Dub" King Tubby from King Tubby's Meets Scientist At Dub Station
"Transmission Dub" Jah Division from Dub Will Tear Us Apart 12"
"Ride The Donkey" The Tennors from Scratchy Sounds
"Confunkshunizeya" Con Funk Shun from Secrets
"J's Day Theme # 3 (Support)" Madlib from Beat Konducta Vol. 5-6
"Light The Way" Africa Hitech from 93 Million Miles
"The Thumb" Billy Butler from Night Life
"Quindim De Yaya" Bola Sete from Voodoo Village
"Angry (feat. Tippa Irie)" The Bug from London Zoo
"Deepdown" Nightmares On Wax from In A Space Outta Sound
"Uwa Idem Mi" Etubom Rex Williams from Lagos Chop Up
"Gimme That Funk" Dennis Coffey from Funk Direction Vol. 4
"Knucklehead" Bar-Kays from The Complete Stax-Volt Singles 1959-1968
"Ca-Ba-Dab" Soul Swingers from Raw Soul & Deep Fried Funk
"Stay Real" Erick Sermon from No Pressure
"Point To B" Prefuse73 from Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives
"Two Thieves & A Liar" Gary Clail & On-U Sound System from Adrian Sherwood Presents The Master Recordings, Vol. 2
"What Is Life" Black Uhuru from Reggae Greats
"Shubahada" Waaberi from New Dawn
"Long Time Boy" Nadia Cattouse from Cult Cargo: Belize City Boil-Up
"Monsieur Le Maire De Niafunké" Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabaté from In The Heart Of The Moon
"Cussin', Cryin & Carryin' On" Ike & Tina Turner from Soul Diva Sessions

July 5, 2013: Suits
"Got A Bran' New Suit (Alternate Version)" Louis Armstrong from The Complete Louis Armstrong Decca Sessions (1935 - 1946)
"A Zoot Suit (For My Sunday Gal)" Andrews Sisters from 1937-1944
"Wet Suit" The Coctails from The Early High Ball Years
"Four Button Suit" Bob Riley & The Atoms from Boston Rockabilly Vol. 1
"Charcoal Suit" Brad Suggs With The Swingsters from The Complete Meteor Rockabilly & Hillbilly Recordings
"The Cowboy In The Continental Suit" Marty Robbins from Streets Of Laredo & Other Ballads Of The Old West
"The Man In The Little White Suit" Porter Wagoner from Green, Green Grass Of Home
"A White Suit In Memphis" Simon Bonney from Everyman
"One Piece Topless Bathing Suit" The Rip Chords from Bruce & Terry: Rare Masters
"Zoot Suit" The High Numbers from USA Garage Greats 1965-1967 - We're Gonna Love This Way
"Black Suit" Iguanas from Project Blue
"Man In A Pin-Striped Suit" Dave Clark Five from Everybody Knows
"My Birthday Suit" Cattanooga Cats from Cattanooga Cats
"The Soul Of My Suit" T.Rex from Dandy In The Underworld
"Three Piece Suit" Trinity from Joe Gibbs Original DJ Classics
"The Suit" Public Image Limited from Metal Box
"Blue Suit" 14 Iced Bears from In The Beginning
"Man In A Suit" Ambitious Beggars from Beg!
"Sunflower Suit" Buffalo Tom from Buffalo Tom
"Suit Of Lights" Elvis Costello from King Of America
"Spaceman In A Satin Suit" The Celibate Rifles from Spaceman In A Satin Suit
"Your Swimming Suit" Six Cents & Natalie from When Punk Fell To Earth
"Deep Sea Diving Suit" The Magnetic Fields from Holiday
"Monkey Suit" Pernice Brothers from Overcome By Happiness
"Monkey Suit" The Didjits from Que Sirhan Sirhan
"Flameproof Suit" Tsunami from World Tour & Other Destinations
"Burn The Suit" Bis from This Is Teen-C Power
"Dead Man's Suit" Cherry Ghost from Mojo: Made In Britain 2007
"Suit Fits" The Guild League from Speak Up
"Mens Suit Hire" Steinbecks from Branches & Fronds Brushing The Windows
"Ill-Fitting Suits" High Llamas from Hawaii

July 3, 2013: Second WRFL Sub Show Of The Day
"The Queen Is Dead" The Smiths from The Queen Is Dead
"Sergio" The Secret History from Americans Singing In The Dark
"Black Country Rock" David Bowie from The Man Who Sold The World
"Night Time Made Us" The Pastels from Slow Summits
"Just Too Bloody Stupid" The Close Lobsters from Foxheads Stalk This Land
"Troublemaker" Camera Obscura from Desire Lines
"Green Tennis Visor" Luxuriator from Green Tennis Visor 7"
"Winter 2" The Fall from Hex Enduction Hour
"Why Don't We Do Something?" Hey Geronimo from Hey Geronimo EP
"Kennedy" The Wedding Present from Bizarro
"When I Knew" Eleanor Friedberger from Personal Record
"Yes Man" The Dubious Brothers from The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol. 2
"Mustache" The Telephone Company from The King's Surprise?
"Keep Your Children In A Coma" Future Bible Heroes from Partygoing
"King Of Joy" Bill Drummond from Creation Soup, Vol. 4
"Dig Up The Graves" Tullycraft from Lost In Light Rotation
"Smokers In Love" Lucksmiths from Staring At The Sky
"Coffee Table" White Fang from Metal Postcard Records Sampler
"Drinkink" Bearsuit from Drinkink 7"
"Keep Your Magic Out Of My House" Spectrals from Sob Story
"Lovers Town" Billy Bragg from The Peel Sessions
"A Small Piece Of Heaven" Club 8 from Above The City
"A Complete History Of Sexual Jealousy Pts. 17-24" Momus from Tender Pervert
"Partyline" Shriekback from Jam Science
"Pop Star" Cat Stevens from Mona Bone Jakon
"Once Upon The Seas Of Abbysinia" Tyrannosaurus Rex" from The Definitive Tyrannosaurus Rex
"Kangaroo" This Mortal Coil from It'll End In Tears
"Is It Any Wonder?" The Chameleons from Tony Fletcher Walked On Water

July 3, 2013: First WRFL Sub Show Of The Day
"My Time" The Golden Dawn from Power Plant
"Call Up Dem Children" Mission Durado from Yannash Nahollo
"Holding On" Midnight Faces from Fornication
"Chihuahua" Bow Wow Wow from The Edge Of The Eighties
"The California Oak Mortality Task Force" The Lonelyhearts from Years In The Great Interior
"Ale Brider" The Klezmatics from Shvayn = Toyt
"Woodland" The Paper Kites from Woodland EP
"Lover's Scorn" Head For The Hills from Blue Ruin
"Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down" Merle Haggard & Leonna Williams from Mercury Nashville Gold
"The Gambler" The Weathervanes from Long Way Down
"Come Home Loaded Roadie" Amy Millan from Honey From The Tombs
"Zombie World" Gypsy & The Cat from The Late Blue
"I Remember" Steve Lindeman with BYU Synthesis from The Day After Yesterday
"You're My Thrill" Hal Mckusick from Cross Section - Saxes
"Mr. Funky Blues" The Michael Treni Big Band from Pop-Culture Blues
"Gunslinging Bird" Chuck D from Hal Willner Presents Weird Nightmare: Meditations On Mingus
"30 & Up" Aceyalone from Leanin' On Slick
"Two Nudes Make A Right" Frank Lenz from Water Tiger
"A Groovy Kind Of Love" Mrs. Elva Miller from Wild, Cool, & Swingin'
"You Don't Have A Heart" Dominique Pruitt from Dominique Pruitt
"Green Blood" Sonny & The Sunsets from Antenna To The Afterworld
"No Respects Rev" The Fall from Re-Mit
"How Long Blues" Myra Melford & Han Bennink from Eleven Ghosts
"Cannibal" Teen from Carolina
"Geometric Transportation, Pt. 2" Roger Miller from The Benevolent Disruptive Ray
"Jenny Panic" The Secret History from Americans Singing In The Dark
"Sex Is Boring" Ballboy from Club Anthems
"I Need My Girl" The National from Trouble Will Find Me
"Tower Of Song" Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds from I'm Your Fan
"Drink Nothing But Champagne" Future Bible Heroes from Partygoing
"Jaan Pehechaan Ho" Mohammad Rafi from The Rough Guide To Psychedelic Bollywood
"Sab Vird Karo Allah Allah" Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan from Rapture
"Khamaj Tarana" Debashish Bhattacharya & Friends from Beyond The Ragasphere
"I Don't Mind" Sebadoh from The Secret EP
"Where Have All The Schoolboys Gone?" Bad Dream Fancy Dress from Choirboys Gas
"The Family Flea" Hott MT from I Made This
"Quarksparking" Mighty Math from Up Life Gone Star

July 2, 2013: WRFL Sub Show
"Sea Shanti" Angus Maclaurin from Glass Music
"Minor Slaloms" Mood Rings from VPI Harmony
"Munchkinland/Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead" Meco from The Wizard Of Oz
"You Don't Fade" Daughn Gibson from Me Moan
"Reset" Markant from Infam
"Superhuman" Brian Irving from Radiant Things
"Gravity Serpent" Medusa Cyclone from Mr. Devil
"Simplicity's Key" Claps from Glory, Glory
"Winter (Hostel Maxi)" The Fall from Hex Enduction Hour
"Nothing Boy" The Pedaljets from What's In Between
"Room With No Number" Elvis Costello & The Attractions from Goodbye Cruel World
"She Didn't Want Me" The Almighty Rhombus from The Almighty Rhombus EP
"Children Play Well Together" Manitoba from Start Breaking My Heart
"Don't Remind Me" Jay Arner from Jay Arner
"Land Of Make Believe" Jackie Davies & His Quartet from The Joe Meek Story, Vol. 5: The Early Years
"While We Danced At The Mardi Gras" Al Hirt & His Jazz Band from Mardi Gras - Parade Music From New Orleans
"If I Gave You My Love" Myron & E from Broadway
"Warm & Dry" You Me & Us from Stay Inside
"Come On Over & Cry" Microdisney from Everybody Is Fantastic
"It Could've Been Me" The Boy Least Likely To from The Great Whatever
"Jealous Guy/Don't Let Me Down" Claudine Longet from Cuddle Up With... Claudine Longet
"How Are You??" SoKo from I Thought I Was An Alien
"Sugar Hiccup (12" Version)" Cocteau Twins from Lullabies To Violaine
"Almost Blue" Moon King from Obsession II
"Helen Of Troy" John Cale from The Island Years
"Jealousy & I" Torres from Torres
"Not So Strange Blues" Jackie McLean from Strange Blues

June 28, 2013: Surrender
"Surrender" Perry Como from Perry Como
"I Surrender, Dear" Johnny Moore's Three Blazers from Charles Brown 1946-1947
"I'll Surrender Anytime" Edna McGriff from Jubilee Jezebels
"Surrender Your Heart" Lovenotes from You Are Invited
"Surrender" Elvis Presley from The Essential Elvis Presley
"I Surrender" Billy Bass from Before They Were Stars: Volume 2
"I Surrender" Fontella Bass from Rescued: The Best Of Fontella Bass
"I Surrender" Eddie Holman from Kent Footstompers
"Surrender" Diana Ross from The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 11: 1971
"Surrender" Black Ivory from Return Of The Pusherman: Hustlin' Soul
"Sweet Surrender" Classics IV from Atmospherics 1966-1975: A Complete Career Collection
"Surrender (live)" Cheap Trick from At Budokan: The Complete Concert
"I Surrender" The Adverts from The Wonders Don't Care
"Soul Surrender" Bram Tchaikovsky from Funland
"Beat Surrender" The Jam from The Gift
"Surrender" U2 from War
"I Surrender" Pete Shelley from Heaven & The Sea
"Surrender" Suicide from A Way Of Life
"Never Surrender" Chin Chin from Heroes & Villains - 23 Pop Songs 1980-1990
"Surrender" Jonathan Richman from Surrender To Jonathan
"I Surrender" Crabs from The Sand & Sea
"I Surrender" David Sylvian from A Victim Of Stars 1982-2012
"Surrender Is Treason" Crooked Fingers from Bring On The Snakes
"Will You Surrender?" Mick Harvey from One Man's Treasure
"Surrender" Fonda from Catching Up To The Future
"Surrender" The Cigarettes from Will Damage Your Health
"I Surrender" The Primitives from Echoes & Rhymes
"Surrender" Ben Lee from The Rebirth Of Venus

June 28, 2013: Sugar Substitute (Episode 156)
"Come A Little Closer" Oblivians from Desperation
"Wang Dang Pig" The Soft Boys from Underwater Moonlight ...And How It Got There
"Hobby World" They Dead from Lizards All
"Johnny Panic (Forget Everything)" The Secret History from Americans Singing In The Dark
"Science Friction" XTC from Science Friction
"I Wanna Be Your Dog (Featuring Boy George)" British Electric Foundation from Music Of Quality & Distinction Volume 3
"Go (Or Not Go)" The Melody Unit from Choose Your Own Adventure
"Mere Pseud Mag. Ed." The Fall from Hex Enduction Hour
"Swapping Spit" Big Deal from June Gloom
"Walking On Air" Frazier Chorus from Walking On Air EP
"Co-Op Bookshop" Hey Geronimo from Hey Geronimo EP
"Chance Meeting" Josef K from Entomology
"The Other World" The Multiple Cat from The Return Of The Multiple Cat

June 27, 2013: WRFL Sub Show
"Overture/Communion" Jack DeJohnette & Keith Jarrett from Ruta & Daitya
"Gather Good Things" Bill Frisell from Big Sur
"Nothing Good Comes To Those Who Wait" Chilly Gonzales x Stars from Arts & Crafts: X
"The Queen & I" Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu from 1987 What The Fuck Is Going On?
"3AM Spiritual" Smith Westerns from Soft Will
"Cleaning The Lobby & Kitchen" Kentucky Fried Chicken Training from Kentucky Fried CD
"Honey Pot" Pity Sex from Feast Of Love
"Hittite Man" The Fall from Re-Mit
"Love My Way" The Psychedelic Furs from Forver Now
"Jesus The Miracle Caterer" Sam Kinison from Have You Seen Me Lately?
"Reckless & Wild" Lightning Dust from Fantasy
"Sher" Salomon Klezmorim from Klezmagic
"Consider It Done" Jordan Whitmore from Consider It Done
"Manaña" Gustavo Lamas from Pop Ambient 2001
"Cold Earth" Boards Of Canada from Tomorrow's Harvest
"Ramona" Les Gitans De Badajoz from Latcho Drom: Bande Originale Du Film
"Mr. Monday" Kobo Town from Jumbie In The Jukebox
"More Than This" Bill Kwan from More Than This
"Nothing Is Real" Radar from Krishna Beats
"Feel Good" Booker T from Sound The Alarm
"Sack O Woe (Saca-Uo)" Ed Lincoln from Ed Lincoln
"Supernatural Forces" Cool Ghouls from Cool Ghouls
"No Demons" Bass Drum Of Death from Bass Drum Of Death
"Turbino See Through" Lithops from Turbino
"Holland Tunnel Dive" The Emergency from Metal Postcard Records Sampler
"Man Of Words" Booker Little from Out Front
"All Too Soon" Frank Wess from Magic 101
"Give Me Back My Man" Boyracer from Little Darla Has A Treat For You, Vol. 24: Endless Summer Edition
"Karaoke" Spectrals from Sob Story
"Domino Dance" Logic from Logic System
"John Codeine" Hausu from Total
"Redacted" Rabbi Darkside from Prospect Avenue
"The Boomin' System" LL Cool J from Mama Said Knock You Out
"Welcome To MKE" Toussaint Morrison from Fast Times At Trillmont High
"Moving Dub (Better Things)" Massive Attack & Mad Professor from No Protection
"Supernatural Darkness" Firefriend from Witch Tales

June 21, 2013: Friendship
guest-starring Patrick!
"Our English Friends" Deux Filles from Double Happiness
"Simple Friends" Mira Calix from One On One
"A Woman, A Lover, A Friend" Booker T & The MGs from Green Onions
"Friendship" Magic Lantern from Platoon
"Friendship" Sloan from A Sides Win: The Singles
"No Friend Of Mine" Bleached from Francis
"Fairweather Friends" Queens Of The Stone Age from ...Like Clockwork
"Society Is My Friend" Kurt Vile from Smoke Ring For My Halo
"Between Friends (Instrumental)" Captain Murphy from Duality
"Are We Lovers Or Are We Friends?" Acid House Kings from Stockholm Belongs To U - A Labrador Records Compilation
"Best Friends" Being There from Being Apart
"A Friend With A Big Mouth" Microdisney from The Clock Comes Down The Stairs
"My Friend Is A Stooge For The Media Priests" Pere Ubu from Raygun Suicide
"You Be My Friend" Daisy Chainsaw from Eleventeen
"Friend, You've Got To Fall" Hüsker Dü from Warehouse: Songs & Stories
"Friend Or Foe" Adam & The Ants from Antbox
"My Only Friend (Hezus Remix)" Gonjasufi from The Caliph's Tea Party
"Best Friend" The Drums from The Drums
"Losing A Friend" The Cardigans from Super Extra Gravity
"St. Constance Finds A Friend" Pontius CoPilot from Madagascar
"Money Makes Friends" Barrington Levy from Englishman
"Racist Friend" Special AKA from The Compact 2 Tone Story
"My Friends Will Always Say" Falty DL from Phreqaflex
"With Friends Like These" Aqueduct from Or Give Me Death
"Old Friend" Disappears from Lux
"Goodbye, Dear Friend" Deer Tick from The Black Dirt Sessions
"We Can't Be Friends" Black Tambourine from Black Tambourine
"Old Friends" The Butchers from Dark & Mad
"Friends" Ducktails from Ducktails
"Imaginary Friend" Telekinesis from Telekinesis
"Friends & Enemies" Tub Ring from The Great Filter
"The Boat Was My Friend" Svarte Greiner from Knive
"I Ignore All My Friends" The Boats from Songs By The Sea

June 14, 2013: Chance
"Chance" The Teardrop Explodes from Kilimanjaro
"Chance" Repetition from A Will To Win 12"
"Chance" Big Country from The Crossing
"Chance" Red Lorry Yellow Lorry from Smashed Hits
"Chances" The Ten Commandments from Home Fires Burning
"Chances Are" Julie London from The End Of The World
"The Certainty Of Chance" The Divine Comedy from Fin De Siècle
"By Some Chance" The Lewis Sisters from The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 5: 1965
"Just A Chance" Badfinger from Poptopia! Power Pop Classics Of The '70s
"Chance I Can't Deny" James King & The Lone Wolves from Texas Lullaby 7"
"By Chance" The Go-Betweens from Before Hollywood
"Chances Are High" Monster Movie from Transistor
"Is There Any Chance Of You Coming Into My Life?" Thee Headcoatees from Here Comes Cessation
"Second Chance" The Reivers from Pop Beloved
"If I Ever Get The Chance Again" The Parcels from One
"I Don't Suppose I'll Get A Second Chance" Another Sunny Day from London Weekend
"Give Me A Second Chance" The Wave Pictures from Long Black Cars
"Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance" Bob Dylan from The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan
"Give Me One More Chance" Wilmer Alexander Jr & The Dukes from Hey! Look What I Found! Vol. 10
"One More Chance" The Jackson 5 from Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5
"One More Chance" The V.I.P.'s from Beat Crazy!
"Best Chance" Big Star from In Space
"Last Chance" Yuya Uchida & The Flowers from Japanese Rockin' Psyche & Punk '66-'71
"Last Chance To Be Free" Great Plains from Length Of Growth 1981-1989
"Last Chance To Turn Around" The Fall from Light User Syndrome
"Your Last Chance" Gore Gore Girls from Up All Night
"Ghost Of A Chance" Edwyn Collins from Hope & Despair
"Ghost Of A Chance" The Saturday People from The Saturday People
"A Sliver Of Chance" Jeremy Jay from Splash

June 14, 2013: Sugar Substitute (Episode 155)
"William's Heart" Camera Obscura from Desire Lines
"Three Wild Georges" Pram from Sargasso Sea
"It Is Obvious" Syd Barrett from Barrett
"Brain To Recorder" Light Heat from Light Heat
"Big Trouble" John Lurie from African Swim + Manny & Lo: Two Film Scores By John Lurie
"Who Are You Seeing?" Alex Bleeker & The Freaks from How Far Away
"On The Surface" Pere Ubu from Dub Housing
"Sadder Than The Moon" Future Bible Heroes from Partygoing
"Outdoor Miner" Antenna from Sleep
"Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing" Queen Kwong from Bad Lieutenant
"Spoken Word" Ed's Redeeming Qualities from More Bad Times
"Modern Girl" Monica LaPlante from Jour
"Hung Up On A Dream" The Zombies from Odessey & Oracle
"More That I Pay" The Mantles from Long Enough To Leave
"Innocence" Kirsty MacColl from Galore

June 7, 2013: Loser
"Yesterday's Winner Is A Loser Today" Jimmie Skinner from Doin' My Time
"Three Cheers For The Loser" Carl Belew from Carl Belew
"Poor Loser" Jimmy Castor from The Hull-Mascot Story, Vol. 2
"Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers" The Marvelettes from Finders Keepers: Motown Girls 1961-1967
"I'm A Loser" The Beatles from Beatles For Sale
"Hard-Lovin' Loser" Mimi & Richard Fariña from The Vanguard Recordings
"Here's To The Losers" Frank Sinatra from The Complete Reprise Studio Recordings
"World's Worst Loser" George Jones from The Race Is On
"It's So Hard Being A Loser" The Contours from The Complete Motown Singles, Vol 7: 1967
"Born A Loser" Don Ray from The Wigan Casino Story
"Loser Again" Jackie Moore from When A Man Cries
"I Guess That Don't Make Me A Loser" Ruby Andrews from Casanova (Your Playing Days Are Over)
"You're The Loser Now" Martha Reeves & The Vandellas from The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 10: 1970
"Loser's Cocktail" Dick Curless from The Long Lonesome Road
"Three Time Loser" Don Covay from Funky Yo Yo
"(I'm Not) Destined To Become A Loser" The Ellingtons from Northern Soul Fever, Vol. 4
"Loser" Scrawl from Plus, Also, Too
"For The Loser (Hallelujah!)" The Rave-Ups from Chance
"Only Losers Take The Bus" Fatima Mansions from Viva Dead Ponies
"Even The Losers" Nectarine from You Got Lucky: A Tribute To Tom Petty
"The Key Losers" Guided By Voices from Hardcore UFOs: Demons & Painkillers
"Bring On The Loser" East River Pipe from Poor Fricky
"Love A Loser" The Raincoats from Looking In The Shadows
"Gallant Losers" Monograph from Lorelei
"Every Loser In London" Bill Pritchard from Happiness & Other Crimes
"Beta Losers" Darren Hanlon from Early Days
"Charity Is For Losers" Peppermint from Keep Your Chin Up There Sailor
"Loser" Richard Cheese from Tuxicity
"You're A Beautiful Loser" Acid House Kings from Mondays Are Like Tuesdays & Tuesdays Are Like Wednesdays
"Loser" The Launderettes from Shaken & Disturbed
"The Loser Wins" Atmosphere from To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy: The Atmosphere EPs
"Losers" Broncho from Can't Get Past The Lips

June 7, 2013: Sugar Substitute (Episode 154)
"Boom Boom" The Stranglers from Giants
"Gator's Tail" Willis "Gator" Jackson from Blue Gator
"A Better Day" Sharon Johnson from Overdose Of The Holy Ghost
"Pop Life" Dump from That Skinny Motherfucker With The High Voice?
"She's A Mirror" Eleanor Friedberger from Personal Record
"City Girl" Kevin Shields from Lost In Translation OST
"Wrong Light" The Pastels from Slow Summits
"Fortress/Deer Park" The Fall from Hex Enduction Hour
"Let's Boot & Rally" Iggy Pop & Bethany Cosentino from True Blood (Music From The HBO Original Series), Vol. 4
"Shakespeare Horked Our Script" Bob & Doug McKenzie from Strange Brew OST
"Red Sails" Virginia Wing from Red Sails
"I Don't Like" Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds from Haunted Head

May 31, 2013: Christine
"Miss Christine" Brownie McGhee & The Jook House Rockers from The Best Of Harlem & Jax Records, Vol. 2
"Christine" The Dells from Time Makes You Change 1954-1961
"Christene" Little Hank Crawford & The Rhythm Kings from Night Train To Nashville: Music City Rhythm & Blues 1945-1970
"Christine Keeler" Phil Ochs from Broadside Tapes 1
"Christine" Burt Blanca from La Collection Sixties Des EPs Francais
"Christine" Marisa from Ultra Chicks, Vol. 1: Filles In The Garage
"Christina" Waylon Jennings from Destiny's Child
"Christine's Tune" Flying Burrito Bros. from Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels - The Gram Parsons Anthology
"Christine" Big Walter Horton from Big Walter Horton With Carey Bell
"Kirsteen/Christinn" Gordon Bok from Bay Of Fundy
"Dear Christine" Klaatu from Sun Set: 1973-1981
"Little Christine" Mott The Hoople from Backsliding Fearlessly: The Early Years
"Christine Sixteen" Kiss from The Casablanca Singles 1974-1982
"Christine Keeler" Glaxo Babies from Dreams Interrupted
"Christine" Garland Jeffreys from Escape Artist
"Christine" Siouxsie & The Banshees from Kaleidoscope
"Life For Christine" Bombay Ducks from Dance Music
"Christine" The House Of Love from 1986-1988: The Creation Recordings
"Pristine Christine" The Sea Urchins from CD86: 48 Tracks From The Birth Of Indie Pop
"Christine Norden" The Nivens from From A Northumbrian Mining Village Comes The Sound Of Summer
"Christine" The Monochrome Set from The Best Of The Monochrome Set
"Christine's World" Nits from Ting
"Li'l Christine" Material Issue from International Pop Overthrow
"Capital Christine" Smoking Popes from Destination Failure
"Christine, ND" Tullycraft from Beat Surf Fun
"Opening On Thompson" Baskervilles from Baskervilles
"Come Crash" A.C. Newman from The Slow Wonder
"Christine" Paul Roland from Roaring Boys
"Christine" Baby Woodrose from Love Comes Down
"Oh Christine" The Cave Singers from Invitation Songs

May 24, 2013: Junk
"I Don't Want That Junk Outa You" Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe McCoy from Queen Of The Country Blues: All The Published Sides - 1929 - 1937
"Junk Man" Spirits Of Rhythm from 1933 - 1945
"I Sold My Heart To The Junkman" The Four Tunes from The Complete Jubilee Sessions
"Please Mr Junkman" Penguins from The Legends Of Doowop, Vol. 3
"Leave That Junk Alone" Johnny Cash from All Aboard The Blue Train
"Junk Maker Shoppe" Yellow Balloon from Yellow Balloon
"Junkman's Song" The Stark Reality from Now
"Turnstiled, Junkpiled" Townes Van Zandt from Anthology 1968 - 1979
"The Streetbeater" Quincy Jones from You've Got It Bad Girl
"Radio Junk" Yellow Magic Orchestra from Faker Holic
"The King Of Junk" Virgin Prunes from Over The Rainbow + Heresie EP
"Junkyard" Birthday Party from Junkyard
"Junk Mail" Circle Jerks from Golden Shower Of Hits
"Jack Junk" Itchy Rat from Go & Do It: The Aberrant Compilations
"Junk" Bronski Beat from The Age Of Consent
"The Junk Keeps Piling Up" The Higsons from The Curse Of The Higsons
"3Junk" Three Johns from Atom Drum Bop
"Junkyard" Alex Chilton from High Priest
"Oscar's Junk Band" Oscar The Grouch from Sesame Street: Oscar's Trashy Songs
"So Much Junk" Frank Allison & The Odd Sox from Monkey Business
"Junk Shop Clothes" The Auteurs from New Wave
"Junk Man" The Fall from Middle Class Revolt
"Junk" Monaco from Music For Pleasure
"Junk" Hefner from Dead Media
"Junk" You Am I from You Am I's #4 Record
"Junk" T-Model Ford from She Ain't None Of Your'n
"Junked!" The Mayfair Set from Young One EP
"Spacejunk" The Bats from Free All The Monsters

May 24, 2013: The Belfry Sub Show
"Don't Be Difficult" The Hides from Pennsylvania Unknowns
"I Am A Beast" Los Sicodelicos from Beat It! Global Sixties Beatin' Garage Barrage
"Help Me" George's Boys from Don't Press You Luck! The IN Sound Of 60's Connecticut
"Laugh Myself To The Grave" The Satan's Breed from Relative Distance: A Compilation Of New England Garage Bands
"You Remind Me" The Outsiders from C.Q.
"Dandelion Wine" Whatt Four from Collecting Peppermint Clouds Vol. 1
"I Love You" The Young Monkey Men from I'm Losing Tonight! Vol. 8: 30 Moody Garage Folkpunk Gems From The Midsixties
"Baby Go" Avantes from Shutdown '66
"Just One More Chance" The Outer Limits from The Mod Scene
"Namida No GoGo (GoGo of Tears)" Emi Jackson from Japanese Rockin' Psyche & Punk '66-'71
"Mine Mine Mind" Roky Erickson & The Aliens from The Evil One
"I've Still Got Time" Fire from Underground & Overhead; The Alternate Fire
"Waterloo Station" Tropical Fish from Syde Tryps Vol. 6
"The Girl With The Sandy Blonde Hair" Perpetuated Spirits Of Turpentine from Aliens Psychos & Wild Things Vol. 4
"What Did The Man Say" The Jet Set from Before Birdmen Flew: Australian Beat, R&B & Punk 1965-1967 Vol. 3
"I've Got A Girl" Dearly Beloved from Let's Talk About Girls: The Tucson Scene 1964-1968
"Rock-A-Boo" The Shaprels from Die Today
"Writing On The Wall" The 5 Canadians from Trash Box
"I Couldn't Care Less" The Run-A-Rounds from Highs In The Mid-Sixties Vol. 5: Michigan
"Shut Up" The Slaves from Pebbles, Vol. 18 - The Continent Lashes Back: European Garage Rock, Part 2
"Taxi" The Chargers from Garage Punk Unknowns Part 1
"Love Is Just" T.C. Atlantic from Beat It! Killer Tracks From The Roarin' 60s
"Baby Weemus" Chessmen from Party Party Party (34 Raw, Ruthless, & Rugged Sixties Garage Rockers)
"You Lose Girl" Mymes from The Ikon Records Story
"Lila Lovin' Lola" Weet Jewel from Havoc From Holland
"For My Woman" Soul Agents from World Beaters, Vol. 10: Global Sixties Garage Greats
"Howlin' For My Baby" Accents from The Big Hits Of Mid-America: The Soma Records Story 1963 - 1967
"I Want Her" The Chants R&B from Wild Things: Wyld Kiwi Garage 1966-1969
"Feelin' Down" Poor from Every Groovy Day
"What Good Is Up" Inexpensive Handmade Look from 30 Seconds Before The Calico Wall
"Black Bottom Soul" The Wolves from History Of Texas Garage Bands In The 1960s
"Something's Wrong" The Beau-Jives from Revenge '66: 16 US Rare Garagepunk Nuggets From The Mid-Sixties
"Gone Gone Gone" The Devonaires from The Polaris Records Story
"Green Eyed Woman" New Breed from All Corps In Delirium
"Mr. Man" The Lyrics from Sixties Rebellion Vol. 1 & 2

May 22, 2013: WRFL Sub Show
"Monkeying Around" Brother Russell from Radio Jihad
"Basics" The Cannanes from Small Batch
"Stayaway Stars" The Lucksmiths from Naturaliste
"Elks Lodge Riot" Tullycraft from Lost In Light Rotation
"Contact Lenses" Baxendale from You Will Have Your Revenge
"1929" BNLX from BNLX
"Lunacies" Bernthøler from Merry Lines In The Sky
"Crybaby 4 Star Hotel" Guided By Voices from English Little League
"Hip Priest" The Fall from Hex Enduction Hour
"C'est Tout Noir" Erros Mágicos from Shambhala
"Princess, You're A Test" Bearsuit from The Phantom Forest
"Railroad Boy" Nikki Talley from Live At The Altamont Theatre
"New City" Saturday Looks Good To Me from One Kiss Ends It All
"The Fan & The Bellows" The Chameleons from The Fan & The Bellows
"Codebreaker Seventy Eight" Man Or Astro-Man? from Defcon 5...4...3...2...1
"The Bee's Knees" Bitesize from Sophomore Slump
"Tax The Patients" Shannon Wright from In Film Sound
"Flame Into Beling" Momus from The Poison Boyfriend
"Hate This Town" The Hussy from Pagan Hiss
"A Song To Welcome The Onset Of Maturity" Chris Knox from Songs Of You & Me
"Eyeball Soup" The Uncluded from Hokey Fright
"Summer Is Here" Go-Kart Mozart from Tearing Up The Album Chart
"The Tip Jar" Jacob Garchick from Esopus 19: Customer Service
"You Don't Have To Be Miserable" The Virgin-Whore Complex from Succumb
"Running Red Lights" The Postelles from ...And It Shook Me
"Count Backwards (Rock & Roll Never Dies)" The Secret History from The World That Never Was
"Future Age" Still Corners from Strange Pleasures
"Carolyn" The Wedding Present from Seamonsters
"Untouched & Arrived" Ace Reporter from Yearling
"River's Edge" Rainbow Arabia from F.M. Sushi
"That's How People Grow Up" Morrissey from Years Of Refusal
"Drive" Throwing Muses from House Tornado
"Sigh Our Lives Away" Brian Riborn from Don't Look Back, Never Look Back
"A Place Called Won't Be There" Julie Ruin from Julie Ruin
"John The Revelator" The Growl from What Would Christ Do??
"After Dark" The Shop Assistants from Will Anything Happen
"Wring The Wrag" Lee Noble from Ruiner
"Love Affair With Everyday Livin'" The Woodentops from Giant
"We Were Meant To Be" Hefner from The Fidelity Wars
"Free All The Monsters" The Bats from Free All The Monsters
"The Harder They Fall" Phil Ochs from Tape From California
"Riches & Wonders" The Mountain Goats from All Hail West Texas
"Summer Song" Bazooka from Bazooka
"All That I Can Do" The Mighty Lemon Drops from Laughter
"And Her Eyes Were Painted Gold" The Besnard Lakes from Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO
"Homeless Club Kids_ My Favorite from The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
"Magdalena" Quantic & Alice Russell with the Combo Barbaro from Tru Thoughts Recording Compilation
"Dear God, I Hate Myself" Xiu Xiu from Dear God, I Hate Myself
"She's Gone Too Far" Brothers-In-Law from Hard Time For Dreamers
"Your Fucking Sunny Day" Lambchop from Thriller
"Go" Bethesda from The Reunion
"Suicide Blues" The Leaving Trains from Sleeping Underwater Survivors
"Run" Club 8 from Above The City
"Starless" King Crimson from Red
"Pink Moon" Teddy Thompson & Krystie Warren from Way To Blue: The Songs Of Nick Drake

May 17, 2013: Caesar
"The Story Of Rome: Enter, Caesar" Jim Weiss from Julius Caesar & The Story Of Rome
"Julius Caesar" The Mills Brothers from The 1930s Recordings
"Caesar" Ty Segall from Melted
"Julius Caesar (William Shakespeare)" Morris Schreiber from Windows For Youth: Guidance Through Literature
"Caesar Needs A Brutus" Simon Bonney from Forever
"Julius Caesar (Memento Hodie)" Nico from The Marble Index
"Caesar" Iggy Pop from American Caesar
"Caesar's Palace" Charles Wright from The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band
"Ides Of March" Stag from Stag
"High School Caesar" Reggie Perkins from Teen-Age Riot!
"Young Caesar 2000" The Mountain Goats from Zopilote Machine
"Little Caesar On A Bicycle" Rock*A*Teens from Golden Time
"Little Caesar" Blondie from The Hunter
"Caesar" The Cannanes from The Cannanes
"Unto Caesar" Dirty Projectors from Swing Lo Magellan
"Julius Caesar" Brother Dave Gardner from Live In Concert, Vol 2
"Caesars Tod" Ute Lemper from Ute Lemper Sings Kurt Weill
"Three Times (Julius Caesar)" Flocabulary from Shakespeare Is Hip-Hop
"Eric The Gardener" The Divine Comedy from Fin De Siècle
"Caesar's Planet" Gene Defcon from Fields & Streams
"Ease Up Caesar" Asian Dub Foundation from Punkara
"Julius Caesar Plum Cake Dance" Pino D'Angiò from Italian Classics: Pino D'Angiò Collection, Vol. 2
"Czar" Moev from Dusk & Desire
"Czar" Frank Black from Frank Black

May 10, 2013: A Tribute To George Jones
"Root Beer" George Jones from The New Favorites Of George Jones
"Why Baby Why" Red Sovine & Webb Pierce from From The Vaults: Decca Country Classics 1934-1973
"George Jones Is Playin' In The City Tonight" Austin Lounge Lizards from Lizard Vision
"The Grand Tour" George Jones from The Grand Tour
"You're Still On My Mind" The Byrds from Sacred Hearts & Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology
"Stranger In The House" Elvis Costello from My Aim Is True
"He Stopped Loving Her Today" The Geraldine Fibbers from Poop Alley Tapes
"I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool" Barbara Mandrell from 20th Century Masters: The Best Of Barbara Mandrell
"Ceremony" George Jones & Tammy Wynette from Me & The First Lady
"We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds" John Prine & Melba Montgomery from In Spite Of Ourselves
"Ain't No Woman Gonna Make A George Jones Outta Me" Daniel Johnston from Welcome To My World
"She Thinks I Still Care" Solomon Burke from Proud Mary
"Don't Cry Darlin'" David Allan Coe from The Essential David Allan Coe
"The King Is Gone (So Are You)" George Jones from The Essential George Jones: The Spirit Of Country
"White Lightning" The Fall from Shift-Work
"What Would George Jones Do?" Honky Tonkitis from Alcohol & Heartbreak
"Just One More" John Hammond from Ready For Love
"I Gotta Get Drunk" George Jones & Willie Nelson from Best Country Duets
"If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me (Her Memory Will)" George Jones from I Am What I Am
"A Good Year For The Roses" Johnny Paycheck from Johnny Paycheck: A Country Legend
"George Jones Talkin' Cell Phone Blues" Drive-By Truckers from The Fine Print (A Collection Of Oddities & Rarities 2003-2008)
"What Am I Worth" Dave Alvin from King Of California
"Yesterday's Wine" Merle Haggard & George Jones from A Taste Of Yesterday's Wine
"Who Shot Sam" George Jones from The Fabulous Country Music Sound Of George Jones
"The Race Is On (live)" Grateful Dead from Reckoning
"Play Me Some George Jones Songs" Jimmy Martin from Me'N Ole Pete
"Love Bug" Don Rich from Don Rich Sings George Jones
"What's In Our Hearts" George Jones & Melba Montgomery from What's In Our Hearts
"These Days (I Barely Get By)" George Jones from Anniversary: Ten Years Of Hits
"Her Name Is" George Jones from Alone Again
"Two Story House" George Jones & Tammy Wynette from Together Again

May 3, 2013: Necks
"Necks, Necks, Necks" Sarah Silverman from Songs Of The Sarah Silverman Program
"Neck" Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians from Luminous Groove
"Broke My Neck" Echo & The Bunnymen from Heaven Up Here
"Wear My Ring Around Your Neck" Elvis Presley from King Creole
"Up To My Neck In High Muddy Waters" The Greenbriar Boys from Best Of The Vanguard Years
"A Swallow On My Neck" Morrissey from The HMV / Parlophone Singles 88-95
"Your Sweet Neck" The Moog from Sold For Tomorrow
"Peck Ya Neck" Mandrill from Solid
"Lucas Was A Redneck" Mac Davis from Country Funk 1969 - 1975
"Redneck" Swamp Dogg from Total Destruction Of Your Mind
"Redneck (Single Edit)" Luxuria from Unanswerable Lust & Beast Box
"Temple Redneck" The Sandkings from Welcome To England
"Redneck Gout Club" Finally Punk from Get Serious
"Pencil Neck Geek" Fred Blassie from Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary Collection: The Greatest Novelty Records Of All Time
"Neck Tattoo" Todd Barry from Medium Energy
"Chicken Necks" The Genies from Who's That Knocking
"Fried Neck Bones & Some Homefries" Willie Bobo from Uno, Dos, Tres 1-2-3
"Long Neck Bottles" Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band from The Spotlight Kid/Clear Spot
"Up The Neck" The Pretenders from The Pretenders
"Brassneck" The Wedding Present from Bizarro
"Bottleneck At Capel Curig" Half Man Half Biscuit from Trouble Over Bridgwater
"Break Your Neck" East Village from Hotrod Hotel
"One Neck" Holly Golightly from Truly She Is None Other
"Rough Neck Blues" The Allen Brothers from The Complete Recordings Vol. 3: 1932-1934
"Down In My Neck Of The Woods" Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys from San Antonio Rose
"Columbian Necktie" Big Black from Songs About Fucking
"Hit Me" Savages from Silence Yourself
"Bangkok Necktie" Man Man from Life Fantastic
"The Jiffy Neckwear Creation" Baby Lemonade from Souvenirs from Egg Records
"V-Neck" Madison Electric from Drive-In Season

April 29, 2013: WRFL Sub Show/German Show Sub
"Martin" Antbrain from Jonathan & Leona
"I Wish That I Were Stone" Mick Harvey from Four (Acts Of Love)
"Buzzin' Flies" Human Eye from Into Unknown
"My Baby Does Good Sculptures" The Rezillos from Can't Stand The Rezillos
"Growing Inside" Blank Realm from Go Easy
"Search Party" Julian Cope from Fried
"Beat That Guy" Iggy & The Stooges from Ready To Die
"Baby Baby" The Vibrators from Pure Mania
"Charlie Darwin" Tom Jones from Spirit In The Room
"Jawbone & The Air-Rifle" The Fall from Hex Enduction Hour
"Ordinary Girls" English Singles from Ordinary Girls 7"
"The Ordinary Boys" Morrissey from Viva Hate
"Walking Lightly" Junip from Junip
"Punchy Wunchy Wickey Wackey Woo" Hasil Adkins from The Wild Man
"Das Hat Die Welt Noch Nicht Geseh'n" Ricky Shayne from Halbstark Folge 2
"Komm Und Tanz Mit Mir!" Voltage from New Wave Complex Vol. 5
"Das Ist Mein Rhythmus" Siw Malmquist from Trocadero 9910 (Die Singles 1959-1960)
"Oh Yeah" Can from Tago Mago
"Manchmal" Tina from Das War Ein Harter Tag: Beatles Lieder In Deutsch
"Ach Ach Liebling" Stereo Total from Stereo Total
"Drei Mann Im Doppelbett" Trio from Da Da Da
"Komm' In Fahrt" Christian Bruhn from Pop-Shopping: Juicy Music From German Commercials 1960-1975
"Tanzen Gehn" The Dirtbombs from If You Don't Already Have A Look
"Ich Weiss Genau, Es Wird Gescheh'n" Haide Hansson from Du Bist Da
"Kalte Sterne" Einsturzende Neubauten from Strategien Gegen Architekturen
"Mutter Erde" Gaa from Auf Dem Bahn Zum Uranus
"Der Telefon Anruf" Welle: Erdball from Krafty Moves

April 26, 2013: Indiepop A To Z # 40
Listen to part one of this show (70 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (70 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 58 minutes)
"So You Think You're In Love" Robyn Hitchcock from Luminous Groove
"Still In Love" Holiday from Ready, Steady, Go!
"Clover Valley Road" Holiday Flyer from You Make Us Go
"Cincinnati" The Holiday Makers from Cincinnati
"Bus Stop" The Hollies from The British Invasion: History of British Rock, Vol. 3
"Don't Slow Down" Hollow Men from Cresta
"New Colors" Holy Shit from Homemade Hits Vol. 1
"Slip Away" Home & Abroad from Swings & Roundabouts EP
"Rocket" Home By Hovercraft from Are We Chameleons?
"Hearts In Exile" The Homosexuals from Astral Glamour
"Judas In Me Singing" Honest Johns from The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol. 2
"Dead Souls" Honey Langstrumpf from Warsaw: Un Homenaje A Joy Division
"Go Now" Honey Skoolmates from Moshi Moshi (Pop International Style)
"Walking Into Walls" Honeybunch from Time Trials: 1987-1995
"Sister" Honeyburn from LemonLime Volume 1
"One False Move" Honeycrash from A Sandwich & A Sweater
"Drive" Honeymoon Diary from Homemade Hits, Vol. 1
(Lack Of) Love Will Tear Us Apart" The Honeydrips from Here Comes The Future
"Untitled" Honeymooners from The Sound Of Leamington Spa Volume 5
"Fabrications" The Honeymoons from This Coherent Excitation
"Sweeter Than Sunshine" Honeyrider from Splashdown!
"The Man Who Was Through With The World" The Honeys from The Man Who Was Through With The World
"Peace In A Picture" Honeytrap from The Sound Of Leamington Spa Volume 3
"You Can Take A Heart But You Cannot Make It Beat" Hong Kong In The 60s from My Phantoms
"Schottische Schloesser" Die Honigritter from Mind The Gap The Tape
"Funny" Hope from Funny EP
"Hanky Panky Nohow" The Hope Blister from Smile's OK
"¡Free Arthur Lee!" Hopkirk & Lee from Beneath The Apple Tree
"Rubinoos T-Shirt" Hormones In Abundance from Hit Music Only
"I Need A Blanket" Horowitz from Frosty Cat Songs

April 19, 2013: On My Mind
"Friday On My Mind" Easybeats from Gonna Have A Good Time: The Complete US & UK Singles Collection
"Something On My Mind" Rita Wright from The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 8: 1968
"I've Always Got You On My Mind" Paul Collins' Beat from Yellow Pills, Vol. 3
"Always On My Mind" Pet Shop Boys from Discography
"On My Mind" Fabienne Delsol from On My Mind
"Hanging Heavy On My Mind" Doris Allen from Soul Diva Sessions
"I Don't Have You On My Mind" Bears from Greater Lakes
"You're On My Mind" Mighty Mighty from The Girlie Years
"Always On My Mind" Dirty Fences from Too High To Kross
"The Last Thing On My Mind" Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton from Just Between You & Me
"On My Mind" Mitzi from Truly Alive
"Gentle On My Mind" Frank Sinatra from The Complete Reprise Studio Recordings
"Always On My Mind" Reading Rainbow from Prism Eyes
"(There's Always) Something On My Mind" The Pale Fountains from (There's Always) Something On My Mind
"I've Got Something On My Mind" The Left Banke from There's Gonna Be A Storm: The Complete Recordings 1966-1969
"Ain't Got The Love (Of One Girl On My Mind)" The Ambassadors from Strange Games & Funky Things, Vol. 5
"You Stay On My Mind" Lena Moné from Absolute Funk, Vol. 1
"You Put It On My Mind" Mike James Kirkland from Doin' It Right
"Girls On My Mind" David Byrne from Uh-Oh
"Seems To Be On My Mind" Suburban Kids With Biblical Names from # 3
"On My Mind" The Flatmates from Potpourri (Hits, Mixes & Demos '85-'89)
"You Were On My Mind" Ian & Sylvia from Best Of The Vanguard Years
"Too Much On My Mind" The Kinks from Face To Face
"Mama, You Been On My Mind" Bob Dylan from The Bootleg Series, Vols. 1-3 : Rare & Unreleased, 1961-1991
"On My Mind" Marine Girls from On My Mind
"I Don't Want You On My Mind" Mick Harvey from Two Of Diamonds
"Troubles On My Mind" Holly Golightly from Laugh It All Up!
"Georgia On My Mind" Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra from 1931-1932
"Got You On My Mind" Derrick Morgan from Moon Hop (Best Of The Early Years 1960-1969)

April 12, 2013: Quick
"Quick!" The Magnetic Fields from Love At The Bottom Of The Sea
"Quickly & Quietly" Boat from Songs That You Might Not Like
"Quick, Painless & Easy" Ivy from Apartment Life
"Quicksilver" Elton Britt & Rosalie Allen from Country USA 1950
"Get Rich Quick" Little Richard from Ham Hocks & Cornbread
"Quick Change Artist" Soul Twins from The Golden Torch Story
"Quickie" George Clinton from Greatest Hits
"Quick Before They Catch Us" Klaus & Gibson Paddy from The Avengers & Other Top Sixties TV Themes
"Quicksand" Don Schroeder from Teen Town U.S.A. Vol. 10
"Quicksand" Martha & The Vandellas from The Complete Motown Singles: 1963
"Quicksand" Hellfire Sermons from Hymns, Ancient & Modern (1988 - 1993)
"Quicksand (demo)" David Bowie from Hunky Dory
"A Quick Note About The Olympics" Stephen Colbert from I Am America (& So Can You!)
"You Sold Me Quickly" Robert Pollard from Lord Of The Birdcage
"Stepping Off Too Quick" Wire from Behind The Curtain
"The Dead Only Quickly (feat. Neil Hannon)" The 6ths from Hyacinths & Thistles
"New Way (Quick Wash & Brush Up With Liberation Theology)" Big Flame from Rigour (1983-1986)
"A Quick One, While He's Away" The Who from BBC Sessions
"Quick & To The Pointless" Queens Of The Stone Age from Rated R
"Kiss Me Quick" Georgia Yellow Hammers from Serenade In The Mountains: Early Old-Time Music On Record
"Kiss Me Quick" Eilert Pilarm from Greatest Hits
"Kiss Me Quick" Sparks from Pulling Rabbits Out Of A Hat
"Love Comes Quickly" Memphis from I Dreamed We Fell Apart
"Quick Joey Small" The Cramps from How To Make A Monster
"Quick Step" The Adverts from The Wonders Don't Care
"Quick, Before It Melts" Cinerama from Torino
"Quick As Rainbows" Kitchens Of Distinction from Capsule (The Best Of Kitchens Of Distinction 1988 - 1994)
"Quick As White" Kasai Allstars from Congotronics 3: Kasai Allstars
"PRS Yearbook - Quick The Drawbridge" Half Man Half Biscuit from Voyage To The Bottom Of The Road

April 8, 2013: WRFL Sub Show
"I Want Everything" Onward Chariots from Onward Chariots
"The Entertainer" Bunk Johnson from Last Testament
"Kreistalrite" Dirty Fences from Too High To Kross
"Tunnel Time" Thee Oh Sees from Floating Coffin
"Air Rider" Kaito from Special Life
"Nothing Better" The Postal Service from Give Up
"Test" Tronik Funk from Kemistry & Storm: DJ Kicks
"Tramp The Dirt Down (demo)" Elvis Costello from Spike
"Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead" Barbra Streisand & Harold Arlen from Duets
"This Isn't How I Pictured It" Boat from Pretend To Be Brave
"Araber Tants" Klezmatics from Klezmer 1993: New York City
"The Classical" The Fall from Hex Enduction Hour
"The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Computer" Kolar Goi from Kolar Goi
"Pricey" Caveman from Caveman
"Hotel Supernova" Felix Kubin from Jet Lag Disco
"Suis-Je Normale" Nini Raviolette from Change The Beat: The Celluloid Records Story 1979-1987
"To Make It Beautiful" Os Mutantes from Fool Metal Jack
"Re-Invent Your Second Wheel" Wire from Change Becomes Us
"Digitaria" Bill Laswell from Oscillations
"Computer Games" Yellow Magic Orchestra from Kyoretsu Na Rhythm
"Neato" Baxendale from You Will Have Your Revenge
"You Got Me" Generationals from Heza
"She Devil" Barren Girls from Hell Hymns
"Twelve Tone Blues" Yusef Lateef from Re-Evaluations: The Impulse Years
"The Law Of Historical Memory" Dave Douglas Quintet from Time Travel
"Tomorrow's Going To Be A Better Day" Billy Bragg from Tooth & Nail
"A Demain" Salif Keita from Tale

April 5, 2013: Ducks
"Duck Soup (Opening Credits) (music by John Leipold)" The Marx Brothers from The Marx Brothers Sing & Play
"The Duck" The Hi-Los from From Latin... To Jazz Dance: Rare Tunes Chapter One
"The Duck" Jackie Lee from The Duck
"The Duck" Willie Hutch from The Willie Hutch Story
"The Ugly Duckling" Danny Kaye from Hello Children... Everywhere!
"Little White Duck" The ABC Children's Chorus from Songs For Children By Children
"The Duck & The Rooster" Tom T. Hall from Country Songs For Children
"Daffy Duck's Feathered Friend" Mel Blanc from Daffy Duck's Feathered Friend
"Disco Duck, Pt. 1" Rick Dees & His Cast Of Idiots from The Original Disco Duck
"Be Like A Duck" Keith Boynton from Philadelphia Chickens (Sandra Boynton's Imaginary Musical Revue)
"Rubber Duckie" Sesame Street from Sesame Street Silver: The Tenth Anniversary Album
"Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks" The Brunettes from Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks
"The Little Duck" Robbert Bobbert & The Bubble Machine from Robbert Bobbert & The Bubble Machine
"Duck People Duck Man" Megapuss from Surfing
"Duckrog" Von Sudenfed from Tromatic Reflexxions
"Crispy Duck" Yo La Tengo from Ride The Tiger
"Flying Duck Theory" The Vibrators from V2
"Fuzzy Duck" Go-Kart Mozart from Tearing Up The Album Chart
"The Duck Song" Bryant Oden from The Duck Song (The Duck & The Lemonade Stand)
"Hey Little Ducky" Sonny James from Young Love: The Complete Recordings 1952 - 1962
"Lord Love A Duck" Gerald Smith from The Georgia Quackerjack
"$60 Duck" Lewie Wickham from $60 Duck
"The Duck Egg Walk" Milford Perkins from Do You Know The Difference Between Big Wood & Brush? The American Song-Poem Anthology
"Duck's Yas Yas Yas" The Three Peppers from 1937 - 1940
"Ducks Are Only Interested in An Area Man's Bread" Onion Radio News from Onion Radio News
"Duck Pond" The Telephone Company from The King's Surprise?
"Ducks" King Of Cats from Indietracks 2009: An Indiepop Compilation
"Peanut Duck" Marsha Gee from One Kiss Can Lead To Another: Girl Group Sounds Lost & Found
"Duck, You Sucker" Ennio Morricone from The Ennio Morricone Anthology: A Fistful Of Film Music
"Bert The Turtle (The Duck & Cover Song)" Dick "Two Ton" Baker from Atomic Platters
"Duck For The Oyster" Malcolm McLaren from Duck Rock

March 29, 2013: Milk
"How Does A Cow Make Milk?" Marais & Miranda from More Nature Songs
"Show Me How (You Milk The Cow)" Louis Jordan from Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five, Volume 5: 1949-1950
"Milk Rock" Takako Minekawa from Cloudy Cloud Calculator
"Milk Cow Blues" Johnnie Lee Wills from The History Of Country & Western Music Vol. 8 (1941)
"What's The Matter With My Milk Cow?" Casey Bill Weldon from Vol. 1, 1935-1936
"Malted Milk" Robert Johnson from The Complete Recordings
"Milk & Water" Amos Milburn from The Best Of Amos Milburn: Down The Road Apiece
"Sour Milk Cow Blues" Elvis Costello from Goodbye Cruel World
"My Very Good Friend The Milkman" Fats Waller from 1935, Vol. 2
"The Milkman" The Nits from Les Nuits
"The Sad Milkman" Sally Timms from Cowboy Sally's Twilight Laments For Lost Buckaroos
"The Milkman Of Human Kindness" Billy Bragg from Life's A Riot With Spy Vs. Spy
"Milk Man" Deerhoof from Milk Man
"Brötchen & Milch (No Milk Today)" Four Kings from Pop In Germany, Vol. 1
"Milch Von Der Cocosnuss" Caterina Valente from Mit 1000 Träumen Durch Die Zeit
"Chocolate Milk" The Two Man Gentlemen Band from ¡Dos Amigos, Una Fiesta!
"Pizza & Chocolate Milk" The Terrible Twos from If You Ever See An Owl...
"Buttermilk" Shelley Berman from Inside Shelley Berman
"Buttermilk Baby" Merrill E Moore from Western Dance, Vol. 1
"Safe As Milk (Take 12)" Captain Beefheart from Safe As Milk
"I Drink Milk" Teen Idles from Flex Your Head
"Milk Maid" Milky Wimpshake from Popshaped
"Whistling Thru Milk" The Wibbley Brothers from Go Weird
"Drinking Milk Again" Appendix Out from Beikoku-Ongaku # 13
"This Land Flows With Milk" Isobel Campbell from Amorino
"Milk & Honey" The Monochrome Set from The Best Of The Monochrome Set
"Milkshake Mademoiselle" Jerry Lee Lewis from Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin On: The Very Best Of Jerry Lee Lewis
"Milkshake" Poseur from Beat Party!
"Milkshake" Yuck from Yuck

March 22, 2013: Tomorrow
"Science Of Tomorrow" Attileo Mineo from Man In Space With Sounds
"Stepping Into Tomorrow" Donald Byrd from Stepping Into Tomorrow
"Tomorrow" The Three O'Clock from Sixteen Tambourines/Baroque Hoedown
"Tomorrow" Happydeadmen from You Thought It Was The End Of The World When The Rain Ruined Your Hair
"Tomorrow" James from Whiplash
"Tomorrow" The Concretes from In Colour
"Tomorrow" Me First & The Gimme Gimmes from Are A Drag
"Tomorrow" Morrissey from Your Arsenal
"Tomorrow's Just Another Day" Madness from Total Madness
"When Tomorrow Comes" Eurythmics from Revenge
"Tomorrow Will Be Better Than Today" Bart & Friends from Stories With The Endings Changed
"All Tomorrows Parties" Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds from Kicking Against The Pricks
"Why Do Today What You Can Put Off Until Tomorrow?" Pelle Carlberg from In A Nutshell
"Tomorrow Never Comes" Club 8 from The Friend I Once Had
"Tomorrow Comes Today" Gorillaz from Gorillaz
"Tomorrow Never Knows" The Chameleons from Strange Times
"No Tomorrow" The Boyfriends from The Boyfriends
"The Day Before Tomorrow" BMX Bandits from The 53rd & 3rd Years
"Will You Love Me Tomorrow" The Shapiros from The Shapiros
"With Tomorrow" This Mortal Coil from Blood
"This Time Tomorrow" The Kinks from Lola Versus Powerman & The Money-Go-Round
"Tomorrow Night" Shoes from Shoes' Best
"Today Will Be Yesterday Tomorrow" Big Hello from Apple Album
"Look Out, Here Comes Tomorrow" Bikeride from Ocean Park Paradox
"Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" Tony Blackburn from Is There Another Way To Love You?
"Wonder What I'll Do Tomorrow" Dislocation Dance from Music Music Music/Slip That Disc!

March 22, 2013: Sugar Substitute (Episode 153)
"Yr So Cool" Colleen Green from Sock It To Me
"Sweet Susie" The Kingston Springs from The Kingston Springs
"Hit The Waves" The Mary Onettes from Hit The Waves
"Will 'The Thrill'" Cayucas from Cayucas
"Born To Be Adored" Momus from The Little Red Songbook
"Lost In Light Rotation" Tullycraft from Lost In Light Rotation
"Clap Hands" Tom Waits from Rain Dogs
"The NWRA" The Fall from Live In London 1980
"The Implausible Chico" The Marx Brothers from Original Voice Tracks From Their Greatest Movies
"When It Happens" Wax Idols from Discipline + Desire
"Not Today" Lightouts from Want
"Womanhood" The Modern Lovers from Precise Modern Lovers Order

March 15, 2013: Bridges
"The Bridge" Sun Ra from The Singles
"The Bridge" Neil Young from Time Fades Away
"The Old Stone Bridge" Emily from Irony EP
"Under The Bridges Of Paris" Eartha Kitt from That Bad Eartha
"Bridge Of Love" Joe Dowell from Hey! Look What I Found, Vol. 5
"Bridge Over Troubled Water" Senator Sam J. Ervin Jr from Golden Throats, Vol. 2
"Tower Bridge" Spike Milligan from The Spike Milligan Collection
"Bridges & Balloons" The Decemberists from Picaresqueties
"The Brooklyn Bridge" Frank Sinatra from The Best Of The Columbia Years 1943 - 1952
"Brooklyn Bridge" Bobby Bare from Detroit City & Other Hits
"Brooklyn Bridge" Darren Hanlon from Little Chills
"The Westminster Bridge Song" Vermont Sugar House from Carlton Gardens
"Bridge" Orange Juice from Coals To Newcastle
"Burning Bridges" The Mike Curb Congregation from Super Hits Of The '70s - Have A Nice Day! Vol. 5
"Not Quite Burning Bridges" Tullycraft from The Singles
"Burning Bridges" Louise Burns from Mellow Drama
"Burning Bridges" Friends from Far & Away EP
"London Bridges" This Is Ivy League from This Is Ivy League
"London Bridge" Sage Francis from Li(f)e
"London Bridge Is Falling Down" Newtrament from Electro Funk Sessions
"Golden Gate Bridge" Rose Melberg from Portola
"Under The Bridge" The Motorcycle Boy from You & Me Against The World
"Another Bridge" Everything But The Girl from Eden
"Tarrilup Bridge" The Triffids from Born Sandy Devotional
"Throw Aggi Off The Bridge" Black Tambourine from Complete Recordings
"The Bridge Of Death" Monty Python from The Album Of The Soundtrack Of The Trailer Of The Film Of Monty Python & The Holy Grail
"Drawbridge" All Girl Summer Fun Band from Summer Of '98
"Misty Morning, Albert Bridge" The Pogues from Peace & Love

March 15, 2013: Sugar Substitute (Episode 152)
"Outer Spaceways, Inc." Dump from Superpowerless
"Baby" Iggy Pop from The Idiot
"Denuder" Greg Boring from Heavy Syrup
"Wounded Hearts" Iceage from You're Nothing
"Varsity" Smith Westerns from Varsity
"I Bought Ads On Facebook!" Eugene Mirman from An Evening Of Comedy In A Fake Underground Laboratory
"I'm A Loser" Vince Guaraldi & Bola Sete from Vince & Bola
"Totally Wired" The Fall from Live In London 1980
"Careful Who You Dance With" Parenthetical Girls from Privilege (Abridged)
"Boing!" My Robot Friend from Hot Action
"World Destruction" Time Zone from Change The Beat: The Celluloid Records Story 1980-1987
"You Are In Love" Shannon Whitworth from High Tide
"Drop Dead Baby" Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin from Reverse Shark Attack

March 13, 2013: WRFL Sub Show
"Come On Summer" The World Record from Come On Summer EP
"New York Middle Class" MD from Initial Release: Surgery Compilation 1
"Sweet Dancer" The Waterboys from An Appointment With Mr Yeats
"Rubber Balls & Liquor" Unknown Artist from Inside Deep Note: Music Of 1970's Adult Cinema
"2020" Suuns from Images Du Futur
"Beyond That Place, Dragons!" Phonophani from Split 7" with ISAN
"Sugar" Shout Out Louds from Optic
"Cary Grant's Wedding" The Fall from Live In London 1980
"Fairgrounds" Brute Heart from The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari
"Phluphation" Shad T. Scott from Isophlux Records 1995-2000
"Half Angel Half Light" The Men from New Moon
"Free Lovin' (Housedream)" Daniel Wang from I Was A Disco Malcontent: The Best Of Balihu Records
"Modernized" Home By Hovercraft from Are We Chameleons?
"I Fell Down In London! Oh, & Bought A Phone!" Eugene Mirman from An Evening Of Comedy In A Fake Underground Laboratory
"Pittura Infamante" Girls Names from The New Life
"Cigarette Lighter" Japanese Telecom from Virtual Geisha
"Haters" Homeshake from The Homeshake Tape
"Late Night Willie" Keith Jarrett from Personal Mountains
"Dream Of The Soft" Dead Leaf Echo from Thought & Language
"Baby" Jeans Team from Ding Dong
"Mamani Vice" Krisp from Mamani Vice EP
"Them, Their" Jan Jelinek from Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records
"Memphis" The Milk Carton Kids from The Ash & Clay
"Damask" Jello from Lungbone EP
"Maybe I Know" The Lovely Bad Things from The Late Great Whatever
"Auto Mechanic" The Jerky Boys from The Original Archive Cassette
"He's Suicidal" Shiny Darkly from Shiny Darkly
"Isenthalpic" Tomas Jirku from Entropy
"Resentment" Cy Dune from No Recognize
"Nice Up The Dance" Welton Irie from Joe Gibbs Original DJ Classics
"Heaven" Popstrangers from Antipodes
"Some Say She's Naive" Adam Johnson from Chigliak
"Fingers" Cyclopean from Cyclopean EP

March 8, 2013: A Silver Show For A Silver Anniversary
"Silver" The Pixies from Doolittle
"Silver" Echo & The Bunnymen from Ocean Rain
"Silver" Mark Burgess & Yves Altana from Paradyning
"Silver" The Anyways from The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol 1
"Silver" Ride from Play
"Gold & Silber" Pyrolator from New Deutsch
"Gold & Silver" Toots & The Maytals from Monkey Man/From The Roots
"Silver & Gold" Neil Young from Silver & Gold
"Look For The Silver Lining" Marion Harris from 20 # 1 Hits Of The '20s
"Silver Lining" Beulah from The Coast Is Never Clear
"Silver Lining" Guards from In Guards We Trust
"A Silver Key Can Open An Iron Lock Somewhere" Kleenex/Liliput from Kleenex/Liliput 1978-1983
"By The Light Of The Silvery Moon" Little Richard from The Essential
"Silver Morning" Brian Eno from Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks
"Silver Plane" Felt from Poem Of The River
"Silver Friends" The Lucksmiths from What Bird Is That?
"Dan Destiny & The Silver Dawn" The Chills from Brave Words
"Silver Dollars" Allo Darlin from Allo Darlin
"Silver Rocket" Sonic Youth from Daydream Nation
"Silver Shorts" The Wedding Present from Hit Parade 1
"Silver Waterfalls" Siouxsie & The Banshees from Superstition
"Fine Art In Silver" Phillip Boa & The Voodooclub from Boa Best Singles
"Maxwell's Silver Hammer" Let's Wrestle from Mojo Presents Abbey Road Now
"Silver Bird" Ruthann Friedman from Hurried Life: Lost Recordings 1965-1971
"Silver Dew On The Bluegrass Tonight" Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys from San Antonio Rose
"Silver Dollar" Bob Scobey Frisco Band from The Good Time Jazz Story
"Silver Butterfly" Nicky James from Rubble Vol. 10
"Silver Sportscar" Starlet from Stay On My Side
"Silver Shoes" Ampersand from Ampersand

March 8, 2013: Sugar Substitute (Episode 151)
"Past Tense" Golden Grrrls from Golden Grrrls
"Sad Night, Where Is Morning?" The Ocean Blue from Sad Night, Where Is Morning?
"Never Seen Such Good Things" Devendra Banhart from Mala
"Communist Eyes" Chelsea Light Moving from Chelsea Light Moving
"Case Study: Viv Evenson" Drs. Carter & Gourley from Superego, Volume 3, Episode 16
"Ladies & Gentlemen" Cold Blood Club from Headlines & Firefights
"Ken" Ex-Cops from True Hallucinations
"Impression Of J Temperance" The Fall from Live In London 1980
"Where Are We Now" David Bowie from Where Are We Now
"Stupified" Robyn Hitchcock from Love From London
"Sally B" Richard Thompson from Electric
"Rock & Roll Is Dead" The Rubinoos from The Rubinoos

March 1, 2013: Shock
"Shock" Psychedelic Furs from Midnight To Midnight
"The Shocking Truth" Flux Information Sciences from Private/Public
"Beautiful Shock" Robyn Hitchcock from Shadow Cat
"The Ghost Chained To The Past, Present, & Future (Shock Treatment)" GTO's: Girls Together Outrageously from Permanent Damage
"Shock Treatment" Richard O'Brien from The Rocky Horror Show
"Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment" The Ramones from Hey! Ho! Let's Go: The Anthology
"Electric Shock" The Human League from Credo
"Electro-Shock Blues" Eels from Electro-Shock Blues
"Future Shock" Curtis Mayfield from In Yo' Face!: The History Of Funk, Vol. 2
"Future Shock" The Gordons from Future Shock EP
"Wire Shock" Brian Eno from Nerve Net
"Atomic Shockwaves" Spanish Dogs from Don't Sweat The Petty Things..
"Euphemisms - Shell Shock To PTSD" George Carlin from When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops?
"Shellshock" New Order from Singles
"In Shock" Kristin Hersh from Learn To Sing Like A Star
"Shock The Monkey" Don Ho from When Pigs Fly: Songs You Never Thought You'd Hear
"Shock Rock" T.Rex from Tanx
"Culture Shock (live)" Rezillos from Can't Stand The Rezillos: The (Almost) Complete Rezillos
"Shock Mount" Dub Narcotic Sound System from Out Of Your Mind
"Shock Of The New" Trees from Sleep Convention
"Shock Me (live)" Red House Painters from Retrospective
"Shocked By A Revelation" Trampoline from spinART Pop Licks 7" Box Set
"Shocked" The Snitches from Metamorphosis
"Two Shocks" Brakes from Touchdown
"Shock-A-Doo" Cadillacs from Crazy Cadillacs
"Booker T & His Electric Shock" Markley from A Group

February 22, 2013: Buzz
"Mr. Buzz" P. Van Meren from Stereo Ultra Vol. 2
"Why Does A Bee Buzz?" Marais & Miranda from More Nature Songs
"Buzz Buzz Buzz" Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers from Back In Your Life
"Buzz Me Babe" Slim Harpo from Rocks
"Buzz Buzz A-Diddle-It" Freddie Cannon from His Latest & Greatest
"Buzzin'" Kathy Zee from Hot Boppin' Girls, Vol. 4
"Buzzin'" The King Bees from Rockin' From Coast To Coast, Vol. 2
"Buzz Buzz Buzz" The Treniers from A Proper Introduction To The Treniers: Go! Go! Go!
"Buzz Me" Ella May Morse from The Very Best Of Ella Mae Morse
"I Gotta Buzz" The Buzz from Joe Meek Rarities Vol. 2: The Beat Groups Era
"I Live For Buzz" The Swingin' Neckbreakers from Children Of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era 1976-1996
"Buzz" Lord High Fixers from Flaming Burnout
"Keep That Buzz Alive" Booze-O-Phonic from Green Light Go!
"The Buzz" John Wesley Harding & The English UK from Making Love To Bob Dylan
"Buzz" Pylon from Chomp More
"Buzz" Throwing Muses from The Season Sessions: Fall
"Buzz" Lemuria from Get Better
"Love Buzz" Shocking Blue from At Home
"What's The Buzz" Ted Neeley from Jesus Christ Superstar
"Buzzin'" Panjabi MC from The Album
"Eardrum Buzz" Wire from Wire 1985-1990: The A List (Best Of)
"Sugar Buzz" Li'l Cap'n Travis from Twilight On Sometimes Island
"Birds Buzzin'" The Gronks from Cats & Dogs
"Buzz Buzz Buzz" The Primitives from Lazy 86 - 88t
"Saddle Up A Buzz Buzz" The Cramps from Stay Sick!
"Buzz Stomp" Afrika Korps from Music To Kill By
"Buzzers" Scott Walker from The Drift
"Big Blue Buzz" Choo Choo Train from Briar High
"Buzzing Unobtrusively" The Deep Freeze Mice from The Tender Yellow Ponies Of Insomnia

February 15, 2013: Don't Stop
"Don't Stop, Don't Don't Stop, Don't Stop, Don't Stop" Wobbly from Wild Why
"Don't Stop" The Orioles from The Jubilee Recordings
"Don't Stop" Horace Andy from The Wonderful World Of Horace Andy
"Don't Stop" Alex Chilton from A Man Called Destruction
"Don't Stop" The Rolling Stones from Forty Licks
"Don't Stop" The Frank & Walters from Beauty Becomes More Like Life
"Don't Stop" The Stone Roses from The Stone Roses
"Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow (William Clinton)" Oscar Brand from Presidential Campaign Songs, 1789-1996
"Don't Stop Believin'" Petra Haden from Guilt By Association
"Don't Stop Til You Get Enough" The Embarrassment from Heyday 1979-83
"One Monkey Don't Stop No Show" Big Maybelle from The OKeh Rhythm & Blues Story
"Don't Stop Loving Me" Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys from San Antonio Rose
"Don't Stop - I Like It! (with Hal Lone Pine)" Betty Cody from The Successful Hillbilly Era Of Betty Cody
"Don't Stop Kissing Me Goodnight" Sheb Wooley from That's My Pa
"Don't Stop The Music" George Jones from Cup Of Loneliness: The Classic Mercury Years
"Please Don't Stop Loving Me" Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton from 20 Greatest Hits
"Don't Stop Now" Roy Hall from Roy Rocks
"Don't Stop Dancing (To The Music)" The Bar Kays from Gotta Groove
"It's A Disco Night (Rock Don't Stop)" The Isley Brothers from Step Back & Boogie
"Move Your Feet" Junior Senior from D-D-Don't Don't Stop The Beat
"Don't Stop The Night" Momus from Don't Stop The Night
"Don't Stop Now" The Encounters from Don't Stop
"Don't Stop" Larry Trider from Teen Town USA, Vol. 4
"Don't Stop" The Parting Gifts from Strychnine Dandelion
"Don't Stop Loving Me Baby" Flying Machine from Flight Recorder
"Don't Stop" The Dodos from No Color
"A River Don't Stop To Breathe" Múm from Sing Along To Songs You Don't Know
"Don't Stop" Pocketbooks from Waking Up EP

February 8, 2013: Valentine's Day 2013 - Love Is...
"Love" The Dream Academy from A Different Kind Of Weather
"Love Is" A House from The Way We Were: The Best Of A House
"Love Is A Rose" Neil Young from Decade
"Love Is A Stranger" Eurthymics from Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
"Love Is A Shield" Camouflage from 80s Precious Little Diamonds
"Love Is Lighter Than Air" Magnetic Fields from Get Lost
"Love Is Blue" Hangman's Beautiful Daughters from Dreamworld 1985-1987
"Love Is The Drug" Hot Rats from Hot Rats
"Love Is Like" Strange Fate from Sigh Cry Die: 29 Garage Rock Tales Of Woe & Despair From The Sixties
"Finding Out True Love Is Blind" Louis XIV from The Best Little Secrets Are Kept
"(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave" The Jam from Setting Sons
"Love Is All Around" H¨sker D¨ from Eight Miles High
"Love Is Strange (Take 4)" Mickey & Sylvia from Love Is Strange
"Love Is A Gamble" Johnny Mathis from Rhythms Of Broadway
"What Is Love" Judy Mackenzie from Judy
"Love Is A Merry-Go-Round" Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra from Charlie Barnet 1937 - 1939
"Love Is... 1968" Beaumont from This Is Beaumont
"Love Is A Sign" The Go-Betweens from 16 Lovers Lane Acoustic Demos
"Love Is The Answer" Even As We Speak from Feral Pop Frenzy
"Is That Love" Squeeze from East Side Story
"Love Is The Slug" Fuzzbox from We've Got A Fuzzbox & We're Gonna Use It
"Sweetest Thing" U2 from Where The Streets Have No Name
"Love Is Red/Green" Tender Trap from Film Molecules
"If That's What Love Is" Television Personalities from Constrictor Collector Series 7"
"Love Is A Fiction" Shirts from Street Light Shine
"Love Is Like A Bullet" Shoes from Shoes' Best
"Love Is Everywhere" Pharoah Sanders from Love Will Find A Way
"Love Is A Hurting Thing" Toussaint McCall from Nothing Takes The Place Of You
"Love Is Not A Game" Sam E. Solo from Big City Soul, Vol. 1

February 1, 2013: The Naked Show
"I Am Naked" Stereo Total from Do The Bambi
"I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked" Ida Maria from Fortress Round My Heart
"My Birthday Suit" Cattanooga Cats from Cattanooga Cats
"Naked" Autohaze from Counter Clockwise
"Naked" The Dentists from Naked 10"
"Naked" Shoestrings from Wishing On Planes
"Naked" Sera Cahoone from Deer Creek Canyon
"Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance" Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention from We're Only In It For The Money
"Theme For A Nude Beach" The B-52's from Nude On The Moon: The B-52's Anthology
"Totally Nude" Talking Heads from Naked
"The Girls Are Naked" Creation from Our Music Is Red With Purple Flashes
"She Was Naked" Supersister from Control OST
"The Streak" Ray Stevens from Gitarzan
"The Ballad Of The Mad Streaker" Larry Lujack, Superjock from The Ballad Of The Mad Streaker
"Here Comes The Streaker" High Voltage from Hard To Find Vol. 1
"Strip Me Naked" Love, Peace & Happiness from Love Is Stronger
"You Naked" Jamie Lidell from You Naked
"Naked, Drunk & Horny" Yellow Note Vs Pukka from This Is Tech Pop
"Butt Naked Man Stresses The Importance Of Proper Schooling" Onion Radio News from Onion Radio News
"Undressed" Lloyd Cole from Lloyd Cole
"We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off" Class from Double Agent 1980
"Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs" The Cramps from Flamejob
"Naked To The World" Obits from Moody, Standard & Poor
"Naked In My Car" The Pushtwangers from The Pushtwangers Mini-LP
"Photographs Of Naked Ladies" Toy Love from Cuts
"Take Off Your Clothes To Feel The Setting Sun" Wolfgang Druner Quintet from Untouchable Outcaste Beats
"Naked As The Day You Were Born" The Weather Prophets from Creation Soup Vol 4

January 25, 2013: Last Night
"Where Did You Sleep Last Night?" Lead Belly from Country Blues Outlaws
"Let's Go Again (Where We Went Last Night)" Hank Ballard from Sexy Ways: The Best Of Hank Ballard
"Last Night I Dreamed" Max Bygraves from The Decca Years 1957-1962
"Last Night" Mondo Crescendo from Beikoku-Ongaku Magazine # 11 - 1998 Early Summer
"Last Night On The Back Porch" The Andrews Sisters from Sing The Dancing 20s
"Last Night I Fell Asleep On Your Floor" Saturday Looks Good To Me from Saturday Looks Good To Me
"Last Night I Heard You Crying In Your Sleep" Hank Williams from The Complete Hank Williams
"After Last Night" The Rev-Lons from One Kiss Can Lead To Another: Girl Group Sounds Lost & Found
"Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me" The Smiths from Strangeways, Here We Come
"Had A Dream Last Night" Sandie Shaw from The Greatest Hits Of Sandie Shaw
"Something I Dreamed Last Night" Julie London from London By Night
"Last Night A DJ Saved My Life" Indeep from The Disco Years Vol. 2: On The Beat (1978-1982)
"On Her Doorstep Last Night" Percival Mackey & His Band from Songs The Bonzo Dog Band Taught Us
"Where Did You Stay Last Night?" Famous Hokum Boys from The Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 2: 1930 - 1931
"You Weren't Ashamed To Kiss Me Last Night" Davis Sisters from The Davis Sisters, 1952-53 Vol. 2
"I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill" Joan Baez from Folk Song America: A 20th Century Revival
"I Dreamed I Saw Phil Ochs Last Night" Billy Bragg from The Internationale
"Last Night" Laurel Aitken & The Soulmen from Trojan Mod Reggae Box Set
"I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night (12" Mix)" The Thought from The Thought
"Something Almost Brilliant Happened Last Night" The Siddeleys from Slum Clearance
"Late Last Night" The Clean from Anthology
"I Fell In Love Last Night" Heavenly from Heavenly Vs. Satan
"Last Night" Me & You from Floating Heavy
"Late Last Night" Slim Harpo from The Best Of Slim Harpo
"Last Night I Dreamed You Kissed Me" Lillie Delk Christian from Louis Armstrong & The Blues Singers
"Why Don't You Eat Where You Slept Last Night?" Zuzu Bollin from Ham Hocks & Cornbread
"Last Nite" The Strokes from Is This It?
"I Cried Last Night" The Shondells from The Ikon Records Story
"Spent A Week With You Last Night" The Records from Smashes, Crashes & Near Misses
"Late Last Night" The Boomtown Rats from The Fine Art Of Surfacing

January 21, 2013: Sugar Substitute (Episode 150)
"I Don't Owe You Anything" The Smiths from The Smiths
"Dyed In The Wool" Widowspeak from Almanac
"Salamanda Palaganda" Tyrannosaurus Rex from The Definitive Tyrannosaurus Rex
"F Off (Featuring Ane Brun)" Elin Ruth from Elin Ruth
"Dark Red Birds" Felt from Absolute Classic Masterpieces
"Soviet Bicycle" Norwegian Arms from Wolf Like A Stray Dog
"Nathan's Phase" The Chameleons from The Radio 1 Evening Show Sessions
"Look See Dream Me" Mice Parade from Candela
"Pay Your Rates" The Fall from Live In London 1980
"Living Lens" Mountains from Centralia
"Up To Me" Bob Dylan from Biograph
"Magic Kids" Indians from Somewhere Else
"Summer Holiday 1999" Momus from Voyager
"San Francisco" Foxygen from We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace & Magic
"Day Three Of Five" The Lucksmiths from First Frost
"Looking At You" Drgn King from Paragraph Nights
"Pimps" The Close Lobsters from Forever Until Victory
"John Fahey Commemorative Beer Can" Bill Orcutt from Imaginational Anthem Vol. 5
"You've Been Prayed For" Hefner from Catfight
"Everywhere You Knew" Christopher Owens from Lysandre_
"Man Overboard" Lloyd Cole from Broken Record
"Being On The Road" October Gold from Into The Silence
"The Doll House" Phil Ochs from Rehearsals For Retirement
"Trawlerman" Skinny Lister from Forge & Flagon_
"Achtung" Shriekback from Jam Science
"Button Up Your Overcoat" The Bonzo Dog Band from Cornology Vol. 3
"Borrowed Time" John Lennon & Yoko Ono from Milk & Honey
"Lady D'Arbanville" Cat Stevens from Mona Bone Jakon

January 14, 2013: 1977
"Warszawa" David Bowie from Low
"Boredom" The Buzzcocks from Spiral Scratch
"See No Evil" Television from Marquee Moon
"Showroom Dummies" Kraftwerk from Trans Europe Express
"Dandy In The Underworld" T.Rex from Dandy In The Underworld
"Jocko Homo" Devo from Jocko Homo
"(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)" The Stranglers from Rattus Norvegicus
"Career Opportunities" The Clash from The Clash
"In The City" The Jam from In The City
"God Save The Queen" The Sex Pistols from Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols
"The Medium Was Tedium" Desperate Bicycles from The Medium Was Tedium
"Blame It On Cain" Elvis Costello from My Aim Is True
"Ice Cream Man" Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers from Rock 'N' Roll With the Modern Lovers
"6.4 Equals Make Out" Gary Wilson from You Think You Really Know Me
"Love Comes In Spurts" Richard Hell & The Voidoids from Blank Generation
"The Passenger" Iggy Pop from Lust For Life
"Pulled Up" Talking Heads from Talking Heads: 77
"Oh Bondage Up Yours!" X-Ray Spex from Oh Bondage Up Yours!
"(I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear" Blondie from Plastic Letters
"Beauty & The Beast" David Bowie from Heroes
"Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" The Ramones from Rocket To Russia
"King's Lead Hat" Brian Eno from Before & After Science
"Girl" Suicide from Suicide
"Mannequin" Wire from Pink Flag
"Memories" Leonard Cohen from Death Of A Ladies' Man

January 14, 2013: Sugar Substitute (Episode 149)
"Ace Of Hz" Ladytron from Gravity The Seducer
"The Light" Pool Whales from Pool Whales
"Never Been" Meowtch from Splitsville
"Well You Better" Yo La Tengo from Fade
"Fay" Po! from Fay
"Rebel Without A Cause Main Title" Petra Haden from Petra Goes To The Movies
"Bugs" Barcelona from Zero One Infinity
"N Dakota" Parquet Courts from Light Up Gold
"Spectre Vs Rector" The Fall from Live In London 1980
"Feuksley Ma'am, The Hearing" Pere Ubu from Lady From Shanghai
"One Million Lovers" The Growlers from Hung At Heart
"Lips Of Fashion" The Bloody Marys from Sixteen Hail Marys

January 7, 2013: George's Show
"George" Yo La Tengo from They Shoot, We Score
"Silent George" Lucky Millinder & Myra Johnson from Risque Rhythms
"Georgie" Pussycat from Mississippi
"Gorgeous George" Edwyn Collins from Gorgeous George
"Macho Beagle" Bunnygrunt from Standing Hampton 7"
"Ole Lonesome George The Bassett" Tom T Hall from Songs Of Fox Hollow
"George (& The North Woods)" Dave Dudley from George & The North Woods
"George Says He Has Lost His Way in This World" The Clientele from That Night, A Forest Grew
"Collie George" Frankie Jones from Jammys From The Roots (1977-1985)
"Georgy Girl" The Seekers from Come The Day
"Georgette Plays A Goth" Tullycraft from Every Scene Needs a Center
"Madame George" Van Morrison from T. B. Sheets
"George" The Wet Spots from Hello Kinky
"John, Paul, George, & Ringo" The Bulldogs from Beatlemaniacs!!! The World Of Beatles Novelty Records
"Janus, Jeanie, & George Harrision" Redd Kross from Neurotica
"George Of The Jungle" Weird Al Yankovic from Dare To Be Stupid
"George Hamilton's Dead" Golden Dawn from Temple Cloud
"George Orwell" Georgia from Ten;Ten
"A Talk With George" Jonathan Coulton from JoCo Looks Back
"Georgie Porgie" Jo-Ann Jackson & The Dreams from Groovin' At The Go-Go
"Dance With Me Georgie" The Bobbettes from The Ultimate Collection
"Shorty George" Lead Belly from Where Did You Sleep Last Night: Lead Belly Legacy, Vol. 1
"Cadillac George" The Travel Agency from The Travel Agency
"My Friend George" Lou Reed from New Sensations
"George" Antietam from Burgoo
"George Had A Hat" Pere Ubu from The Tenement Year
"Cowboy George" The Fall from Your Future Our Clutter
"At Midnight I Will Kill George Lucas With A Shovel" Patton Oswalt from Werewolves & Lollipops
"George Romero" Sprites from Modern Gameplay

January 7, 2013: Sugar Substitute (Episode 148)
"Moon River" Petra Haden & Bill Frisell from Petra Haden & Bill Frisell
"Let's Fall In Love" Mother Mother from The Sticks
"Truly Sherri" Bearsuit from Drinkink
"Sometimes My Baby" Paul Kelly from Spring & Fall
"Ramblin' Rose" MC5 from Kick Out The Jams
"Oh Melody!" Thorcraft Cobra from Count It In
"Small Town Napoleans" The Mendoza Line from Poems To A Pawnshop
"Her Hands Were Holograms" Fred Thomas from Kuma
"Clever Hans" The Lucksmiths from Boondoggle
"Teresa, Lark Of Ascension" Broadcast from Berberian Sound Studio
"The Sound Of Music" Joy Division from Still
"Great Alcoholics" Kleenex Girl Wonder from Graham Smith Is The Coolest Person Alive
"In Common" Richard Holmsen from EardrumsPop 100
"The Flaming Lips" Spearmint from A Different Lifetime