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Self Help Radio - Blemish, Blight, Or Bane?

Self Help Radio is not really a self-help radio show. Instead, there's music & talk (lots & lots of talk) about a different theme each week (including pretend "experts" in interview format). Defying all expectation, the show has survived for over a decade by fleeing from radio station to radio station, starting in Austin, Texas, & now hiding out in Lexington, Kentucky. The host, Gary, finds the themes inadvertently; the machine roars, then collapses; budgets are blown on beer & booze. No one knows where all that noise is coming from.
Lots of previously-aired shows have come to die on this website. Or are they just resting?
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051016 Forgetting
051716 Attack!
052416 Swimming - with guest deejay Matt Clarke!
053116 Scottish Pop (Again)

Below are the playlists for the year 2016. Remember: this isn't personal.
May 3, 2016: Bees
Listen to part one of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
"Why Does A Bee Buzz?" Marais & Miranda from More Nature Songs
"Busy Bee Boogie" Hal Serra & Carol Marks from Animal Hootenanny
"Buzz Buzz Buzz" Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers from Back In Your Life
"New Bumble Bee" Memphis Minnie from Queen Of The Country Blues: All The Published Sides 1929-1937
"Flight Of The Bumble Bee" Harry James & His Orchestra from Swingin' The Classics
"Queen Bee" John Lee Hooker from The Classic Early Years 1948-1951
"Bee Sting Stings" Tullycraft from City Of Subarus
"Humble Bee" John Wesley Harding from The Confessions Of St. Ace
"Happy Yellow Bumblebee" Of Montreal from The Bedside Drama: A Petite Tragedy
"Honeybee" Girlfriendo from One
"Like A Honey Bee (Honey Bee)" The Carousel from abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
"A Sleepin' Bee (from House Of Flowers)" Diahann Carroll from American Musical Theatre: Shows, Songs, & Stars, Vol. 3
"Beehive" Boss Hog from Boss Hog
"Taster Of The Honey (Not The Keeper Of The Bee)" The Jones Girls from The Music Merchant Story
"Beestung" Kristin Hersh from Hips & Makers
"The Bees (The Bees)" His Name Is Alive from Stars On ESP
"Honey Bee" Johnny Johnson & The Bandwagon from The Golden Torch Story (A Collection Of 18 Classic Northern Soul Shakers)
"Honey Bee" Jon & Robin from Elastic Event
"The L.S. Bumble Bee" Peter Cook & Dudley Moore from We Can Fly, Vol. 1
"Beeswing" Richard Thompson from Mirror Blue
"Ohio Town Saved From Killer Bees by Hungry Vampire Bats" Jad Fair & Yo La Tengo from Strange But True
"I'll Be The Bee" Ruth & Al from Crescent City Soul: The Sound Of New Orleans 1947-1974
"Tumble Bee" Karl Blau from Shell Collection
"See Sea, Bee, & Me" Guitar from Sunkissed
"Muscle Belt" Bearsuit from Muscle Belt
"Leisure Bees" Tacocat from Lost Time

April 29, 2016: Cradle To Grave, Episode Twenty-One
Listen to part one of this show (74 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 62 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
"Tourist Point Of View" Duke Ellington & His Orchestra from Duke Ellington's Far East Suite
"Do It Again" April Stevens from Ultra Lounge, Vol. 6: Rhapsodesia
"Autrefois" Pink Martini from Hang On Little Tomato
"Baby Don'tcha Worry" Tammi Terrell from The Complete Motown Singles, Vol 6: 1966
"K&H Boogie" Big Jay McNeely from The Hoy Hoy Collection: Rock Before Elvis
"I Can't Quit You Baby" Otis Rush from The Essential Otis Rush: The Classic Cobra Recordings 1956-1958
"Lost John" Lonnie Donegan from The Collection
"A New Way To Cry" Willie Nelson from Willie Nelson 1961
"Punchy Wunchy Wickey Wackey Woo" Hasil Adkins from The Wild Man
"Crimson & Clover" Tommy James & The Shondells from The Complete Singles Collection
"Dizzy Dizzy" Can from Anthology - 25 Years
"A Girl In Trouble (Is A Temporary Thing)" Romeo Void from Instincts
"The King Of Joy" Bill Drummond from Creation Soup Volume Four
"Men & Women" Jerry Seinfeld from I'm Telling You For The Last Time
"When The Sun Goes Down" Leroy Carr from When The Sun Goes Down, Vol. 3: That's Chicago's South Side
"Mississippi Road" J.B. Lenoir from Folk Music In America, Vol. 7: Songs Of Complaint & Protest
"Choo Choo Ch'boogie" Kenny Roberts from Rockabilly & Hillbilly Hell Raisers
"Pastures Of Plenty" Cisco Houston from Cisco Houston Sings The Songs Of Woody Guthrie
"The Home Of The Blues" Sammy Lawhorn from Rockin' Rhythm & Blues From Memphis
"You Took Advantage Of Me" Miff Mole & His Little Molers from Echoes Of The 20s & 30s
"Muddy Miss" Jimmy Jones Big Eight from Jimmy Jones 1946-1947
"The Strut" James Moody from Wail Moody, Wail
"Yellow Dog Blues" Cat Anderson from Plays W.C Handy
"Dune Buggy" The Surfaris from Fun City, U.S.A.
"Penny Lane" The Beatles from 1967 - 1970
"Love Heals" Colours from Love Heals
"Moonage Daydream" David Bowie from The Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars
"Relay Circuit" The Copper Plated Integrated Circuit from Plugged In Pop

April 26, 2016: Indiepop A To Z # 50
Listen to part one of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
"Love & Understanding" Legendary Hearts from In A World Like This...
"Bigfoot" The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group from Sniff
"Nothing To Be Done" The Legends from Up Against The Legends
"Maple Leaves (7" Version)" Jens Lekman from Maple Leaves
"Nemo's Land" Lemon Curd from Nemo's Land EP
"I Wonder If I'll Ever See You Again" The Leopards from I Wonder If I'll Ever See You Again
"Any Day Now" Leslies from Moshi Moshi (Pop International Style)
"Pop Love" Let's Be Honeys from Popsongs For My Poor Self
"Three Limbs" Let's Go Naked from Three Limbs
"All Happy Endings" Let's Whisper from The Shortest Days
"We Are The Men You'll Grow To Love Soon" Let's Wrestle from In The Court Of The Wrestling Let's
"Rotten Love" Levy from Rotten Love
"Kitchen At Parties" Jona Lewie from On The Other Hand There's A Fist
"Don't React" Liberty Ship from The Matinée Summer Splash!
"Kind" The Liddles from Welcome To The Wetherbeat Scene 1988 - 1991
"Postcard" Liechtenstein from Survival Strategies In A Modern World
"Inside Out" Life Studies from Homeward 7"
"The Leanover" Life Without Buildings from Any Other City
"Yard Sale" Lifestyle from At The Risk Of Sounding Pretentious
"Big Shoe Boy" Ligament Blub Brothers from Big Shoe Boy 7"
"Yuri's Hair Salon" The Legendary Len Liggins from Yuri's Hair Salon
"Springtime" The Lighthouse Keepers from The Exploding Lighthouse Keepers
"Everyone I Know" Lightning Love from November Birthday
"Pure" The Lightning Seeds from Cloudcuckooland
"He's Not A Boy" The Like from Release Me
"New York" Like Honey from Leaves
"Office Rock" The Lil' Hospital from Heavy Metal
"I Went To The Dance" The Lilac Time from & Love For All
"My Heart Bleeds" Lilac Trumpets from The Sound Of Leamington Spa, Vol. 6
"Any Place I've Lived" Lilys from A Brief History of Amazing Letdowns

April 22, 2016: Phantom Power Double Hour Sub Show
"Radio, Radio (Capital Radio Version)" Elvis Costello from This Year's Model
"Cygnet Song" Tanya Donelly from Swan Song Series
"Dollywood" Tullycraft from Old Traditions, New Standards
"Someone Else's Plan" Adam Green from Aladdin
"She Seems Quite Free" The June Brides from She Seems Quite Free
"You Can't Fire Me, I Quit" Tacocat from Lost Time
"Masher" The Mountain Goats from Full Force Galesburg
"The End Of Things" Bob Mould from Patch The Sky
"Dandelion Seed" The Primitives from Spin-O-Rama
"El Camino Real" The Chandler Estate from Infrastructure
"The Boy With The Thorn In His Side" The Smiths from The Queen Is Dead
"Shipbuilding" Robert Wyatt from Different Every Time
"1999" Dump from That Skinny Motherfucker With The High Voice?
"Raspberry Beret/Kiss Me" The Lilac Time from Adventure Club Sessions, KDGE
"Do It, Try It" M83 from Junk
"Hot Asphalt" Mario Nascimbene from Cinemaphonic Electro Soul: British Library Music 1970-1976
"Go Go Away From Me" Pookie & The Poodlez from Young Adult
"To Hide A Little Thought" Jonathan Richman from Surrender To Jonathan!
"Thinking Of You" The Thermals from We Disappear
"Big Sharp Teeth" Shriekback from Aberrations 81-84
"Previous Cast" Audacity from Hyper Vessels
"Trunkie" Guts Club from The Arm Wrestling Tournament
"In Good Times" Lola Marsh from You're Mine EP
"Why Should I Be Lonely?" Merle Haggard from Same Train, A Different Time
"Lighting Fires" Grant McLennan from Fireboy
"Sergio" The Secret History from Americans Singing In The Dark
"I Want To Stay (I Run Away)" Happy Birthday from Happy Birthday

April 22, 2016: Cradle To Grave, Episode Twenty
Listen to part one of this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (73 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
"Trademark On What I Found" Bob Gallion from MGM Hillbilly, Vol. 2
"Way In The Hee Hi Hoo" Lemon Nash from Papa Lemon: New Orleans Ukulele Maestro & Tent Show Troubadour
"Wichita Lineman" Glen Campbell from Wichita Lineman
"Black Diamond Bay" Bob Dylan from Desire
"Better Get Hit In Yo' Soul" Charles Mingus from Mingus Ah Um
"Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me" Mel Carter from The Best Of Mel Carter
"Sweet Jamaica" Laurel Aitken from You Got Me Rockin' (The Blue Beat Years 1960-1964)
"Boogie'n With George" George Smith from Now You Can Talk About Me
"Nosey Joe" Bull Moose Jackson from Badman Jackson That's Me
"Zulu King" Cannibal & The Headhunters from Land Of 1000 Dances
"I Can Fly" The Herd from The Complete Herd
"Tempted" Squeeze from Spot The Difference
"The SAS & The Glam That Goes With It" Earl Brutus from Tonight You Are The Special One
"Confusion" New Order from Palatine - The Factory Records Story, Vol. 2: Life's A Beach
"Hoola Boola Dance" Perry Bradford's Jazz Phools from The Rise & Fall Of Paramount Records, Vol. 1: 1917-1927
"A Monday Date" Earl Hines from Louis Armstrong & Earl Hines 1928: The Smithsonian Collection
"Boy! What Love Has Done To Me!" Jane Froman with Al Goodman & His Orchestra from Those Wonderful Girls Of Stage, Screen & Radio: Original Records Of The 30s
"Love Can Change The Stars" Victor Marchese & Jane Powell from Reaching For The Moon
"All I Have To Do Is Dream" The Everly Brothers from Classic Everly Brothers
"Calling Jesus" Rev. Louis Overstreet from His Guitar, His Four Sons, & The Congregation Of St. Luke Powerhouse Church Of God In Christ
"Witches Brew" Marilyn Cooper, Leslie Uggams, Barbara Sharma from Hallelujah, Baby! (Original Broadway Cast Recording)
"Moon Over Rio" Robert Farnon from Betty Page Jungle Girl Exotique Music
"I Only Have Eyes For You" Jimmy Bee from Los Angeles Soul: Kent-Modern's Black Music Legacy
"Joycie Girl" Don Pullen feat. Sam Rivers from Capricorn Rising
"High Flying Bird" Richie Havens from Mixed Bag
"Is There Anything I Can Do" The Ashes from The Peanut Butter Conspiracy: Spreading From The Ashes
"The Rebel Girl" Hazel Dickens from Don't Mourn - Organize! Songs Of Labor Songwriter Joe Hill
"Bhajan In Raga Pilu" Shri Lalgudi Jayaraman from Violin

April 19, 2016: Everything's Fine
Listen to part one of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (74 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 61 minutes)
"Everything's Fine" The Saints from Wild About You: The Complete Saints 1976 - 1978
"Everything's Just Fine" The Waltones from Deepest
"Everything's Just Fine" Earwig from La-Di-Da... So Far...
"Everything's Just Fine" Ronderlin from Wave Another Day Goodbye
"Everything Is Fine" Numbers from Now You Are This
"Everything's Fine" Minks from Tides End
"Everything Is Fine" Teen Suicide from DC Snuff Film
"All Is Fine" Tall Dwarfs from Fork Songs
"Fine" James from Pleased To Meet You
"Fa-Fa-Fa-Fine" Julian Cope from Jehovahkill
"Feeling Fine" Class from First
"I Feel Fine" The Beatle Barkers from The Beatle Barkers
"Feel So Fine (with Patsy Todd)" Derrick Morgan from Moon Hop (Best Of The Early Years 1960-1969)
"Guess I'm Doing Fine" Bob Dylan from The Witmark Demos: 1962-1964 (The Bootleg Series Vol. 9)
"Tonight Will Be Fine" Leonard Cohen from Songs From A Room
"That's Fine" The Legendary Bang from Big Bluff
"You Know I'm Fine" The Orchids from Unholy Soul
"Seems Fine" The Concretes from The Concretes
"Closer To Fine" The Smittens from Love Record Breaker
"Fine" Burnt Palms from Back On My Wall
"It's A Fine Day" Jane from Scared To Get Happy: Story of Indie Pop 1980-1989
"One Fine Day" David Byrne & Brian Eno from Everything That Happens Will Happen Today
"One Fine Day" Madness from The Liberty Of Norton Folgate
"It's Gonna Work Out Fine" Cherokees from It's Gonna Work Out Fine
"It's The End Of The World As We Know It (& I Feel Fine)" R.E.M. from Document
"Doin' Fine" Groovie Ghoulies from Short Music For Short People
"Thursday Feels Fine" Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes from Cabinet Of Curiosities

April 15, 2016: Cradle To Grave, Episode Nineteen
Listen to part one of this show (67 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 56 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (74 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 62 minutes)
"St. Louis Blues" Bessie Smith from Louis Armstrong & The Blues Singers
"Washboard Blues" Casper Reardon & His Group from The Big Broadcast, Vol. 8: Jazz & Popular Music Of The 1920s & 1930s
"The Swing Session Is Called To Order" Mezz Mezzrow & His Orchestra from Mezz Mezzrow 1936-1939
"The Friar & Dr. Goulding" Herb Pomeroy & His Orchestra from Band In Boston
"Bourbon Street Parade" Young Tuxedo Brass Band from Jazz Begins
"Gonna Make You Mine" Frank Frost from Harmonica Blues Benders
"Winehead Baby" Little Sonny James from Mardi Gras Blues
"Red Hot" Bob Luman from Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly
"Twelfth Street Rag" Roy Clark from The Lightning Fingers Of Roy Clark
"Ramona" The Blue Diamonds from Always... The Blue Diamonds
"Banana Boy" Eden Ahbez from Eden's Island
"Sweet Dreams (Of You)" Mighty Sam McClain from The Amy Records Sessions (1966-1969)
"Sweet Thing" Van Morrison from Astral Weeks
"Medicine Man" Barclay James Harvest from Barclay James Harvest & Other Short Stories
"Girls Talk" Dave Edmunds from The Best Of Dave Edmunds
"The Boogie Woogie" Cleo Brown from Boogie Woogie
"My Blue Heaven" Kid Thomas & His Algiers Stompers from Best Of Jazz Crusade
"Tanga (Part 1)" Machito & His Afro-Cuban Orchestra from The Roots Of Funk 1947-1962
"Wild, Wild Young Men" Rose Maddox from Whistle Bait!
"Just A Dream I Got On My Mind" Dewey Corley & Walter Miller from The George Mitchell Collection
"Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" The Ramones from Hey! Ho! Let's Go: The Anthology
"Judy In Disguise (With Glasses)" John Fred & His Playboy Band from Judy In Disguise With Glasses
"Dirty Robber" The Wailers from The Fabulous Wailers
"My L.A." Tacey Robbins & The Vendells from Girls In The Garage, Vol. 6
"The Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack" The Nice from The Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack
"My Pal Foot Foot" The Shaggs from The Shaggs
"Peanuts" Little Joe Cook & The Thrillers from Peanuts
"Mellow Chick Swing" Sean Costello from Cuttin' In
"I'm Qualified" Jimmy Hughes from The Birth Of Soul, Vol. 1
"Woman Of The Ghetto" Phyllis Dillon from Funky Kingston: Reggae Dancefloor Grooves 1968-1974
"The Real Sheila" Game Theory from Lolita Nation

April 14, 2016: WRFL Sub Show
"Shine On Me" The Lucksmiths from What Bird Is That?
"Hum" Eerie Wanda from Hum
"She's My Best Friend (1969 Mix)" The Velvet Underground from The Velvet Underground: 45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition
"Repulsor" Crescendo from Unless
"Wishing Well" Love Is All from Wishing Well & Covers EP
"Come Have Me Over" The Sun Days from Album
"Torture" The Virgin-Whore Complex from Stay Away From My Mother
"Lucky Love" Tanya Donelly from Swan Song Series
"The Radiation" My Favorite from The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
"Spies (No More)" The Chandler Estate from Infrastructure
"Hang My Head In Shame" Pete Molinari from Theosophy
"Get It Wrong" The Jazz Butcher from Fishcotheque
"The Asking Tree" The Soft Boys from Invisible Hits
"7 & 7 Is (Live)" The Bangles from Ladies & Gentlemen... The Bangles!
"Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard" Me First & The Gimme Gimmes from Have A Ball
"In The Lobby" Iggy Pop from Post Pop Depression
"Old Dirt Road" John Lennon from Walls & Bridges
"Too Dark" Frankie Cosmos from Next Thing
"(I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear" Blondie from Plastic Letters
"Shadow Of Your Love" La Sera from Music For Listening To Music To
"Behind The House She Lived In" Comet Gain from Paperback Ghosts
"Little Pigs" Robert Pollard from Of Course You Are
"Drug Is The Love" Mexico 70 from The Dust Has Come To Stay
"Stardom" Lust For Youth from Compassion
"She Sings (All My Life)" Ian McCulloch from Slideling
"Santa Ana Winds" The Wedding Present from El Rey
"Bruises" Making Marks from A Thousand Half-Truths
"The Death Of England" Biff Bang Pow! from Creation Soup Volume Four

April 12, 2016: Laws
Listen to part one of this show (73 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (73 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
"The Law" John Maus from A Collection Of Rarities & Previously Unreleased Material
"The Law Of Things" The Bats from The Law Of Things
"The Law" Leonard Cohen from Various Positions
"I'm Just A Bill" Jack Sheldon from Schoolhouse Rock: America Rock
"There Oughta Be A Law" Mickey & Sylvia from Love Is Strange
"There Oughta Be A Law ('Bout The Stuff I Saw)" The Newbeats from Bread & Butter
"I Am The Law" Momus from Reproductions: Songs Of The Human League
"Advice On Arrest" Desperate Bicycles from Another Commercial Venture
"Against The Law" Billy Bragg from 'Til We Outnumber 'Em (The Songs Of Woody Guthrie)
"I Fought The Law (live)" The Clash from On Broadway
"All Of The Law" The Psychedelic Furs from Midnight To Midnight
"This Side Of The Law" Johnny Cash from I Walk The Line
"Knock Out The Lights (& Call The Law)" Jack Hart from MGM Hillbilly, Vol. 2
"Where's The Law" Dee-Dee Gaudet from Hot Boppin' Girls, Vol. 4
"It Is The Law" The Envelopes from Demon
"Breaking The Law" The Meteors from These Evil Things
"Breakin' The Law" The Babies from The Babies
"The Whole Of The Law" The Only Ones from The Only Ones
"One Law For Them" The 4 Skins from The Good, The Bad, & The 4 Skins
"Law & Order" John Mulaney from The Top Part
"Law" Mighty Mighty from A Band From Birmingham
"It's A Law" Natural History from Beat Beat Heartbeat
"New Law" Gloria Cycles from Campsite Discotheque
"Laws Of Physics" Charming Hostess from Eat
"Law Of The Jungle" Richard Barone from Clouds Over Eden
"Wheel Of The Law" Kendra Smith from The Guild Of Temporal Adventurers
"Squid Law" The Fall from Seminal Live

April 9, 2016: Cradle To Grave, Episode Eighteen
Listen to part one of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
"Franklin Street Blues" Louis Dumaine's Jazzola Eight from Breaking Out Of New Orleans
"Look What You've Missed" Sharkey Bonano from The Good Time Jazz Story
"Barnyard Blues" Eddie Edwards & His Original Dixieland Jazz Band from Eddie Edwards & His Original Dixieland Jazz Band with Tony Sbarbaro
"Coolin' With Dash" Julian Dash from Chicken Shack Boogie, Vol. 4
"Sho' Nuff Melon" Reuben Wilson from Blue Break Beats, Vol. 3
"Water Boy" Paul Robeson from Folk Song America: A 20th Century Revival
"Texas Blues" Mance Lipscomb from Songster
"Matchbox" Carl Perkins from The Sun Records Collection
"Put It On" Count Rockin' Sidney with the Dukes from Southern Funkin': Louisiana Funk & Soul 1967-1970
"Mutual Admiration Society" Virginia Gibson & Ethel Merman from Happy Hunting (Original Broadway Cast Recording)
"Forever & A Day" Terry Knight & The Pack from Reflections
"The Night Chicago Died" Paper Lace from Super Hits Of The '70s: Have A Nice Day, Vol. 13
"Tiger Feet" Mud from Jackie The Album
"We Will All Go Together When We Go" Tom Lehrer from The Remains Of Tom Lehrer
"Maybe You'll Appreciate Me Someday" Kay Adams from Killers Three OST
"At The Jazz Band Ball" The Original Dixieland Jass Band from Remastered
"Royal Garden Blues" The Mezzrow-Ladnier Quintet from Mezz Mezzrow: 1936-1939
"Blues Negres" Cleoma Falcon from Hot Women: Women Singers From The Torrid Regions Of The World
"Hobo Blues" James Yank Rachell from Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 2 (1938-1941)
"You Got Me Hummin'" Sam & Dave from The Complete Stax-Volt Singles 1959-1968
"La-La (Means I Love You)" The Delfonics from La-La Means I Love You: The Definitive Collection
"Don't Think Twice, It's Alright" Brook Benton from Home Style
"Kulu Sé Mama" John Coltrane from Kulu Sé Mama
"Changes (Live)" Phil Ochs from Farewells & Fantasies
"Live Like A Lady" The Remo Four from Smile!
"She's Lost Control" Joy Division from Unknown Pleasures
"Negativland" Neu! from Neu!

April 5, 2016: Taking Sides
Listen to part one of this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
"I'm On Your Side" The Frugal Sound from Ripples Vol. 3: The Autumn Almanac (Soft Rock & Folk Baroque Sounds Of The UK)
"I'm On Your Side" Fosca from Diary Of An Antibody
"I'm On Your Side" You Say France & I Whistle from Angry Men
"Time Is On My Side" Wilson Pickett from The Wicked Pickett
"Time Is On Our Side" Hot Rain from The Sound Of Leamington Spa, Vol. 1
"Time Is Never On Our Side" Laura Watling from Early Morning Walk
"Time Is On Your Side" Earth, Wind & Fire from The Eternal Dance
"Hope Is Still On Your Side" The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir from ...And The Horse You Rode In On
"History's On Your Side" Shy Camp from History's On Your Side
"God Is On My Side" Hefner from Breaking God's Heart
"With God On Our Side" The Neville Brothers from How Many Roads (Black America Sings Bob Dylan)
"On My Side" Mysteries Of Life from Keep A Secret
"On Your Side" Brakes from The Beatific Visions
"On Your Side" The Radio Dept. from Passive Aggressive (Singles 2002-2010)
"On Your Side" The Shondes from The Garden
"Three Cheers For Our Side" Orange Juice from You Can't Hide Your Love Forever
"Which Side Are You On?" The Almanac Singers from Songs For Political Action: Folk Music, Topical Songs & The American Left 1935-1954: The Almanac Singers, March 1941-July 1941
"Which Side Are You On?" Billy Bragg from Brewing Up With Billy Bragg
"Whose Side Are You On?" Grant McLennan from Fireboy
"Which Side" Red Lorry Yellow Lorry from Paint Your Wagon
"You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side" Morrissey from Your Arsenal
"Your Side" Fear Of Men from Early Fragments
"Shot By Both Sides" Magazine from Real Life
"Take My Side" Will Butler from Policy
"Down By The River" Neil Young from Live At The Cellar Door

April 2, 2016: Cradle To Grave, Episode Seventeen
Listen to part one of this show (69 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 57 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (66 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 55 minutes)
"Novelty Blues" Jazz Wizards from Omer Simeon: The Rarest & Greatest Tracks 1929-1954
"Jim Jam Stomp" Joe Marsala's Chicagoans from That Devilin' Tune: A Jazz History (1895-1950)
"Sometimes I'm Happy" Benny Goodman & His Orchestra from Bunny Berigan: The Pied Piper (1935-1940)
"Beer Barrel Polka" Jim Robinson from Jim Robinson With Kid Thomas, Ernie Cagnolatti, & De De Pierce
"That's Entertainment" Jack Buchanan, Fred Astaire, Nanette Fabray, & Oscar Levant from The Band Wagon OST
"Walkin' Home" J.T. Brown from Ham Hocks & Cornbread
"Pepino The Italian Mouse" Lou Monte from Your Hit Parade: Golden Goofers
"True Love Ways" Buddy Holly & The Crickets from Greatest Hits
"A Six Pack To Go" Leon Russell from Dylan, Cash, & The Nashville Cats: A New Music City
"Here Come The Martian Martians" Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers from Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
"Je T'Aime... Moi Non Plus" Serge Gainsbourg from Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg
"Love Hurts" Gram Parsons & Emmylou Harris from Grievous Angel
"Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)" Marvin Gaye from What's Going On
"Rock & Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This)" Handsome Boy Modeling School from So... How's Your Girl
"Onion Eating Mama" Cliff Carlisle (as Bob Clifford) from Roots 'N' Blues: The Retrospective
"Chain Gang" Sam Cooke from The Man & His Music
"April In Paris" The Modernaires with Paula Kelly from Singin' & Swingin'
"Harbor Lights (vocals Kenny Gardner)" Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians from Enjoy Yourself: The Hits Of Guy Lombardo
"The Very Thought Of You" Al Bowlly with The Ray Noble Orchestra from Al Bowlly With Ray Noble 1931-1934
"Moten Stomp" Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra from Body & Soul: 80 Years Of RCA Jazz
"S'il Vous Plait" Miles Davis Nonet from The Complete Birth Of The Cool Sessions
"Shank's Pranks" Bud Shank (with Shorty Rogers) from Bud Shank Quintets
"Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" The Buddy Rich Big Band from Mercy, Mercy
"Love's Made A Fool Of You" The Esquires from The Singles... Plus
"Send Me A Postcard" Shocking Blue from We Can Fly, Vol. 3
"Hot Smoke & Sassafras" Bubble Puppy from A Gathering Of Promises
"Anywhere" B.J. Baker from Anywhere
"Funky Music Sho Nuff Turns Me On" Edwin Starr from The Complete Motown Singles, Vol 11A: 1971

March 29, 2016: The Neighborhood
Listen to part one of this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
"Won't You Be My Neighbor?" Mister Rogers from Bedtime
"The People In Your Neighborhood" Bob McGrath & The Muppets from The People In Your Neighborhood
"A Neighborhood Is A Friendly Place" Ella Jenkins from Multicultural Children's Songs
"New Kind Of Neighborhood" Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers from Modern Lovers '88
"In The Neighborhood" Tom Waits from Swordfishtrombones
"So Many People In The Neighborhood" Ween from Quebec
"Neighborhood Threat" Iggy Pop from Lust For Life
"Neighborhood Watch" Mike Krol from Turkey
"Brand New Neighborhood" Fletcher Smith from Rhythm & Blues Goes Rock & Roll
"Strange Neighborhood" Gene McDaniels from Big City Soul, Vol. 1
"On The Avenue (In The Neighborhood)" Jimmy Ruffin from The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 8: 1968
"I Killed The Neighbours" Misty's Big Adventure from Misty's Big Adventure & Their Place In The Solar Hi-Fi System
"We Are Neighbors" The Chi-Lites from (For God's Sake) Give More Power To The People
"Hey Neighbor" Jenny O from Automechanic
"Mr. Roberts # 1" Christopher Guest & Bill Murray from That's Not Funny, That's Sick
"Neighborhood Children" Tiny Tim from Tiny Tim's Second Album
"Neighbor, Neighbor" Jimmy Hughes from Sweet Soul Music
"In My Neighborhood" Bonniwell Music Machine from Beyond The Garage
"Neighbours" The Bats from Compiletely Bats
"Neighborhood Survival Gunstore" Firesign Theater from Eat Or Be Eaten
"The Neighborhood" Jackie Lee from The Duck
"You Woke Up My Neighborhood" Billy Bragg from Don't Try This At Home
"My Neighborhood" The New Year from The New Year
"Neighbours" Shack from Waterpistol
"Neighborhood" David Byrne from Look Into The Eyeball
"My Next Door Neighbor" Jerry McCain & His Upstarts from Folk Music In America, Vol. 7: Songs Of Complaint & Protest
"The Universality Of Neighbourliness" Tall Dwarfs from Throw A Sickie
"My Neighbor" Tochigi from Tochigi
"Have You Seen Your Neighbour In The Bath" Pig Rider from Bloody Turkey Sandwiches

March 26, 2016: Cradle To Grave, Episode Sixteen
Listen to part one of this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
"Flight Of The Bumblebee" Rafael Méndez from The Legendary Trumpet Virtuosity Of Rafael Méndez, Vol. 1
"Gone With The Gin" Hot Lips Page & His Band from 1938-1940
"Nightmare" Joe Loco from Let's Go Loco
"You Can't Hurry Love" The Supremes from The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 6: 1966
"Can Your Monkey Do The Dog" Rufus Thomas from The Complete Stax/Volt Singles 1959-1968
"Wally Ballou, Roving Reporter" Bob & Ray from Bob & Ray On A Platter
"Mr. Blue Sky" Electric Light Orchestra from Out Of The Blue
"Phasors On Stun" FM from Black Noise
"Moments In Love" Art Of Noise from (Who's Afraid Of?) The Art Of Noise!
"Cubik" 808 State from 90
"Get Up, Get Down, Get Funky, Get Loose" Teddy Pendergrass from Life Is A Song Worth Singing
"Never Can Say Goodbye" The Communards from Red
"Myspace/Email" Todd Barry from From Heaven
"Traumerai" Albert Spalding from The Definitive Collection Of The 19th Century's Greatest Virtuosos
"April Kisses" Eddie Lang from Jazz Guitar Virtuoso
"A Room With A View" Noel Coward from This Year Of Grace
"Backtrackin' (Dr. Daddy-O)" Paul Gayten from Gettin' Funky: The Birth Of New Orleans R & B
"Betty Betty Go Steady With Me" Dickie Pride from The Sheik Of Shake
"Lookie, Lookie, Lookie" Ronnie Smith & The Poor Boys from Buddy's Buddies: Holly For Hire (1957-1959)
"I've Been Wrong" The Buckinghams from Pebbles, Vol. 6: Chicago Part 1
"Dead Man's Curve" Jan & Dean from All The Hits, From Surf City To Drag City
"Jumping At Shadows" Duster Bennett from Smiling Like I'm Happy
"I'm In The Mood" The Chesterfield Kings from Drunk On Muddy Water
"Country Girl" The Jacobites from When The Rain Comes
"Lyke Wake Dirge" Pentangle from Gather In The Mushrooms: The British Acid Folk Underground (1968-1974)
"Mama Told Me (Not To Come)" Three Dog Night from It Ain't Easy
"Streets Of Calcutta" Ananda Shankar from Look Into The Flower (Trip On Psychedelic Grooves With Blue Note)
"We Want Easy" Easy-E from The NWA Legacy

March 22, 2016: Slow Down
Listen to part one of this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (73 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 61 minutes)
"Slow Down" Anita O'Day from The Complete Anita O'Day Verve/Clef Sessions
"Slow Down Baby (Russell Jacquet, vocals)" Illinois Jacquet from The Chronological Classics: Illinois Jacquet 1947-1950
"Slow Down" Lou Mac from Rockin' At Midnight At The Parrot Club
"Slow Down" Larry Williams from Loud, Fast, & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50s Rock
"Slow Down" The Cochran Brothers from Eddie & Hank: The Cochran Brothers
"Slow Down Sandy" Eddie Quinteros from Rockin' On Broadway: The Time/Brent/Shad Story
"Slow Down" Gus Jenkins & Orchestra from Jericho Alley Blues Flash! Blues In Los Angeles 1956 - 1959
"Slow Down Brother" Ferlin Huskey & His Hush Puppies from Out & Out Rockabilly
"Slow Down Heart" The Temptations from Emperors Of Soul
"Slow Down" Tammi Terrell from The Essential Collection
"The Merry-Go-Round Is Slowin' You Down" The Surprise Package from The Other Me 7"
"Slow Down" Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge from Breakaway
"Slow Down" Taboo from Violators: The No Future Years
"Slow Down" Maduu from Bombay Beats, Vol. 1
"Slow Down" The Feelies from The Good Earth
"Slow Things Down" The Soup Dragons from Hang-Ten!
"Slow Down" Blur from Leisure
"Slow Down" Dump from I Can Hear Music
"Hold On, Slow Down" Earlimart from Treble & Tremble
"Slow Down" The Jordans from Katydid
"Slow Me Down" Aberfeldy from Young Forever
"How Do You Slow This Thing Down" Gothic Archies from The Tragic Treasury: Songs From A Series Of Unfortunate Events
"Slowing Down" Blank Dogs from Under & Under
"The Steady Slowing Down Of The Heart" Lloyd Cole from Cleaning Out The Ashtrays: Collected B-Sides & Rarities 1989-2006
"Slowing Down the World" Savages from Adore Life
"Slow It Down" The Frank & Walters from Greenwich Mean Time
"Slowdown" Peter Murphy from Ninth

March 19, 2016: WRFL Sub Show
"Busby Berkeley Dreams" The Magnetic Fields from The Charm Of The Highway Strip
"Claw & Wing" Barry Adamson from Know Where To Run
"Lost On The River # 12" The New Basement Tapes from Lost On The River
"Loose Ends" DIIV from Is The Is Are
"Castles In The Air" The French Impressionists from A Selection Of Songs
"When Shipman Decides" Fat White Family from Songs For Our Mothers
"King Of Trees" Cat Stevens from Buddha & The Chocolate Box
"I'm Glad" Field Music from Commontime
"Birocracy" Momus from JoeMus
"See These Eyes" Deep Sea Diver from Secrets
"Midnight Train" Bryan Ferry from Avonmore
"Chanson Du Bon Chose" Mountain Goats from Nine Black Poppies
"I Guess I Planted" Billy Bragg from Mermaid Avenue
"The Boy Racer" Morrissey from Southpaw Grammar
"You Or Me" The Frights from You Are Going To Hate This
"Gagarin" Public Service Broadcasting from The Race For Space
"Celebration # 1" Night Beats from Who Sold My Generation
"Uma" Majesty Crush from Love 15
"Old Lullabies" Photo Ops from Vacation
"Sewer Pipe Dream" Close Lobsters from Foxheads Stalk This Land
"I'm Not A Young Man Anymore (feat. Dean & Britta)" My Robot Friend from Open The Book
"1 & 3" 50 Million from Late Last Night As I Lay Screaming: KVRX Local Live, Vol. 2
"The Uninvited Guest" Gladiola from This Year's Storm
"One More Chance" CJ Ramone from Last Chance To Dance
"Sagas" Jan Garbarek & Usted Fateh Ali Khan from Ragas & Sagas
"Westchester County Jail" Lloyd Cole from Broken Record
"Baby Can Dance" Tin Machine from Tin Machine
"Continental Shelf" Viet Cong from Viet Cong
"This Kind of Feeling" Sunflower Bean from Human Ceremony
"Backwards Mind" G.D. Luxxe from Between Zero & Eternity
"Big Car" Violent Femmes from We Can Do Anything
"Turning Time Around" Lou Reed from Ecstasy
"Japanese Alice" Wild Nothing from Life Of Pause
"Real Thing" The Wedding Present from Saturnalia
"Ignorance" You Say Party from You Say Party
"Is That Your Halo" The Rock Shop from State Of Your Mind
"Cloudy" Never from Cloudy EP
"Days Can't Touch You Now" Mexico 70 from Imperial Comet Hour
"Don't Tell Them You're Sane" The Jam from This Is The Modern World
"The Doom Room" Superego from Superego Volume 4, Episode 6
"Inside Me" The Jesus & Mary Chain from Psychocandy

March 15, 2016: Connections
Listen to part one of this show (70 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 58 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (74 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 62 minutes)
"Connection" The Rolling Stones from Between The Buttons
"Connection" Can from Unlimited Edition
"Connection" The Brunettes from Paper Dolls
"Connection" Elastica from Elastica
"Connection" King Tuff from Was Dead
"Connection" Call & Response from Tiger Teeth
"Connections" Smog from Julius Caesar
"Super-Connected" Belly from King
"Get Connected" The Jessica Fletchers from Less Sophistication
"The Connector" The Futureheads from The Chaos
"The Connection Man" Ty Segall from Manipulator
"Loose Connections" Channel Light Vessel from Excellent Spirits
"Bad Connection" Tullycraft from Lost In Light Rotation 7"
"Bad Connection" The Square Peg from Kilt By Death: The Sound Of Old Scotland
"Making Connections" The Saps from C'mon Already, Start A Fire
"The Farm Yard Connection" Fun Boy Three from Waiting
"The Rainbow Connection" Majestic from Just For A Day
"Love Connection" Annette Snell from Southern Grooves
"Tight Connection To My Heart (Has Anybody Seen My Love?)" Bob Dylan from Empire Burlesque
"Me! I Disconnect From You" Tubeway Army from Replicas
"Disconnected" The Creatures from Anima Animus
"Disconnect" Plastikman from Closer
"Disconnected" Beat Union from Disconnected
"Mothership Connection (Star Child)" Parliament from Mothership Connection
"Only Connect" Harper Lee from Go Back To Bed

March 12, 2016: Cradle To Grave, Episode Fifteen
Listen to part one of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (69 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 58 minutes)
"Man In The Street" Don Drummond & The Skatalites from Trojan Explosion! Intensified Club Reggae Classics
"Little Chick-A-Dee" Kell Osborne & The Chicks from Little Chick-A-Dee
"Baby I Need Your Lovin'" The Fourmost from The Best Of The Sixties
"Mother Dear" Barclay James Harvest from Barclay James Harvest
"Just A Chance" Badfinger from Wish You Were Here
"Browns Ferry Blues # 2" Callahan Brothers from Roots N' Blues: The Retrospective
"Head Rag Hop" Romeo Nelson from The Many Faces Of Boogie Woogie
"Louisiana Boogie" L.C. Williams from Houston Jump 1946-1951
"San Francisco Bay Blues" Jesse Fuller from The Good Time Jazz Story: Ragtime, Blues, Banjos
"Walkin' All Night" Little Feat from Dixie Chicken
"You're The Cream In My Coffee" Gordon MacRae from The Best Things In Life Are Free
"New York, New York" Liza Minnelli from New York, New York
"The Awakening" Pizzicato Five from Romantique 96
"City Hall" Graham Coxon from A+E
"Up The Bracket" The Libertines from Up The Bracket
"Stay A Little Longer" Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys from San Antonio Rose
"Heaven" The Bailey Brothers from Take Me Back To Happy Valley
"Down Yonder" Champ Butler from Down Yonder
"Hey Jack" The Dozier Boys from Jive R&B: Vocal Group Classics, Vol. 2
"Put On My Shoes" Mary Ann Fisher from Put On My Shoes
"Ornithology" Charlie Parker from Complete Savoy Live Performances: Sept. 29, 1947-Oct. 25, 1950
"Take Five" Dave Brubeck Quartet from Time Out
"Baby Don't Look Down" The Blues Council from That Driving Beat
"Apple Green" June Valli from Oh Why
"Look For Me Baby" Goldie & The Gingerbreads from Rare Mod 3
"Love Song" Lesley Duncan from Gather In The Mushrooms: The British Acid Folk Underground (1968-1974)
"Hop Dedik" Erol Buyukburc from Love, Peace & Poetry: Turkish Psychedelic Music
"Don't Let Me Go" Rockie Charlies from Born For You
"From A Buick Six" Alex Taylor from Dinnertime

March 12, 2016: WRFL Sub Show
"Bodysnatcher Blues" Dave Graney from Knock Yourself Out
"Black Fly On A White Wall" Pillar Point from Marble Mouth
"Party" White Mystery from Blood & Venom
"When Black Turns Green" Pet Sun from Pet Sun
"Daisy Glaze" Big Star from Live In Memphis
"Philosophy Of The World" The Shaggs from The Shaggs
"More Than" Wintersleep from The Great Detachment
"Fold" Burnt Palms from Back On My Wall
"Loveman, We Love You!" Miles Dethmuffen from Clutter
"Mass Ave." Tanya Donelly from Mass Ave.
"Solicitor In Studio (live)" The Fall from In A Hole
"Time We Talked Again" Cleaners From Venus from Return To Bohemia
"Estuvo Bien (Suedehead)" Mexrrissey from No Manchester
"Thoughtless Kind" John Cale from M: FANS
"Mine Is At" Edwyn Collins from Doctor Syntax
"Sally Forth" Applesauce Tears from Alpha Drift
"Pretty Song From 'Psych-Out'" Strawberry Alarm Clock from Wake Up... It's Tomorrow
"Guilt" Ringo Deathstarr from Pure Mood
"Tweeker Kidz" The Aquadolls from Stoked On You
"Cannonball" Yuck from Stranger Things
"A Veces Sì, A Veces No" Juniper Moon from El Resto De Mi Vida
"Handstand" The Fontaines from The Fontaines II
"Carsick" Tall Dwarfs from The Sky Above, The Mud Below
"(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes" Elvis Costello from My Aim Is True
"Rubyouwrongtime" AJ Davila Y Terror Amor from Beibi
"You Can Be a Songwriter, Too" Longboat from Kill The Music
"Beat On The Brat" The Bratbeaters from Blitzkrieg Over You: A Tribute To The Ramones
"Throw Her Away (& Get A New One)" Sparks from Big Beat
"From The Top Of A Building" Latvian Radio from Until Tomorrow Gets In The Way
"A Million Miles Away" Plimsouls from Everywhere At Once
"T.I.W.Y.G." Savages from Adore Life
"Follow The Sun Down" The Primitives from Spin-O-Rama
"All About Us" TEEN from Love Yes
"Tantas Veces" Entre Rios from Intercontinental Pop Exchange No. 7
"Initial" Pinkshinyultrablast from Grandfeathered
"In Fear Of Fear (BBC Session)" Bauhaus from Swing The Heartache: The BBC Sessions
"Crush Your Heart" Ski Lodge from New Life
"Downtown" Neil Young from Mirror Ball
"Yes Yes Yesterday" His Name Is Alive from Tecuciztecatl
"Women Help To Create The Kind Of Men They Despise" Lambchop from Aw C'mon
"Alan Bean" Hefner from Dead Media

March 8, 2016: The Empty Show
Listen to part one of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
"Empty" Eddie Spaghetti from The Value Of Nothing
"Emptiness Inside" My Bloody Valentine from Feed Me With Your Kiss
"The The Empty" Le Tigre from Le Tigre
"Diary Of An Empty Day" The Nice from Nice
"Stronger Hearts Than Mine Lie Empty" Ballboy from The Sash My Father Wore & Other Stories
"The Empty Page" Sonic Youth from Murray Street
"Empty Heart" The Rolling Stones from 12 X 5
"In An Empty Hotel" Northern Portrait from Napoleon Sweetheart EP
"Empty Streets" Suspicious For The Winter from EardrumsPop 100
"Empty Space" Holly Golightly from Slowtown Now!
"Empty Roads" 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong from Baby Trash
"Empty Girl" The Soft Boys from Invisible Hits
"Empty Boy" Lane Steinberg from Lane Steinberg Collection 1984-2000
"The Empty World" The Cure from The Top
"Empty Bottles" Opal from Northern Line EP
"I Have Known The Emptiness" Dan Melchior from The Backward Path
"My World Is Empty Without You" Diana Ross & The Supremes from Greatest Hits
"Empty House" The Pastels from Crawl Babies 12"
"Empty Glasses" The Amps from Pacer
"Empty Place" Burnt Palms from The Girl You Knew
"This Empty Place" The Searchers from The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection
"Sad, Free, Excited, & Empty" The Hepburns from How The Fallen Are Mighty
"My Empty Head" The Flatmates from Potpourri (Hits, Mixes, & Demos '85-'89)
"Empty Shell" Vic Godard & Subway Sect from What's The Matter Boy?
"A Few Empty Waves" Cats On Fire from All Blackshirts To Me

March 5, 2016: Cradle To Grave, Episode Fourteen
Listen to part one of this show (70 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 58 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
"Makin' Faces At The Man In The Moon (Milt Coleman, vocals)" Ben Selvin & His Orchestra from The Very Best Of Ben Selvin & His Orchestra
"A Boy From Texas, A Girl From Tennessee" Randy Brooks & His Orchestra from 1945-1947
"Peg Leg Stomp" Peg Leg Howell from Atlanta Blues: Big City Blues From The Heartland
"G. R. Boogie" Gene Rodgers from The Boogie Box
"Wild Card" Tex Williams from Vintage Collections
"Eisenhower Blues" J.B. Lenoir from 1951-1954
"Seven Little Girls (Sitting In The Back Seat)" Paul Evans from Happy-Go-Lucky Me
"Police On My Back" The Equals from Greatest Hits
"Trust Me" Janis Joplin from Pearl
"Lady Love Bug" Clodagh Rodgers from You Are My Music... The Best Of Clodagh Rodgers
"East Of Woodstock, West Of Viet Nam" Tom Russell from Blood & Candle Smoke
"Over & Done With" The Proclaimers from This Is The Story
"An End Has A Start" Editors from An End Has A Start
"Wise Ol' Man" The Fall from Wise Ol' Man EP
"Patripassian (feat. Nick Cave)" Current 93 from All The Pretty Little Horses
"Walkin' After Midnight " Patsy Cline from The Patsy Cline Collection (Honky Tonk Merry Go Round)
"Hangman's Boogie" Cowboy Copas from Hillbilly Boogie: Crazy Bout The Boogie
"Dog House Boogie" Hawkshaw Hawkins from The History Of Country & Western Music, Vol. 14 (1947-1948)
"Hey Bartender Give That Man A Drink" Jumpin' Joe Williams with Red Saunders & His Orchestra from The OKeh Rhythm & Blues Story 1949-1957
"Over The Rainbow" Judy Garland from Judy Garland In Hollywood: Her Greatest Movie Hits
"The Immigrants" National Lampoon from Gold Turkey
"Eeny-Meeny-Miney-Moe" Bob & Lucille from Rockin' Bones: 1950s Punk & Rockabilly
"Chim Chim Cher-ee" Dick Van Dyke from Walt Disney's Mary Poppins (Original Cast Soundtrack)
"Are You Having Any Fun?" Vivian Stanshall from Keynsham
"The Impossible Dream (The Quest)" Richard Kiley from Man Of La Mancha Original Cast Recording
"We Are Climbing" Chuck Wagon Gang from Flowers In The Wildwood: Women In Early Country Music
"Love At Last" Leighton Noble with the Ted Fio Rito Orchestra from Radio & Recording Rarities
"What Am I To Do" The Paris Sisters from The Complete Phil Spector Sessions
"Sweet Dreams" Dave Sampson & The Hunters from British Beat: Before The Beatles 1955-1962
"Tanguillo: Zambrilla" Carlos Montoya from Flamenco!

March 1, 2016: Let's Pretend
Listen to part one of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (74 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 62 minutes)
"Let's Pretend There's A Moon" Fats Waller & His Rhythm from 1934-1935
"The Great Pretender" Stan Freberg from Capitol Collectors Series
"Pretend" Carl Mann from The Legendary Sun Records
"Let's Pretend" The Raspberries from Overnight Sensation: The Very Best Of The Raspberries
"The Great Pretender" Brian Eno from Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)
"Just Pretend" Department S from Is Vic There?
"Let's Pretend" The Cannanes from Frightening Thing
"Love Is Just The Great Pretender" Animal Nightlife from Love Is Just The Great Pretender
"Let's Pretend" Cinerama from Disco Volante
"Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits" The Magnetic Fields from 69 Love Songs
"Pretend" Girlboy Girl from Fresco
"You Pretend To Be The Moon" Future Bible Heroes from Memories Of Love
"Pretend Not To Care" Crippled Pilgrims from Down Here (Collected Recordings 1983-1985)
"The Young Pretenders" Red Sleeping Beauty from Soundtrack
"Just Pretending" My Dad Is Dead from Pet Sounds Volume One - A Benefit For Alter
"Pretend To Smile" Le Futur Pompiste from Your Stories & Your Thoughts
"Pretending Part 2" Tiger Baby from Lost In You
"Trying To Pretend" Vivian Girls from Share The Joy
"Pretend To Be Brave" BOAT from Pretend To Be Brave
"Pretend It's Love" The Postelles from ...And It Shook Me
"Pretend & Descend" Magic Bullets from Magic Bullets
"Pretend That We're Smart" Candyaudioline from Summer Escape
"Pretend Girlfriend" Spray from Children Of A Laser God
"Pretending To Be Drunk" Sparks from Pulling Rabbits Out Of A Hat

February 27, 2016: Cradle To Grave, Episode Thirteen
Listen to part one of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
"Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child" Marian Anderson from Softly Awakes My Heart
"Down Hearted Blues" Mildred Bailey & Her Alley Cats from The Ladies In Blues
"Love For Sale" Elisabeth Welch from The Ultimate Elisabeth Welch
"Junk Man" The Spirits Of Rhythm from 1933-1945
"Brown Sugar" Doc Cook & His Dreamland Orchestra from Freddie Keppard: Legend
"Stack-A-Lee, Part 1" Archibald from The Complete New Orleans Sessions 1950-1952
"Bon Ton Roula" Clarence Garlow from Let Me Tell You About The Blues: Texas - The Evolution Of Texas Blues
"(Everytime I Hear) That Mellow Saxophone" Roy Montrell from Mardi Gras Blues
"Hesitation Boogie" Hardrock Gunter from Hillbilly Boogie: Crazy Bout The Boogie
"Singing The Blues" Guy Mitchell with Ray Coniff & His Orchestra from The Best Of Guy Mitchell
"Sugar & Spice" The Cryan Shames from Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era
"Mony Mony" Tommy James & The Shondells from The Best Of Tommy James & The Shondells
"Do Something To Me" ? & The Mysterians from Mindrocker: Anthology Of 60s US-Punk Garage Psych, Vol. 11
"Make Me Smile (Come Up & See Me)" Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel from The Best Years Of Our Lives
"(Forever) Live & Die" Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark from The Pacific Age
"Three O'Clock In The Morning" Dexter Gordon from Go
"Highly Illogical" Leonard Nimoy from Two Sides Of Leonard Nimoy
"Dr. Ben Basey" Micky Shorr & The Cut-Ups from Dr. Ben Basey
"Australia" Spike Milligan from The Spike Milligan Collection
"I Laughed" The Jesters from The Best Of The Jesters
"I Put The Bomp" Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers from It's Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers! Essential Recordings 1955-1961
"When I'm In My Tea" Jo Jo Adams from Jump Blue: Rockin' The Jukes
"Congo Beat" Saka Acquaye & His African Ensemble from Gold Coast Saturday Night
"Psychedelic Train" The Chosen Few from Don Letts Presents The Mighty Trojan Sound
"Superstar (Remember How You Got Where You Are)" The Temptations from The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 11B: 1971
"The Breaks, Pt. 1" Kurtis Blow from Say It Loud! A Celebration Of Black Music In America
"You Ain't Heard Nothing 'Til You Hear Him Roar" Sons Of The Pioneers from Blue Prairie
"Tightrope!" George Duning from Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 4: Black & White Classics
"Surfin'" The Orlons from Everybody's Goin' Surfin'
"Girls Don't Count" Section 25 from Always Now
"Nighttime Sounds/Tree, Tree, Tree" Mister Rogers from Bedtime

February 23, 2016: You Never Will
Listen to part one of this show (73 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 61 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
"You'll Never Be Alone" The Books from Music For A French Elevator & Other Short Format Oddities By The Books
"You'll Never Get Away" Teresa Brewer & Don Cornell from Music! Music! Music! The Best Of Teresa Brewer
"You'll Never Get To Heaven" Bill Morrissey from The Essential Collection
"You'll Never Come Back" Buck Griffin from Let's Elope Baby
"You'll Never Change Me" Lonnie Allen from Born Bad, Volume Five
"You'll Never Live Before Your Time" The Wind from Guest Of The Staphs
"The Man You'll Never Be" Momus from JoeMus
"You'll Never Be Sorry" Gerald Sims from You Better Believe It! Vol.1
"You'll Never Be A Man" Elvis Costello & The Attractions from Trust
"You'll Never Never Know" Dislocation Dance from Music Music Music/Slip That Disc!
"You'll Never See That Summertime Again" Friends from Roads Leading Everywhere
"You Will Never Be No Good" Lloyd Cole & The Commotions from Rattlesnakes
"You'll Never Know (My Love)" Edwyn Collins from Home Again
"You'll Never Walk Alone" Elvis Presley from The Complete Single Collection
"You'll Never Leave Him" The Isley Brothers from The Isley Brothers Story, Vol. 1: Rockin' Soul (1959-68)
"You'll Never Make The Grade" Eddie Parker & Sunlovers from The Northern Soul Of L.A., Vol. 1
"You'll Never Leave Cirencester" The Casswells from The Casswells
"You'll Never Be That Young Again" Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes from Cabinet Of Curiosities
"You'll Never Be A Star" Shy Camp from You'll Never Be A Star
"You Will Never Learn To Play The Cello" Ad Frank from The World's Best Ex-Boyfriend
"You'll Never Find Brian Here" Fischer-Z from Red Skies Over Paradise
"You'll Never Do It Baby" Lyres from Lyres Lyres
"You'll Never Get That Guy" The Manhattan Love Suicides from Burnt Out Landscapes
"(You'll Never Be) So Wrong" Bass Drum Of Death from Bass Drum Of Death
"You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine" Lou Rawls from All Things In Time

February 20, 2016: Cradle To Grave, Episode Twelve
Listen to part one of this show (70 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 58 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
"Besame Mucho" Oscar Aleman Y Su Orchestra from Cuban Latino Jazz 1930-1949
"Latin Simone (¿Qué Pasa Contigo?)" Gorillaz from Gorillaz
"Funky Butt" Charles Kynard from Killer Jazz Funk From The Mainstream Vault II
"Ain't Misbehavin'" Leroy Jones from Props For Pop
"Reach Out For Me" Nancy Wilson from The Look Of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection
"Love's Enough" David Ackles from American Gothic
"The Circle Game" Buffy Sainte-Marie from Fire & Fleet & Candlelight
"Hi-De-Ho" Blood, Sweat, & Tears from Blood, Sweat, & Tears 3
"Anywhere Is Everywhere" Alan Hull from Phantoms
"Surfer's Playmate" The Fleetwoods from Hey, Beach Girls! Female Surf & Drag 1961-1966
"Going Down" Stone Roses from The Complete Stone Roses
"24 Hour Party People" Happy Mondays from Squirrel & G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out)
"Mama Oo Pow Pow" The Cramps from Stay Sick!
"Blue Spark" X from Under The Big Black Sun
"Son Of A Gun" Nirvana from Incesticide
"(Those Ole) Uranium Blues" Loy Clingman With Al Casey & The Arizona Hayriders from Atomic Platters
"Stranded In The Jungle" The Cadets from Best Of Burlesque
"Court Of Love" The Unifics from Sittin' In At The Court Of Love
"Vibration 2.2" The Celebrated Renaissance Band from Vibration 2.2
"Pumpkin Pie" Joe Thompson from Family Tradition
"Soliloquy (from Carousel)" John Raitt from American Musical Theater: Shows, Songs, & Stars, Vol. 2
"The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald" Gordon Lightfoot from The Complete Greatest Hits
"Sunny Days" Lighthouse from Sunny Days
"I Don't Care (What They Say)" The Melroys from The Melroys
"Drive All Night" Rachel Bissex from Between The Broken Lines
"Lebanese Blonde" Thievery Corporation from It Takes A Thief: The Very Best Of Thievery Corporation

February 16, 2016: Red Things - with guest host Ben Southworth
"Red Roses For A Blue Lady" Vaughn Moore from Red Roses For A Blue Lady
"Red Roses" The Bonfire Set from On The Road
"Roses Are Red" Bobby Vinton from Roses Are Red
"Candy Apple Red" R. Dean Taylor from Candy Apple Red
"The Red Grapes" Sammy Davis Jr. from Tribute To Mr. Wonderful
"Red Wine Teeth" The Wave Pictures from Instant Coffee Baby
"Red Red Wine" The Replacements from Pleased To Meet Me
"Red Bird" Bear Medicine from The Moon Has Been All My Life
"Dark Red Birds" Felt from Absolute Classic Masterpieces, Vol. 2
"Walls Of Red Wing" Bob Dylan from The Bootleg Series, Vol. 1
"When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob Bobbin' Along" Louis Armstrong from The Essence Of Louis Armstrong
"Little Red Rooster" Sam Cooke from Night Beat
"Red Dust" James Vincent McMorrow from Post Tropical
"Red Dirt Girl" Emmylou Harris from Red Dirt Girl
"The Red Hills Of Utah" Marty Robbins from The Return Of The Gunfighter
"Red Planet" Alvvays from Alvvays
"Red-Eyed & Blue" Wilco from Being There
"Red Eyes" The War On Drugs from Lost In The Dream
"Red Right Hand" Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds from Let Love In
"Red Flag" Spooky Q's from To The Barricades
"The Red Mirror" Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks from Traffic
"Red Rabbits" The Shins from Wincing The Night Away
"Red Rocking Chair" Red Tail Ring from II. Mountain Shout
"Red Red Red" Fiona Apple from Extraordinary Machine
"Red Money" David Bowie from Lodger
"(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes" Elvis Costello from My Aim is True
"1-2-3 Red Light" 1910 Fruitgum Co. from 1-2-3 Red Light
"Red Sails In The Sunset" Nat King Cole from Unforgettable

February 9, 2016: Valentine's Day 2016 - Heartbreak
Listen to part one of this show (73 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 61 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
"You're Breaking My Heart" Vic Damone from The Mercury Years
"Only Love Can Break Your Heart" Neil Young from After The Gold Rush
"Don't Break My Heart" The Dirtbombs from Dangerous Magical Noise
"Heartbreak Hotel" John Cale from Slow Dazzle
"Where Do Broken Hearts Go" Me First & The Gimme Gimmes from Take A Break
"The World Of Broken Hearts" Elvis Costello & The Attractions from Imperial Bedroom
"What Becomes Of The Broken-Hearted? (feat. Colin Blunstone)" Dave Stewart from The Stiff Records Box Set
"You Can't Break A Broken Heart" The 6ths from Wasps' Nests
"Even Jesus Couldn't Mend My Broken Heart" The Boy Least Likely To from The Great Perhaps
"So Many Broken Hearts" APB from Something To Believe In
"Heartbreak Beat" The Psychedelic Furs from Midnight To Midnight
"Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken?" Lloyd Cole & The Commotions from Rattlesnakes
"Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken" Camera Obscura from Let's Get Out Of This Country
"Heartbreaker" Ray Charles from The Birth Of Soul: The Complete Atlantic Rhythm & Blues Recordings 1952-1959
"Broken-Hearted Melody" Sarah Vaughan from The Great Ones
"You Can't Lose A Broken Heart" Billie Holiday & Louis Armstrong from Duets With Louis Armstrong & Friends
"Heart In Your Heartbreak" The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart from Belong
"Can't Break A Dead Girl's Heart" Zombina & The Skeletones from Taste The Blood Of Zombina & The Skeletones
"Broken-Hearted Lovers' Stew" Benny Hill from Words & Music
"I Am Just A Broken Heart" The Jacobites from Robespierre's Velvet Basement
"Broken Hearted Blues" T Rex from Tanx
"Do You Have To Break My Heart" The Darling Buds from Crawdaddy
"Heartbreak 101" Tom Selleck's Moustache from Heartbreak 101
"Heartbreaker" Girls from Broken Dreams Club
"The One Who Broke Your Heart" David Byrne & St. Vincent from Love This Giant
"You Were Made To Break My Heart" Michael Shelley from Too Many Movies
"Sweetest Girl" Eleanor Friedberger from New View

February 6, 2016: Cradle To Grave, Episode Eleven
Listen to part one of this show (70 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
"You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch" Thurl Ravenscroft from How The Grinch Stole Christmas
"The Beat Generation" Mamie Van Doren from Beat, Beat, Beatsville! Beatnik Rock & Roll
"Dancin'" Mary Swan from Crying In The Chapel
"Girl Machine" Donnie Brooks from Sway & Move With Donnie Brooks
"This Strange Effect" Dave Berry from The British Invasion: The History Of British Rock, Vol. 6
"Easy Skanking" Bob Marley & The Wailers from Kaya
"1865 (96 Degrees In The Shade)" Third World from 96 Degrees In The Shade
"Teasin' You" Willie Tee from Beg, Scream, & Shout!: The Big Ol' Box Of 60s Soul
"Please, Mr. Postman" The Marvelettes from The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 1: 1959-1961
"Sophisticated Lady (She's A Different Lady)" Natalie Cole from In Yo' Face!: The History Of Funk, Vol. 3
"Come A Long Way" Kate & Anna McGarrigle from Dancer With Bruised Knees
"If You Ever Need A Stranger (To Sing At Your Wedding)" Jens Lekman from When I Said I Wanted To Be Your Dog
"Generator" Tim Blake from Blake's New Jerusalem
"Hurry On Sundown" Hawkwind from Hawkwind
"Donnez Moi Mon Chapeau" Geno Delafose & The French Rockin' Boogie from That's What I'm Talkin' About!
"Sana Kul Köle Olmuştum (I Had Become Your Slave)" Nazan Öncel from Bizden Sesler, Vol. 2
"The Music Stopped" Woody Herman & His Orchestra with Frances Wayne from You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
"Swinging On A Star" Bing Crosby from Going My Way OST
"That's My Desire" Frankie Laine from Frankie
"Guess Who" Jesse Belvin from Guess Who
"Imagination" The Quotations from "Time Was" 1959-1963
"Wabash Cannonball" Roy Acuff from The History Of Country & Western Music Vol 13 (1947)
"Nevada Smith" Merle Kilgore from My Rifle, My Pony & Me: Movie & TV Soundtracks
"Relover" Flying Canyon from Flying Canyon
"Good Vibrations" Beach Boys from Good Vibrations
"Mr. Moto" The Belairs from Volcanic Action!
"I Trim The Barber" King Tubby from Don Letts Presents The Mighty Trojan Sound
"Two Step De Lanse A Paille" The Balfa Brothers from The Balfa Brothers Play Traditional Cajun Music
"The Peanut Vendor" Louis Armstrong with Les Hite's Orchestra from Cuban Latino Jazz
"Loch Ness Clarionet" Hot Temperance Seven from That Certain Party
"Der Komissar" Falco from Einzelhaft
"Three's Company, Too" Ray Charles & Julia Rinker Miller from Television's Greatest Hits - 70s & 80s

February 5, 2016: Phantom Power Double Hour Sub Show
"Radio Radio" Elvis Costello & The Attractions from Live At The El Mocambo
"Devastate" Everyone Is Dirty from Dying Is Fun
"That Faraway Look" Friends from The Best Of Friends
"Roman Candle" The Crookes from Lucky Ones
"A New England" Kirsty MacColl from Galore
"Cathy With The Curly Hair" Eleanor Friedberger from New View
"World View Blue" The Blue Aeroplanes from Swagger
"Back To The End" John Cale from M:FANS
"Money Man" Skip Bifferty from Skip Bifferty
"Always But Never" The Ramonalisas from Blueshifting
"Sunlight" Labryyynth from Labryyynth
"Avec Toi" Marie-France from 39° De Fièvre
"She Loves You No Less" My Bloody Valentine from Ecstasy & Wine
"Sleepy Theory" Weekend from La Varietè
"Head Down" The Ocean Party from Soft Focus
"April Cries" Holiday from Ready, Steady, Go!
"You Could Be Great" Photo Ops from Vacation
"Hey Lucinda" Tindersticks from The Waiting Room
"Beyond Metropolis" Shriekback from Without Real String Or Fish
"A Candy Colored Clown" Tuxedomoon & Cult With No Name from Blue Velvet Revisited
"Darwin" Lord Raja from A Constant Moth
"I Want To Kiss You" The Spook School from Try To Be Hopeful
"Human Volcano" Hummingbirds from Va Va Voom
"Dizzy" Ben Millburn from Strange Love & Consequence
"Token Of My Love" T.Rex from Bolan's Zip Gun
"Together In Electric Dreams" Lali Puna from I Thought I Was Over That
"Sweet" Tullycraft from Old Traditions, New Standards
"Take Me Home" The Pooches from Smoochin' With The Pooches
"Anorak City" Another Sunny Day from London Weekend

February 2, 2016: Regret
Listen to part one of this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (74 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 61 minutes)
"Why Regret" Cozy Cole from 1944-1945
"Regretting" Sabby Lewis & The Vibra-Tones from Hit The Road, Jack: The ABC-Paramount Story
"Remember & Regret" Sonny Burns from A Real Cool Cat: The Starday Recordings
"No Regrets" Little Willie John from The King Sessions
"No Regrets" House Of Commons from The History Of Michigan Garage Bands In The 60s, Vol. 1: The Wheels 4 Label Story
"No Regrets" M.P.D. Limited from Oz Beat Frenzy! Rare & Unknown 60s Garage, Vol. 1
"I Pray Every Day You Won't Regret Loving Me" David Ruffin from The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 9: 1969
"Lifetime To Regret" George Jones from The Voice Of Country
"I'll Regret It All In The Morning" Richard & Linda Thompson from Hokey Pokey
"Teen Age Regrets" Sisterhood from I'm Just The Other Woman! MSR Madness Vol. 4
"No Regrets" The Walker Brothers from The Walker Brothers: The Singles
"Regrets" Eurthymics from Touch
"Miss Otis Regrets" Kirsty MacColl & The Pogues from Galore
"Regrets A Second Time" Jenny Adkins from Regrets A Second Time
"No Regrets" Half Man Half Biscuit from No Regrets
"Regret" Sultans from Shipwrecked
"No Regrets" King Khan & The Shrines from What Is?!
"No Regrets" Von Bondies from Pawn Shoppe Heart
"Sweat Loaf" Butthole Surfers from Locust Abortion Technician
"No Regrets" The Brunettes from Mars Loves Venus
"Regret Sets In" Silver Scooter from The Other Palm Springs
"Je Regrette, Je Regrette" Carl Barat from Carl Barat
"Regret" Marsheaux from Peek-A-Boo
"I Regret" Soul Merchants from 1985-1987
"Regret" Ceremony from Rocket Fire

January 30, 2016: Cradle To Grave, Episode Ten
Listen to part one of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
"Friars Point Shuffle" Chicago Rhythm Kings from Mezz Mezzrow 1928-1936
"Kitten On The Keys" Stan Freeman & Bernie Leighton, with Percy Faith & His Orchestra from I'll Take Romance
"I Still Love Him So" Roy Eldridge from Little Jazz: The Best Of The Verve Years
"Oud Blues" Ahmed Abdul-Malik from The Music Of Ahmed Abdul-Malik
"Teardrops From My Eyes" Ruth Brown from Atlantic Rhythm & Blues (1947-74)
"Wrong Doing Woman" Earl Gilliam from Let Me Tell You About The Blues Texas (The Evolution Of Texas Blues)
"Shirley Lee" Bobby Lee Trammell from Rockin' Bones: 1950's Punk & Rockabilly
"Rock & Roll Is Here To Stay" Danny & The Juniors from Golden Classics
"Love Potion No. 9" The Clovers from The Best Of The Clovers
"A Walk In The Black Forest" Horst Jankowski from Black Forest Explosion
"Stroke It" Ingfried Hoffmann from The In-Kraut, Vol. 3
"Love Me" The Phantom from Love Me
"Afterglow (Of Your Love)" Small Faces from Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake
"3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds" Jefferson Airplane from Surrealistic Pillow
"Strange Man" Dorothy Love Coates from Gospel Music
"Johnny Mathis' Feet" American Music Club from Mercury
"My Gal Sal" Jelly Roll Morton from The Complete Library Of Congress Recordings By Alan Lomax
"Hey Little Girl" Professor Longhair from Longhair Boogie
"Glory Be" Lightnin' Hopkins from The Fire/Fury Records Story
"Louise" Mance Lipscomb from Songster
"Hold Tight, Hold Tight" The Andrews Sisters from The Best Of The Andrews Sisters
"Theme From Mission Impossible" The Kane Triplets from Girls Go Zonk!!
"Rainy August Night" The Yandall Sisters from The Love I Feel
"Raindrops" Zephyr from Zephyr
"Tom Cat Blues" Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women from Hot Flash
"Red Cadillac & A Black Moustache" Warren Smith from The Sun Records Collection
"Honey Dew" Byron Slick Gipson & The Sliders from Vocal Groups: Coast To Coast
"Somebody In The World For You" The Mighty Hannibal from The Best Of Loma Records: The Rise & Fall Of A 1960s Soul Label
"The Auld Triangle" Luke Kelly from You Never Heard Better!
"Sing Me A Song Of The Islands" Alfred Apaka from Sing Me A Song Of The Islands
"The James Bond Theme" The John Barry Seven & Orchestra from The Best Of The Sixties

January 26, 2016: Crows
Listen to part one of this show (74 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 62 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (73 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 61 minutes)
"Crows" Gothic Archies from The Tragic Treasury: Songs From A Series Of Unfortunate Events
"Hey Crow" The Li'l Hospital from Heavy Metal
"Mambo Del Crow" Shorty Rogers & His Giants from Short Stops
"Old Black Crow In The Hickory Nut Tree" The Allen Brothers from Allen Brothers, Vol. 1: 1927-1930
"The Flying Crow" Black Ivory King from Country Blues Classics, Vol. 1
"Crow Jane" Skip James from Blues From The Delta
"The Fox & The Crow" Melody Masters from The Fox & The Crow
"Yo Ho The Crow" Leona Anderson from Music To Suffer By
"The Crow" Joseph Spence from Happy All The Time
"Black Crow Blues" Bob Dylan from Another Side Of Bob Dylan
"Poor Old Crow" Mike & Peggy Seeger from American Folksongs For Children
"Black Crow" Joni Mitchell from Hejira
"Black Crow" Linda Hoyle from Pieces Of Me
"Ice Cream For Crow" Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band from Ice Cream For Crow
"Crow" The Jim Carroll Band from Catholic Boy
"The Black Crow Knows" Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians from Element Of Light
"Buzzards & Dreadful Crows" James Husband from Sing For Your Meat: A Tribute To Guided By Voices
"Black Crow King" Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds from The Firstborn Is Dead
"Buzzards & Crows" Dirty Pretty Things from Romance At Short Notice
"A Murder Of Crows" The Green Pajamas from Book Of Hours
"Black Crow" Anyways from Older Than Yesterday
"Crow" Deerhoof from Holdy Paws
"Look A Bleached Coral Faced Crow With Jewels For Eyes" Bearsuit from Oh:io
"Blackcrow Hits Shoe Shine City" Rain Tree Crow from Rain Tree Crow
"Crows" Bishop Allen from Lights Out
"Crows" Modey Lemon from Thunder + Lightning

January 23, 2016: Cradle To Grave, Episode Nine
Listen to part one of this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (69 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 57 minutes)
"Operator" Midnight Star from Planetary Invasion
"Yes We Can Can" The Pointer Sisters from The Pointer Sisters
"Whisper Not" Ella Fitzgerald with Marty Paich & His Orchestra from Whisper Not
"Embrasse-Moi (From Peau De Banane)" Jeanne Moreau from Succés Et Confidences
"Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive" Four Freshmen from Voices In Fun
"Mr. Question Man" Ernie Kovacs from The Ernie Kovacs Album
"Get Thee Behind Me, Satan" The Almanac Singers from Talking Union
"Indian Love Call" Slim Whitman from Country USA 1952
"Lonesome Valley" Vince Martin & Fred Neil from Tear Down The Walls
"I Put A Spell On You" Them from Them Again
"Swing 39" Django Reinhardt from I Got Rhythm
"I Want You to Want Me (Early Version)" Cheap Trick from Cheap Trick (Expanded Edition)
"The Way You Do The Things You Do" UB40 from Labour Of Love II
"A World With No Mirrors" The Legendary Pink Dots from Plutonium Blonde
"Nonsequence" Gary Burton from The New Quartet
"Clinch Mountain Blues" The Stanley Brothers from The Complete Mercury Recordings
"The Laughing Song" George W. Johnson from The Laughing Song
"Ol' Man River" Paul Robeson from American Musical Theater: Shows, Songs, & Stars, Vol. I
"Gabbin' Blues" Big Maybelle from The OKeh Rhythm & Blues Story, 1949-1957
"Them Jive New Yorkers" Babs Gonzales from Violà!
"Muskrat Ramble" Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five from Ory's Creole Trombone (Greatest Recordings 1922-1944)
"Tickled To Death" Richard Zimmerman from The Roots Of Ragtime
"Made In Sweden" Brother Jack McDuff from Moon Rappin'
"Fifty Second Street Boogie Down" Catalyst from A Tear & A Smile
"Louie Louie" Richard Berry & Pharaohs from The Best Of Flip Records, Vol. 3
"Sh-Boom" The Chords from Don't It Sound Good: The Great Atlantic Vocal Groups
"Rag Mop" Ames Brothers from The Best Of The Ames Brothers
"Lost John Boogie" Wayne Raney from Songs Of The Hills
"Instrumental # 1" James Davis from The George Mitchell Boxset
"Row Row Row Your Boat" Captain Kangaroo from Captain Kangaroo Sings The Horse In The Striped Pajamas

January 19, 2016: 1980
Listen to part one of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
"Wednesday Week" The Undertones from Hypnotised
"Another Nail In My Heart" Squeeze from Argybargy
"Girl U Want" Devo from Freedom Of Choice
"Totally Wired" The Fall from Totally Wired
"Cake Shop" Swell Maps from Jane From Occupied Europe
"Don't Catch Fire" Toy Love from Toy Love
"Sex Drive" The Embarrassment from Patio Set/Sex Drive
"Up The Hill Backwards" David Bowie from Scary Monsters (& Super Creeps)
"Babooshka" Kate Bush from Never For Ever
"Treason (It's Just A Story)" The Teardrop Explodes from Kilimanjaro
"Crosseyed & Painless" Talking Heads from Remain In Light
"Going Underground" The Jam from Going Underground
"Washington Bullets" The Clash from Sandinista!
"King Horse" Elvis Costello & The Attractions from Get Happy!!
"Kingdom Of Love" The Soft Boys from Underwater Moonlight
"Fall" The Psychedelic Furs from The Psychedelic Furs
"Play For Today" The Cure from Seventeen Seconds
"Christine" Siouxsie & The Banshees from Kaleidoscope
"Dark Entries" Bauhaus from Dark Entries
"Atmosphere" Joy Division from Atmsophere
"Fa Cé-La" The Feelies from Crazy Rhythms
"Straight Jacket" The Attractions from Mad About The Wrong Boy
"I Need Two Heads" The Go-Betweens from I Need Two Heads
"Don't Tell Me No" The Cars from Panorama
"Watching The Wheels" John Lennon & Yoko Ono from Double Fantasy
"Shack Up" A Certain Ratio from Shack Up
"Enclave" Vic Godard & Subway Sect from What's The Matter Boy?

January 16, 2016: Cradle To Grave, Episode Eight
Listen to part one of this show (70 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 58 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
"Buddy's Habits" Charley Straight & His Orchestra from The Rise & Fall Of Paramount Records, Vol. 1: 1917-1927
"I'll Go With Her Blues" Robert Wilkins from Before The Blues, Vol. 1
"I Get A Kick Out Of You" Ethel Merman from American Musical Theater: Shows, Songs & Stars, Vol. 2
"Some Lonesome Day" Buddy Moss from Complete Recordings, Vol. 2: 1933-1934
"Comin' In On A Wing & A Prayer" The Four Vagabonds from The Jive Is Jumpin': RCA & Bluebird Vocal Groups 1939-52
"Mairzy Doats" The Merry Macs from The Merry Macs Sing Mairzy Doats
"Maybellene" Mac Curtis from Rockabilly Hall Of Fame, Vol. 1
"Tobacco Road" Nashville Teens from Tobacco Road
"Nice & Easy" Barbara Lynn from You Better Believe It: Rare & Modern Soul Gems
"Swamp Witch" Jim Stafford from Jim Stafford
"Spoon" Can from Ege Bamyasi
"The Belldog" Eno Moebius Roedelius from Begegnungen
"Dum Dum Girl" Talk Talk from It's My Life
"Jonathan David" Belle & Sebastian from Jonathan David
"Radio" Teenage Fanclub from Thirteen
"Last Nite" The Strokes from Is This It?
"Frankie & Johnny" Fate Marable's Society Orchestra from The History Of Jazz: New Orleans Joys
"Lover Man" Ike Quebec from It Might As Well Be Spring
"Higga Boom" Gene Harris from Astral Signal
"Witch Doctor" David Seville from The Music Of David Seville
"The Right Direction" Clara Ward from Big City Soul Vol. 2
"Boogie Woogie" Johnny Barfield from Hillbilly Boogie Classics, Vol. 3
"Georgia On My Mind" The Four Knights from Jivin' & Smoothin'
"Charlie Brown" The Coasters from The Very Best Of The Coasters
"Nine Moons In Alaska" Beaver & Krause from Gandharva
"Rocking & Rolling" Johnny Jano from Louisiana Rock & Roll
"Silver Stars" Cliffie Stone from The History Of Country & Western Music, Vol. 13 (1947)
"Baby It's You" Pookie Hudson & The Spaniels from The Vee-Jay Record Story, 1953-1955
"No More Blues" Jimmy Wyble from Shuffle Town (Western Swing On King 1946-50)
"King Kong" The Jimmy Castor Bunch from The Everything Man: The Best Of The Jimmy Castor Bunch

January 12, 2016: Pyramids
Listen to part one of this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (73 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 61 minutes)
"Pyramid" The Soul Brothers Inc. from The Stafford Story: On Top Of The World
"Pyramid" Bombadil from Tarpits & Canyonlands
"Pyramid" Au.Ra from Jane's Lament
"Mesopotamia" The B-52's from Mesopotamia
"Pyramide" Adou Elenga from Bankolo Miziki: Les Pionniers De La Musique Congolaise - De Léopoldville à Kinshasa; Anthologie Vol. 1
"Pyramid Landing" Marbles from Pyramid Landing & Other Favorites
"Haunted Pyramid" Miniature Tigers from Tell It To The Volcano
"Pyramids" The Rumour from Purity Of Essence
"Pyramid Dinosaur" Snot Patties from Toasted Coughs
"The Pyramid Is Not A Tomb" The Gory Details from Killer Waves
"Golden Pyramid" The Aquarium from The Aquarium
"Pharaoh" Richard Thompson from Amnesia
"The Pyramid Song" J.C. Cunningham from The Pyramid Song
"Pyramid Of Cans" Mel Tillis from Southern Rain
"Pharaoh Pharouk's Phyrst Phood Phyramid" Bunny Clogs from More! More! More!
"The Great Pyramid" Charles Earland from The Great Pyramid
"Egypt" Kate Bush from Never For Ever
"Pyramid Of Time" Kelley Stoltz from In Triangle Time
"Gelatin Pyramids" Wrong Turn from Antipodean Screams, Vol. 2
"Ghosts Built The Pyramids" Seven Blankets from Saint's Plastic
"Africans Built The Pyramids" Half Japanese from The Band That Would Be King
"Pyramids (Rose Out Of Our Pain)" Jenny Wilson from Pyramids (Rose Out Of Our Pain)
"Pyramids" Man Man from On Oni Pond

January 9, 2016: Cradle To Grave, Episode Seven
Listen to part one of this show (70 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 58 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
"Country Music Time" Lonzo & Oscar from Country Music Time
"South Rampart Street Parade" Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band from This Kid's The Greatest!
"Saturday Blues" Ishman Bracey from When The Sun Goes Down, Vol. 2: The First Time I Met The Blues
"Honeysuckle Rose" Benny Goodman & His Orchestra from Charlie Christian: The Genius Of The Electric Guitar
"Railroad Bill" Frank Hovington from Folk Music In America, Vol. 6: Songs Of Migration & Immigration
"Richard Nixon" Rod & The MSR Singers from The American Song-Poem Anthology: Do You Know The Difference Between Big Wood & Brush?
"The Addams Family" Vic Mizzy from Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1
"Grandad" Clive Dunn from A Time To Remember, 1970
"Hello In There" Joan Baez from Diamonds & Rust
"Pennies" Modern Folk Quartet from Modern Folk Quartet
"Cream Puff" Jimmy Boyd from Teen Town USA, Vol. 3
"The Seventh Seal" Scott Walker from Scott 4
"Bye, Bye, Bye/Vine Street" Harpers Bizarre from The Secret Life Of Harpers Bizarre
"White Summer" The Yardbirds from Little Games
"Personality Crisis" New York Dolls from New York Dolls
"Change My Mind Blues" Clarence Lofton & Walter Davis from Cripple Clarence Lofton & Walter Davis
"Dat's Love (June Hawkins, vocals)" Cozy Cole from 1944-45
"I'm Gonna Quit You Pretty Baby" Silas Hogan from Authentic Excello R & B
"It's Love Baby (24 Hours A Day)" Erbie Bowser, T.D. Bell, & The Blues Specialists from Down Home Saturday Night
"Saturday Night Special" Eddie LeJeune from Cajun Soul
"Sitting On The Bench" Peter Cook from British Comedy Classics
"Ol' MacDonald" Frank Sinatra from All The Way
"The Pill" Loretta Lynn from The Pill
"Gotta Get To Oklahoma" The Hagers from The Hagers
"The Legend Of Xanadu" Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich from Greatest Hits
"Mi Shebeirach" Debbie Friedman from Songs Of The Spirit: The Debbie Friedman Anthology
"Goodbye Johnny" Bridie Gallagher from The Essential Collection
"Cuando Vuelvas" Ruth Fernandez from Canciónes Del Ayer
"The Last Revolutionary (For Abbie Hoffman)" Amiri Baraka with David Murray & Steve McCall from New Music - New Poetry

January 5, 2016: Hats
Listen to part one of this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (74 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 62 minutes)
"Hats" People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz from The Keystone Cut Ups
"Dream Hat" The 6ths from Wasps' Nests
"Home Under My Hat" The Five Wings from Doo-Wop Coast To Coast, Vol. 3
"Mexican Hat Dance" Allan Sherman from My Son The Box
"Mexican Hat Rock" Dave Appell & The Applejacks from Mexican Hat Rock
"My Hat's On The Side Of My Head" The Four Blazes from Mary Jo
"Hats" Eddie Lawrence from Is That What's Bothering You, Bunkie?
"Leopard Skin Pill-Box Hat" Bob Dylan from Blonde On Blonde
"Some Questions About Hats" Slapp Happy from Desperate Straights
"There's A Hat For Every Occasion" Mister Ed from Straight From The Horse's Mouth
"Hat Song" Kevin Ayers from Rainbow Takeaway
"Sunbonnet Blue (& A Little Straw Hat)" Billie Holiday from The Quintessential Billie Holiday: Vol. 1, 1933 - 1935
"Pulling Rabbits Out Of A Hat" Sparks from Pulling Rabbits Out Of A Hat
"Under Hats" Rahim Quazi & Tania Rivas from Under Hats
"Raspberry Beret" Butcher The Bar from Dressing Up: ePop Covers
"A New Ten Gallon Hat" Sheriff Tom Owens & His Cowboys from Mercury Nashville Gold: Catalog Sampler Volume III
"White Hat" Big Harp from White Hat
"King's Lead Hat" Brian Eno from Before & After Science
"Catblack (The Wizard's Hat)" Tyrannosaurus Rex from Unicorn
"She's Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina" The Kinks from Arthur (Or The Decline & Fall Of The British Empire)
"King Hat" Paul F. Tompkins from Laboring Under Delusions
"Kookie Hat" Freddie Cannon from Okefenokee
"Call Of The Wighat" The Cramps from Smell Of Female
"Hats On Wrong" Birthday Party from Hee Haw
"(They Must Have Made It With Their) Hats" Chrysanthemums from Little Flecks Of Foam Around Barking
"No Te Pongas El Sombrero" Juniper Moon from El Resto De Mi Vid
"Wherever I Lay My Hat (That's My Home)" Marvin Gaye from The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 9: 1969
"Cowboy Hat" That Dog from Retreat From The Sun
"Hats Off To Larry" Me First & The Gimme Gimmes from Shannon

January 2, 2016: Cradle To Grave, Episode Six
Listen to part one of this show (70 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
"Mississippi Jail House Groan" Rube Lacy from The Rise & Fall Of Paramount Records 1928-1932, Vol. 2
"Good Chib Blues" Edith Johnson from I Can't Be Satisfied, Vol. 2
"Milt Meets Side" Modern Jazz Quartet from Modern Jazz Quartet
"Everything Must Change" Arthur Prysock from Best Of Arthur Prysock: The Milestone Years
"Dang Me" Roger Miller from The Very Best Of Roger Miller
"Low Rider" War from Why Can't We Be Friends?
"Come On Rock, Little Girl" Smokey Smothers from Chicago Blues From Federal Records, Vol. 1
"Somewhere In Sydney" Skyhooks from Straight In A Gay Gay World
"Gettin' Used To Leavin'" Christine Lavin from Beau Woes & Other Problems Of Modern Life
"Funk'n' Roll (Dancin' In The 'Funkshine')" Quazar from Funk With A Big Foot
"Wild-Eyed Dream" Ricky Van Shelton from Wild-Eyed Dream
"Kennedy" The Wedding Present from Bizarro
"Mutilated Lips" Ween from The Mollusk
"Shortyville" Trombone Shorty from Say That to Say This
"I Only Have Eyes For You" Dick Powell, Ruby Keeler, & Chorus from Lullaby Of Broadway: The Best Of Busby Berkeley At Warner Bros.
"No Longer A Sweetheart Of Mine" Don Reno & Red Smiley from Good Old Country Ballads
"You Got To Fix It" Speckled Red from Complete Recorded Works 1929-1938
"Rye Wiskey" Tex Ritter from The History Of Country & Western Music Vol 4 (1931-1934)
"Avalon" Eroll Garner from At The Piano
"Bo Bo Ska Diddle Daddle" Wayne Walker from Whistle Bait: 25 Rockabilly Rave-Ups
"Papa's Lawdy Lawdy Blues" Papa Charlie Jackson from The Remaining Titles (1924-1934)
"Dizzy Miss Lizzy" Larry Williams from Here's Larry Williams
"When I Write My Song (vocals, Bob Eberly)" Eddie Heywood from Eddie Heywood (1946-1947)
"Before Too Long" Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls from Under The Sun
"Day Tripper" Randy California from Kapt.Kopter & The (Fabulous) Twirly Birds
"Runnin' Down To Memphis" Eggs Over Easy from Good 'n' Cheap
"Boogie Parisien" Mezz Mezzrow from Mezz Mezzrow (1947-1951)
"We Do The Work" Jon Fromer from We Do The Work
"She Cried" Jay & The Americans from The Complete United Artists Singles
"Drum Suite" Moondog from Moondog